There is literally NOTHING good to watch nowadays. This current anime season is filled with same old same old harem stuff, and American TV isn’t any better.

But then, I never bothered for the hype Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead generated, the first because I could care less, the second because I think we’ve beaten the zombie genre to the point we’d need an electron microscope just to pick out the zombie bits from the concrete.

Maybe if Larry Correia will get Monster Hunter: International its own series, I would watch it. Because no matter how bad the Monster Control Bureau is, I highly doubt they’d (or at least Agent Franks) would let zombies take over the US, nor would MHI and the other private firms in the US and around the world let that happen without being buried ankle-deep in brass.

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Farewell to an Old Friend

Windows XP support ended today (or rather, yesterday due to posting this late), and to be fair, it had an amazing run. As someone who never got to play around with Windows 98 (reading and bike riding was my childhood), XP was definitely the OS that I came to use. So, a trip down the old memory hole eh?


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Alcohol is Humanity’s Friend

So, over at Overlord’s Blog, he posted an interesting blog post about Alcohol and the Military. He looked into a short history of the various ways servicemen found a way to get the nectar of the gods.

This post only brought to mind a classic scene from a good series that I often find myself watching when a particular anime season seems lacking on the goods.


Frankly, the US Military now can get whatever they need or want within a reasonable time frame. I remembered my family sending a care package of ramen noodles to my uncle when he was deployed. I believe the box didn’t last opening. I can only imagine with beer, especially brews that aren’t as prevalent as yellow-tinted wat- I mean bud light.

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A Tale of Two Romances and an Acquisition

Man it seemed like forever since I wrote this blog. The last entry was talking about Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, as well as touching on Mikakunin de Shinkoukei. I feel it’s about time I talked about both series as a whole.

So as a character once said before: “Let’s be about it.”

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Quick Thought: Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta – Duties of a Soldier (Episodes 6-8)

This is the turning point of the story. War isn’t a game, and when the enemy comes knocking, petty things like love and rivalries take a back seat to trying to stay alive. Been busy so no pictures.

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Of Unidentifiable Things and Food

So, while I was bedridden the past couple days, I finally collapsed and opted to watch a series suggested to me before. (Rather I was bored outta my mind and one hand just happened to be within reach of my laptop.)


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Curse of a -blank- worker.

I work at location where I get to be in contact with a lot of people, who may or may not be sick. In my line of work, I see them everyday, and while we do have procedures for it, we tend not to use em.




This blogger.


Doctor said it was a chest cold/acute bronchitis. I called it the ‘Holy-crap-you-don’t-look-too-good-I’m-filling-out-your-sick-leave-form-for-you’ sickness.


Normal blogging to resume sometime next week. Friggin first dose of a Z-pack put me under the whole day.

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Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (Episode 5: The Girl Who Calls the Wind)


And thus we arrive at the obligatory beach episode.

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On Cismale Gendernormativism; Or How Writing a Good Story Should Always Be Prioritized over a Political Message.


Cismale Gendernormative Facist -noun(?), insult(?), badge-of-pride(?)

Somebody called me that term as an insult. I had to look it up. It made me laugh, so I’ve been using it ever since. (it means man born as a man who still identifies himself as a man and thinks men are usually men and women are usually women, and fascist) We’ve been laughing about it for a year now.

Because if you use the word cismale or gendernormative in a regular conversation and you’re not being ironic, odds are you are a pretentious douche with a gender studies degree. 

-Larry Correia

Some little controversy arose the other day over at the blog section. An author was writing about wanting to ‘end’ binary-gender norms in Science Fiction (or speculative fiction as the brand tries to stay relevant in this, happy-feely PC times). Naturally, it caught the eye of some people, and those same people passed it around. Most were in the echo-chamber, applauding each other for tackling a supposedly ‘tough’ issue. While the comments at Tor seemed safe and praising, a link was passed to Mr. Larry Correia, and passed around his readers. He went on to write about it. Arrows were thrown, and many users at MHI said they were getting their comments deleted, this only generated an even greater shitstorm and suddenly this author that wanted to ‘end’ binary gender norms was under attack by free thinkers of all political stripes. And when the wagons circled? Mr, Correia went on to ridicule the wagons. Other authors had weighed in on this. John C. Wright wrote an excellent essay not only on this, but touching on why this is such a big deal for Ms. McFarlane. In fact, Mr. Correia linked to excellent responses to those people in this post, I suggest you read em.

But this is my little rant.

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Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (Episode 4: A Sea of Stars)

In this episode: Bombs are dropped. No Gallery

Episode Summary:
Kal-el and Claire attempt to wait out the storm< Back on Isla, class 1 seems to have little remorse for errantry causing the pair to get lost in the first place. Ignacio, in an action misconstrued as heroism, attempts to join in the search but was denied. Class 1 leaves without a word, while Class 2 stays at the school airbase to await any word of their comrades.
With the heavy rain and swell, Kal-el and Claire know it would be hard to rescue the two of them, especially when the aerial knights themselves called off their search. Ariel recounts their past, and indicate that she had a hard time accepting Kal-el at first. She always treated him as her brother, even though she knew who he was.
Meanwhile, back with Kal-el and Claire, emptying out the lifeboat filled with water lands em both in the drink, and usual anime hijinks occur. Fishing for their dinner, Kal-el recounts how he first flew due to his father’s (adopted) job as an airplane mechanic. Continuing on, he explained that he lost his parents after the Wind Revolution, and he had lived in the old palace, Alexandra.
Falling asleep, Claire put two and two together, but thought it might be impossible. Regardless, rescued in the morning, the last revelation of the episode is seen by us, the audience. Claire is really Nina Viento.

Not bad, episode pacing is fast but considering the story and time constraints, understandable. The frequent flashbacks aren’t bad, they’re molded into the episode nicely, although the revelation that the two main characters would also be bitter enemies was a bit of a nice twist. I look forward to their relationship and the realization from Kal-el that the girl he is in love with is Nina Viento, and for Claire/Nina to confirm Kal-el is Karl. It might be really soon, so most of the series can hopefully be the two of them finding reconciliation.

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