Himmelsdorf Facelift


Himmelsdorf got a facelift, and how I feel it would work to my advantages as an Tank Destroyer person.


So this appeared on my twitter feed, a nice little break from news from Japan and the right-wing twittersphere rehashing what bloggers are saying and the new developments in the various embassy attacks. On that note, still debating if I wanna wrangle up all my links in the other window and talk about it. But anyways!


Himmelsdorf is one of the most annoying matches for me. In the many times I get caught playing in it, using my Hellcat, Jackson, Wolverine, or worse, my Marder II; I am usually pretty reliant on my team to not be a bunch of idiots. I normally can sense how a match goes with the initial minute. From deployment to first contact. If my team splits nicely along, with a nice mix of TDs and heavy tanks, that’s fine. But if the heavies decide to converge on long straightaways, leaving sections undefended, then I’m SOL. I normally go opposite of where my team is, or failing that, defend the base utilizing cover. The problem with the Hellcat though is it’s lower silhouette.


Cover is annoying in the sense that I can’t seem to find much that would allow me to shoot over walls. I have no problems with the Wolverine and Jackson, but squat lil M18 is not gonna reach over those. So the addition of more ramps and hull down positions is nice.  The off-road capabilities of my Hellcat may find trouble. If an ELC can barely fit into that one hiding spot, what more the Hellcat?


The map overall seems more friendly to me, and for other TD drivers. Various hull down areas, easier things, and holy hell the train station opened up. It’ll hopefully bring about greater things. Will make more observations when I finally get to play on it.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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