And So It Begins…

RS: "Tell you what. Throw a little hot-rod red in there." IS: "Oh yes. That should help you keep a low profile."  No one asked you Sakuya.

“A relic left behind from a group of hunters who appeared in Gensoukyou one day. They looked for elves, found only fairies, stripped them anyway and left again.”
-Schrobby on Danbooru, art done by sakura (medilore) on Pixiv

And so starts my World of Tank posts. World of Tanks is a freemium (meaning free but can pay for premium level stuff) MMO that isn’t exactly a tank simulator, but rather, what i would consider a nicely balanced one between simulation and arcade gaming.

I got into WoT about a year ago, as members of my Day of Defeat:Source realism unit posted videos and pictures of it in our forum. Going all ‘OHMAHGAWD I CAN PLAY AN EASY 8’ I picked it up, and the rest is history. I’ve only recently started again with the German tech tree, down towards the Panther/E-50 Line. I’m a sucker for medium tanks in this game, and my best/highest tier tank is the American T20. I’ve had a few mods and skins installed, mostly to change the appearance of the game. I’m all about historical accuracy, but I was a sucker for customization so rather than go into the realism route, I decided I wanted some tanks to look pretty. I’ve added some crew mods and a complete voice mod to keep with the anime-like theme.

Now, there have been only a handful of tank-related games I’ve played. The one most notable would be SEGA’s RPG, Valkyria Chronicles. While not straight up playing a tank, a tank (the Edelweiss) is featured prominently in both the plot and as a player controlled unit. From there, I’ve had a few that had been reskinnned in the game’s distinctive markings (angular, light blue and white patterns), including my current ‘premier’ German vehicle, the Panzer III/IV. Now, while the KV-2 in the top header might be chosen, mainly because it is Touhou, I’m more of a tank destroyer person. My best kills were with an M10 GMC ( Wolverine), my first invader medal was with a Marder II, and I’m not that shabby when it comes to driving the M36 GMC (Jackson) and M18 GMG (Hellcat). But I’ve honestly plateaued when it comes to advancing up the American and German TD trees, and trying to obtain the M26 Pershing is not exactly on my priorities right now. So working on trying to obtain the Panther.

Welp, back to tanking, I’ll most likely re-edit this post with a video.

Here’s a game ply video. The video capture also recorded the song I had on repeat on WinAmp. >_>;;



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