Eleven Years

Never Forget. Picture done by seo tatsuya on Pixiv.

It’s been eleven years. Eleven years that had seen my beloved nation take a tragedy and, disbarring internal and external pressure, retaliated and brought to justice men and an organization committed to killing non-Muslims and Muslims not marching in lock-step to their brand of hatefulness.

Art by humi on Pixiv, quote by Robert A. Heinlein.


There will always be those people who will ridicule me for this apparently ‘insensitive’ view. They must be understood, they will say. or worse, that 9/11 was our fault, or even more vile, that it was orchestrated by our own government, so we could invade Iraq for their oil. Nothing to me can be so far from the truth. So disrespectful.


Why should I want to understand? They do not and will not bother to try and come meet us Westerners in the middle. They view our culture, our failure to embrace Islam, as an affront to them. They then preach it to those who cannot read, cannot write, and still believe in stoning their daughters for perceived offenses. They gain followers that way. Why should they try to come and peacefully coexist with us? They have no intention to. An example is Israel and Palestine. Once Israel is wiped off the map, they’ll keep the Palestinians in their self-made ghettos and fight over the land. Then the appologists who were quick to blame Israel will fall silent as they get funding for other pet causes and the Palestinian people, who would be better off negotiating and coming to terms with Israel, is abandoned on the wayside.


I don’t want to make this very political, but believe me, politics has taken over what should be a day of mourning.


I tire of my peers who cannot accept the fact innocent men and women were killed by evil men who plotted against us for the longest of times. Instead they blame the very place they’re allowed to say such things.

They can re-analyze it all they want. Most of the time they merely do it to dance on these innocent people’s graves.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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1 Response to Eleven Years

  1. Exfernal says:

    From the head count perspective that was ‘somewhat’ more than justice (‘hundreds of eyes for an eye’ doesn’t look like justice). It has spilled over quite wide as ‘collateral damage’ since then. Well, antagonizing and radicalizing Muslims was the aim of that initial act of terrorism, right? I think it proved successful, after all these years.

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