Ahn~ It can’t be helped~

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Ah the joys of being an adult. That overriding feeling of responsibility, not only for yourself, but of those that you depend on and that depend on you. No I haven’t suddenly obtained a family and kids since my last post several hours ago. But rather, I’ve picked up my car from the shop, it being the last day of the month and being inspection time.

Guh, failed horribly. Shop called, and a bunch of friendly dudes in there, just, I’ve normally done my own preventive maintenance of my vehicle (2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara) with my dad, so I normally took his word and didn’t bother to press him further on things. But this was as one can best describe it, a learning experience. First off, the cosmetic. The front bumper light met it’s fate oh so long ago, and it’s replacement had fallen on the wayside (literally, it was there one day and gone the next). My dad had already ordered the part (taking his word on this one) and it’s an easy repair. Another easy, yet more costly repair would be the front brake rotors and discs. Having assisted in this before, I can honestly say that replacing em is a load of crap.


It’s been so long, and the brakes have not been replaced since before the Snowmageddon we got a couple of years back here in Northern Virginia, and so it was bound to start degrading soon. I noticed the squealing and general scratching indicative of worn brakes earlier this morning, but so did the friendly (never said they were on my side though!) techs at Merchant’s Tire and Auto. So that’s something that to me I could do, with my dad, and not needing a shop trip.


Now, the one I had been worried about for a while, is the tailpipe. Seeing that the print out Merchant’s gave me didn’t include a muffler, just a tailpipe, gasket, and hardware, that muffler and catalytic converter should still be working fine. My wallet though has seen the price for all these parts (not including the labor charge) and has flat-lined. Twice.


Sadly Gensokyo’s Nitori Kawashiro doesn’t exist, I’d just pay her in endless amounts of cucumbers to get good ol’ dependable back to its former glory.


Ahn~ What can you do? Such things are one of the things you encounter growing up.


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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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