8.0 Update – Initial Impressions

Obsolete? Or Not? Art by xiao qiang (overseas) on pixiv.

So on September 26th, 2012, World of Tanks finally released its long-awaited 8.0 update. It brings along a new host of things that are visually appealing, tactically challenging, and even more enjoyable game.

The game got more graphically detailed. I’m running a machine that could play Borderlands 2 on high settings, so a game like World of Tanks was no problem. Oh The game has added a lot. Going through water actually leaves a wake, splash effects on the hull. Obstacles are also updated, your tracks, road wheels do bend now, and HOLY CRAP I NEED SUNGLASSES. It seems one of the nicer things the map facelifts brought would be some maps were brightened. Clearly evident in the desert maps, they brought the blinding light of the desert into the game. Other gloomy maps were brightened, and a lot of the details were updated. I saw a shell go through a cattle car on Himmelsdorf and hit against the side of the track switch building while on dead-spectate, and that was just one thing in the game I enjoyed.

Also I took my M4 Sherman and decided to go through some water. I wonder if there will be a tank attachment that would soon be made to make it so the Sherman was a Duplex Drive. XD That would be awesome, being able to ‘swim’ the bodies of water in the various maps and not take damage or anything. Now then, UI wise, as you will see in the following videos, a bunch of things changed. I actually had to go into my settings mid-battle to reassign my targeting/tagging key. I did like that, in comparison to 7.5, rather than show the type of vehicle your team and enemy are using, their name pops up, and pressing Tab would show their vehicle. Sure it still has the diamond, triangle, and squares for tanks, TDs, and Arty, but this feels better.

Another note would be the damage received. It was oddly satisfying to see how much my shot did on an enemy, and how much the enemy did to me. It might mean a shift in gameplay with this new style of combat. Previously unreachable areas are now within reach, and with the ongoing plague that is the French Light Tanks, this has become a bit scary as in Cliff, they can easily scale the lighthouse mountain and rain fire down on almost everyone, while on Himmelsdorf they have a multitude of places to hide. It’s become a rather challenging thing that would end up forcing a lot of players to adapt or keep dying. That said, attempting to flank the enemy heavies by going down the flooded rivers in Sand River isn’t exactly advised.

So far though, there seems to be little in the way of nerfing. Then again I don’t drive around in a Panzer 4. They lost what many consider a very good turret and gained one that has whipple shields. Questioning players have informed me it works against HE, and even with that, somewhat marginally. besides, why shoot the turret when something more juicy, say, the  engine compartment or threads, is available?  The Soviets earned new TDs, and while they’re at higher levels, one can’t help but feel that some people’s claims that the game is prejudiced towards Soviet vehicles due to the developers/company is based in what was once the Soviet Bloc. But there have been cases of people who actually took their time to figure out the changes and have cried foul as Soviet tanks are afforded greater sta increases while all other tanks are nerfed.

Granted this seems to be a ‘after the fact’ thing. This was especially telling when the French tanks came out, most tanks couldn’t keep up with the AMX series light tanks, although I’ve compensated my gameplay to be able to kill one, rule of thumb is to relocate to a better position and lead like a damned duck hunter. Now, as for the Soviet line, I’ve stopped and only awaiting the gold to demount my stuff from my last Soviet tank. They’ve never honestly made me want to play them, and I’m already choosing my high tiers and going down the Medium lines on both the USA and Germany lines, while awaiting UK tree.

Regardless, I’m having fun in this update, just a little, miffed that it’s taken me around a few hours to get my groove on.

M10 Wolverine gameplay, killed both Enemy T14s.

M4A3E8 “Easy Eight” Sherman gameplay, killed one M18 Hellcat

T20 Gameplay. It was a bad match and I spent most of it playing in the water.


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2 Responses to 8.0 Update – Initial Impressions

  1. Linoge says:

    I really, really did not need to know about this game. Especially since it is free.

    I think I hate you now.

    • Jusuchin (Military Otaku) says:

      ^^;; I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. All I know was I was hooked on it the moment my friend said “Oh right it has the M10 Wolverine”

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