And We’re Wading Into The Muck

Himekaido Hatate with an Uzi. Art by kihou no gotoku dmc on pixiv.

And so it begins. With the wrapping up of the Republican National Convention and this week’s Democratic National Convention, the full power of both sides have been unleashed. We will see attack ads, convenient sound bytes, blatant lies, and maliciousness from people (mostly Democrats). Oh yes, I went there. It says so on the website’s url (rightwingotaku) where my allegiances are. And so far, since 2009, with our victory in 2010, and our exaggerated reporting that we have died, we members of the TEA Party are once again on the move.

It’s an unfortunate thing that most of my friends are either apathetic or completely in-bed with the liberal democrats. Every day I sign onto facebook, there will be that one guy who posts images which are blatant lies or stories long since discredited, still touted as lies. I don’t remember the 2004 elections to be this dirty. I don’t remember 2008 to be this dirty. I think it came about in 2009, when a nation already reeling from a recession suddenly finds itself with a Congress and a President trying to pass something as large and altering as the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act. While I appreciate the effort, spending trillions for a perceived savings while increasing the scale and scope of the Federal government by having it overrregulate the insurance industry was the kicker. We lost on that front, and continue to lose as the Court upheld the Individual Mandate and we are now going to see an enlarged government bureaucracy unprecedented since the creation and consolidation of various agencies under the Department of Homeland Security.

Economists say that 2009 was the end of the recession. While on a purely graphical and formula driven world, yes, it did, on an individual level, no it did not. Spending was down, gas prices were rising up, and the general mood was that of discontentment. That was the year I realized, there were people like me. And also that the people who do not care for me and only wanted my votes would do anything to demonize or marginalize me. I started following Professor Reynolds and Professor Jacobson at this time. Happy to see two people in academia who shared my views. Most Mason professors, while infinitely professional, often were leftists in their outlooks. I didn’t feel the overt leftism other places got, most likely due to GMU being a very culturally and politically diverse university, but I knew it was there.


I also had the opportunity to work with very professional people, even though they were from the different party. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, the representative for the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands, is a typical islander, who was joyful and professional all the time. I felt no need to divulge where I stood, the congressman and his office were greatly welcoming, and I responded in turn by not raising an uproar on things. Besides, writing correspondence and office work kept me busy. He is a rare politician, who took time to stay late in the office to match the time back at the CNMI to talk to constituents.

No, the electoral year started in 2011, the year I graduated. It had been punctured with shootings, all being tied to gun owners and conservatives, and suddenly this ‘new civility’ screamed out by the left and media. The blatant hypocrisy has led to the popular “Civility for thee, not for me” saying from Professor Reynolds, and as a fresh-out-of-college graduate, looking for a job, I would have enough free time to slowly watch the descent into madness. Every race, every candidate rolled out by the Republicans and we TEA Partiers were struck down or hammered, every sort of attack thrown. Had it been reversed, the media would be screaming on how the ‘brutish, irresponsible, and evil’ Republicans are. But no, they’ve made Herman Cain as a womanizer, quickly dropping the story the moment he dropped, Santorum, Bachman, et al.  2012 is no better, now that we have Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as our electoral pick. I’m not overly fond of them, but they seem to axctually be more in-tuned to what my concerns are. My liberal friends who often complain about the economy suddenly do a 180* turn and start attacking Romney/Ryan on rather stupid shit, rather than acknowledging that they are trying to bring some experience and maturity to this upcoming debate. I quote Mr. Correia:

As soon as they announced Ryan, the media had a come apart. I heard the words “extreme” and “radical” so many times that I thought I was watching a Mountain Dew commercial. I kept waiting for Ryan to come flying onto the screen doing flips on a skateboard while being chased by a shark. No, sorry media. Tony Hawk is “extreme”. Habeneros are “extreme”. Paul Ryan is a moderate republican who stayed awake through accounting 201.

You want an example of extreme, how about Harry Reid and the democrat senate not passing a budget for THREE YEARS… Think about that. We were able to pass budgets during the Civil War. What’s their excuse now? Paul Ryan is so extreme that his budget got a couple hundred votes, while Barack Obama’s budget got zero.

Ryan’s budget is only extreme if you operate under the belief that having 51% of Americans pay no tax at all and over 100,000,000 Americans on some form of welfare is a good thing. Ryan’s budget is only extreme if you think that every single government program is sacred and can’t be cut at all, ever. The second you start to cut any program you get the screams of anguish and suffering and killing grandma and blah blah blah, so nothing ever gets cut, so the government just keeps on getting bigger and stupider, until it will inevitably mathmatically collapse. Then we get to leave our kid’s generation to figure out how to pay the tab. Bravo, democrats. How very extreme of you.

And Romney and Ryan get that. Is Romney perfect? Far from it. I talked about why I didn’t like Romney clear back in the ’08 primaries. However, the primaries are where you vote for who you want, and in the general election you vote for who you got. Romney is who we’ve got, and he’s better than Barack Obama in pretty much every way you can think of.


This is the struggle we face. A media establishment hostile to our views. Willing to paint us as evil men. Discourse is a prime example of what makes the American form of Government great, but as the people change to be nothing more than mass market sheep, even my so called ‘enlightened’ liberal friends have called on talking points, cleverly disguised as fact and fit into a picture they can ‘share’ or ‘like’ on their Facebook wall, and not remember how, in 2009, 2010, 2011, how we all felt that the recovery did not come. How we all were still saddled by this faux hope-and-change. But suddenly with their incumbent, who cannot pass on his record, with a Senate that has yet to pass a budget, they’ve taken to arms and are on the road to bombard us with images to prove their intellectual superiority over the folk who live in the flyover states.


Not anymore. I’m not willing, nor will I, bend my often called naive, view of America, which fits closely with the Republicans and the TEA Party, just to appease people. To hell with my liberal friends, they knew where I stood, and they’re making me laugh because before the RNC, they’ve talked about how stupid both parties are. But now they’ve ramped up on piling on the attacks on Romney and have quietly shut up about the Democrats. Bravo my friends, bravo. Way to stick to your guns.


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