Larry Correia Visits My Area

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post this. Larry Correia visited the area last week, and I got to meet him at both Fort Belvoir as well as NOVA Armament in Herndon. Very awesome guy.


The Ft. Belvoir book signing was a little rough. I knew I had to make my way to the Tulley gate but I had gotten lost here and there and took me a bit to get on base. But arrive I did, into a roaring oration of how Larry attempted his wall of flame challenge. Descriptions of submarines popping out of the floor, walruses asking for directions, and asphalt-coloured General Tso followed that.


That was very nice, went well and got to meet several other fans. While Larry did give away a bunch of the displays the Fort Belvoir P/X allowed him to give away, I kinda lost to the woman in the back of the photo on the trivia question. That said, as the 2 hours of just shooting the bull, getting pictures and books signed, I came to appreciate the down-to-earth character that was Larry Correia. He’s very nice, very enthusiastic and willing to give us the time if we had asked for it. No such thing as a in and out experience here, I stood there for a good long while just listening to various stories, and was suddenly interested with Hard Magic.


I also went to NOVA Armament at Herndon, Virginia, the next day. I had promised Larry that I would pick up Hard Magic, the allure of a Bullpup BAR built by the gun-mage, John Moses Browning, himself was very, very, very strong. But while I came for JMB’s godly power, I instantly latched onto the story. Dirigibles? YES! Powers? Damn right (my forum characters tend to be cracklers or some variation thereof). But what got me really interested in the story was Faye, the Traveller. I can easily say she was the one I liked the most in the story. After reading about Owen in the Monster Hunter series, Jake Sullivan didn’t have the bang for me. I’m sure it’ll warm up once I pick up Spellbound, but hell, I was more interested in an Okie Traveller than the combination of intelligence and power that was Jake Sullivan.


Oh right, the Herndon part. I came late, and had my books signed. Met a bunch of cool people, and came at the same time Mr. Correia was working a Magpul’d 870. Other things happened where we talked about various guns he owned and then the store presented him with a Tactical Cookie Monster. It was here, with the various talk about Dead Six, did I also want to obtain that. Way to get me interested in your books! XD



In all, it was my first ever book signing, and I plan to pick up more of his books. They’re fun to read and filled with little things that make me squee, as well as having characters I can relate to and make me want to live in such a setting.


And now, back to gaming. Borderlands 2 or World of Tanks…

Sleep doesn’t sound too bad either. Art by lilywhite lilyblack on pixiv.


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