A Return to Pandora, Part 1: Character and Gameplay

Crap, NOT THAT PANDORA. We should be dropping VX and nuking that planet soon.

Sorry, when I meant Pandora, I meant the setting for Gearbox Software’s Borderlands video game. I had pre-ordered the second one and on day one, started my quest for yet a new vault on this arid world, filled with all sorts of things meant to kill me.

Also, Spoilers Ahead, you have been warned.

Opening Cinematic:

Name: Lorenzo Ruiz
Class: Commando (Axton)
Turret Name: Alexis

Character and Gameplay Style:

It seemed fair that I gravitated towards the Commando class, having used exclusively Roland in the original Borderlands. Once again I’m playing the game as I see fit. Using mostly Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles while employing the Turret as added firepower as well enemy focus. I have been running mostly Pointman Class mods, as it allows for health regeneration. This is particularly suited to my cover and retreat, walking fire kind of tactics, where I normally am crouched behind something or utilizing my Turret’s Bubble Shield as a temporary reprieve as my shield recharges and my health regens.

As for weapons, I’ve kept only two weapons due to their insane usefulness (where I am so far though). Moxxis’ Heartbreaker, a shotgun earned from a mission which gives you a choice on who t- well we’ll get to that. The second one is actually the pistol you receive from Tiny Tina, who at first is somewhat of a character. A demolitions expert trapped in a 13 year old’s body so to speak. With rather gruesome ideas of Bandit killings. It is only later on did I understand her motivations, and the feeling of-

Damnit off track!!!

Well I use her pistol to effectively own Hyperion bots. Accurate, with a scope, and dealing caustic damage, even if the damage is low, I normally crit and then just lay on the fire. A Dahl weapon, it is burst fire on ADS so I can continuously lay down a stream of pistol rounds downrange at Hyperion bots. I reckon soon I shall have to find a replacement, but for now, this works. The shotgun is a Hyperion with fire element, and deals all sorts of nice goodies against flesh, albeit I’m starting to feel its waning power. It makes for a good last stand weapon especially in Lynchwood.

Other regulars would always be my Jacobs guns. I’ve got a 9-shot Sniper Rifle as well as a 8 shot revolver, and are my usual non-elemental weapons. Vladof I’ve kept an Oppressed Rifle for in-your-face moments, and Tediore is actually my favored maker for rockets. Something I shall elaborate further down the line.

Now, I’ve solo’d the game so far, although I have played with Tenshi Hinanawi (a player from World of Tanks) and we’ve seem to at least be within three or four levels of each other. Even with help, I’ve kept my solo gameplay style of laying down accurate fire, critting when I can and falling back if I could. There have been numerous times I’ve died, normally in boss fights requiring me to fight in an arena, or just being plain overwhelmed. Especially in earlier instances when I have not researched the shield capabilities of my turret.

Regardless, that’s all I have for now, I’ll be writing this step-by-step and up next would be: A Return to Pandora, Part 2: Weaponry


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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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