Girls und Panzer: Fighting a Match!

Spoilers Ahead!

So we’ve come to the Third episode of Girls und Panzer. The action starts off form where we last left off, and to further save space, well, here is the battle. Before the scene in the video, Team A is thundering forward, having obtained their fifth crewmember, Reizei Mako, and hot on their heels would be the History Club and the Volleyball Club in the Stug III and Type 89 respectively. Having come across a suspension bridge, Miho attempts to guide Hana but pulls too much to the left. With the tank in danger of falling off, a welcome ‘push’ of sorts comes from the Stug III, firing a shell at their left rear, pushing em back into the bridge. And to the action!

Well, that didn’t last too long for the fanservice, as the next scene was in a bath house. But from what transpired, it was more or less a solidification of roles. While Mako needed lots of coaxing to stay on as the Panzer 4’s driver, it didn’t take long for Hana to outright profess this little tidbit:

Yeah, we all do I bet. Now, it seems that Episode 4 will feature primarily the fight we first saw in Episode 1. Sneaky student council team is sneaky. It is Oarai Girl’s Academy’s first match, set onSunday at 0600. While Mako needed more ‘encouragement’, the words ‘early riser’ do not exist in her vocabulary. At least Team A has a solution to that!

Their opponent is the UK-based team, Saint Gloriana Girl’s Academy, and from the conversation between the Saint Gloriana’s Team Captain, who seems to be playing up the dignified British lady act, that the US-based team and the Sov-based team are called in whole or in part “Sanders” and “Pravda”. This is the end of the episode, just the common courtesies, and the countdown to start/cross the line of departure.


  • The training montage is very nice, and shows various things the girls had to quickly catch up and learn within a week.
  • The match of course, went well for Team A, being the protagonist team, and we did get to see how the shells seem to be ‘safe’. The Stug III’s shell didn’t fully penetrate, although I’m sure those in the World of Tanks forum would know why, but it seemed that when the Panzer 4 shot the Pz38(t), the round fragmented, while on the Stug III and Type 89 seemed to have dug itself into the armor. Maybe it’s some kind of hardened smoke round?
  • I find the M3 Lee’s ‘knock out’ to be the funniest out of all of the tanks. Right track digs into the mud until a link breaks and the engine goes dead. Man if only this happened in World of Tanks…I’d probably get rid of most of my tanks sans the Easy Eight and the Panther. XD
  • The thoughts on the music. Clearly the march in the end is The British Grenadiers, thus highlighting Saint Gloriana Academy’s UK roots (as if the porcelain tea kettl as emblems and riding uniforms, let alone the usage of the Matilda II and Churchill wasn’t enough!)
  • I’m not the only one upset about the coloring on Oarai’s tanks:

  • And the last bit,. We are getting teased more in the overall world’s setting. What did Saori mean when schools were once on land? Does this mean all schools, male, female, coeducational, are on floating cities? Or just Girls Academies due to Tankwondo/Tank Warfare? And HOLY FUCK SAINT GLORIANA’S CARRIER IS FUCKING HUEG..

Oarai on the right. Saint Gloriana on the left.
And every naval engineer in the world cried.


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4 Responses to Girls und Panzer: Fighting a Match!

  1. Peo01 says:

    Oh yeah this was another great episode.
    Some things I noticed:

    The M3 Lee’s knock out, is how inexperienced tankers loose their tracks nowadays, too.
    Turn on the spot in mud, and it’s time for some fun time putting it on again.

    Sentence on Stug III back:
    Vergießt Schweiß aber kein Blut
    Translation: Spill sweat but no blood
    Is a famous sentence Rommel said.

    I think on front of it there is a famous latin sentence:
    “Veni Vidi, Vici”

    The tank formations shown are standart tank formation still in use in modern armies.

    The uk school uniforms seem like a reminder of old british redcoats.

    There’s probably lots of stuff I haven’t discovered yet, I love this anime 😀

  2. Fayt says:

    I knew it… that Stug… always the Stug… my worst enemy in WoT when I’m driving a Panzer III, III/IV, and most likely the IV itself…

  3. daikama says:

    Maybe more appropriate for EP 04, but if the St. Gloriana carrier is that big, how big must the Saunders University carrier be to hold all those M4s!? Maybe Saunders is land based for a change.

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