Rail Wars! (Episode 9: Thanks)


And so with the team still heading downhill at considerable speed, I can only see the show going uphill from here. Am I in the wrong? Or am I right?

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Rail Wars! (Episode 8: I’ll Deliver It)



And so we dive into a series that has become more about a young man with aspirations of a stable job, to him having to start choosing between three to four lovely ladies to go out with. No more show about trains, and even the main antagonists have taken a rear seat to romance and boobs.


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On Northern Hime/Dutch Harbour and Icy Water

About twelve days ago, Kantai Collection got their summer event going. A nod to the Aleutian Islands and Midway Islands campaign, it is proving to be one of the most trollish and annoying events known, though unlike other events which required months and months and months of stockpiling, hours of sparkling, and a nearly endless chant of forgiveness and mercy from RNG-chan/Error-chan and her minions, the Compass-fairies, the event was also accessible for those who aren’t of such level of OCDness.

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Rail Wars! (Episode 7: I think It Looked Good on You )


And so we start what promised to be a good arc focusing on Shou. How long that’ll last, I’m not too sure. It’s starting to be a series that grates on me but the character interactions are what I like though.

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Rail Wars! (Episode 6: I’ll Protect You)

And thus we start a new episode of Rail Wars! Will we see some plot concerning the stated JR group? Or will we see more ‘plot’ based around Haruka and Aoi? Frankly I’m wondering if I’m rewatching Idolm@ster’s episode 8 with this episode. All that interconnected yet not connected mishaps. Just…

Damn Cats.


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Quick Thought – Kantai Collection TV Anime PV


So, just a quick thought on the anime PV released by KADOKAWA. For those who do not know, Kantai Collection is an extremely popular browser game featuring personifications of the various naval vessels of Imperial Navy (and Imperial Army via Maruya and Akitsumaru; and the Kreigsmarine with Z1, Z3, and Bismarck), fighting the Abyssal Fleet ( the personification of the US/Allied Navies).

I managed to get in during the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime tie-in, and so far have taken a relaxed and slow interest in the game. Apart from trying to stumble through the purely Japanese interface, the game is the usual card-like browser game. Its popularity though has grown to the point that many see it as the next Touhou. With voice acting by recognized seiyuu and art by known artists.

It was eventually such a big hit for KADOKAWA would try to milk it as much as they can. The figurine and memorabilia have taken off, and no doubt the addition of an anime would further increase its popularity. I for one welcome this.

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Rail Wars! (Episode 5: Quit Staring)

And so we get to the fifth episode of bewbs and trains. As usual I’m more or less typing this as fast as I can while the episode plays. Because lawl I’m not an actual reviewer or anything.

Dat Derailment. Just…really.

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Quick Thought ver Three Episode Rule: Sabagebu! – Survival Game Club!


A break from rails and bewbs to feature guns and silliness. The over the top comedy that left the fourth wall crying in the corner and replaced by an empty chair. Overactive imaginations and slice of life. A masochist and a platypus club mascot. Constant interjections and proclamations by the unseen narrator. Madness you say? THIS. IS. SABAGEBU!!!

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Rail Wars (Episiode 4: I think I like it)


And so the last of the supporting cast is introduced in a rather interesting episode. And again  my experience and insights from prior jobs flavored my view on the silliness of this episode incident of the week, and I’m here wanting for the main antagonists to show up. Also, it seems like the station chief or security chief from episode one (Oonimato Osamu) is a very big fan of the character being introduced today.

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Rail Wars! (Episode 3: So Cool!)

Introducing a new girl, this time someone who knew him from school, Naoto gets to show a bit more of his capability to lead and rely on his intuition. I also got lazy and only took a few screenshots.


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