What In The World?!

I’m gonna lay it straight here.

To those who are following this on twitter? You know who you are. This will downright offend you.

I take one day. One day off, to meet Mr. Correia at Fort Belvoir’s P/X. Get my laundry done, work on repairing what’s left that needs repairing on the SUV. It was a pretty awesome day.

Though to be fair, they didn’t actually prosecute him.
Just took him downtown to answer a few questions.
Voluntarily. After midnight.
With a lot of TV cameras there, somehow.
-Professor Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds.

I cannot put to words the outrage I felt. Fortunately Professor Reynolds provided quite a fair amount who could. Ann Althouse wrote:

But I think our government is delusional if it thinks the people who are rioting in Africa and killing our diplomats would — if they knew the facts — see individuals like Nakoula as the proper focus of their rage. They don’t believe the necessary premise: freedom as the superior value. As long as they favor a system in which blasphemy is outlawed and severely punished, they will continue to blame the American government for standing back and allowing blasphemy to flourish and flow everywhere. What good does it do to ask them to please understand our system? They hate this system.

This brings to in no fewer words what I feel about states that use Islam as the basis of Government. Make the case of Christianity with the U.S. I know people on Facebook would love to debate me on that. Like I bloody care. We aren’t turning to a Cardinal appointed by the Vatican as one of our (although informal or maybe formal) head of state and primary power player. The United States is still a federal, republican democracy. We promote free speech, and while tolerance have gotten big the past few decades, understandably, we still allow the hateful speech to roll. We as a people merely respond to it in our own way. A KKK rally would be surrounded by counter-protestors, Westboro baptist Church would be barred from picketing a funeral with the Patriot Guard Riders and other kind souls. But never would we go and declare a fatwa on someone.

Islam is in its Dark Ages. A rich and interesting culture that gave way to hate with the rise of Arab Nationalism and extremist Islam. not that swaths of our population is any better, I know many people who would view ragheads as barbaric and demonic, an image cultivated due to the last century. Hell, you know what nation first recognized the 13 colonies as a sovereign nation? Morocco, in 1777.

That’s right. The oldest continuing relationship the United States holds with the outside world originates in an Islamic country. granted it is very moderate and pro-West, it provides as a convenient fact to educated the idiots on both my party and others on it, while also pointing out this is the kind of Islamic state we want. Not a bunch of idiots who are led by wolves.

Now, on to the picture. it is sad that the man had to hide his name. He fears a backlash in the form of a garrote or a bullet. The US Government already attempted to have YouTube pull the video, and now they ‘voluntarily’ ask questions from the filmmaker. Will they attempt to pin the violence on him? Or will they take the high road and inform these rioters that we will now cow to their demands? because hell, if they do cow, then fuck. What is the point? There will be a kidnapping every week, a body of a diplomat, a U.S. national, a soldier, paraded on the streets so we would listen to their demands. This isn’t America. Americans hold the right to free speech dearly, but if our Government is willing to kowtow to promote ‘tolerance’ and be all touchy-feely, then fuck. What is the goddamn point?

I hope Obama understands this isn’t one where he can bow and get it over with. If he can’t understand that, as a student of Foreign Policy, I’m voting for Romney.

And before someone on twitter blasts me for saying outright who I’m voting for, lemme say this. He isn’t who I wanted. But it’s who we got. I stick by our choice.

Lord help us all. Nuclear Iran will happen and Israel is gonna preempt. I can feel it.

I end it by saying:

“How’s that Arab Spring working out for ya?!”

Bloody Christ, saw this happening so long ago, like so many things. It’s just too smug and out of my character to say “I told you so.”


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