Girls und Panzer: I’ll Do My Best as Commander!

Spoilers Ahead:


We start of with the clarification of the battle plan. With the Oarai school moving past their line of departure, Miho clarifies the Panzer 4’s role as forward scout and bait, whilst everyone would be support. Granted, we cut into the British school…who undoubtedly have been using the boiling vessels on their tanks. Fine china on the battlefield, quite a very refined school. Even better indicator of their refinement is the rolling wedge. Now, I believe the Churchill and Matildas are what is part of the Infantry support section of the UK Armored Schools, thus aren’t exactly fast. But maintaining an armored wedge at around 15 miles per hour over uneven terrain, and having the coordination to go into said wedge at precisely the right time is amazing.

Very nice wedge.
Also notice each Matilda covering their own sectors,
While Churchill covers forward.

Now, another thing is that the calm British wit has been kept with the UK girls, something I’ve quite liked.

Fine China, hot tea, and Tanks.
A uniquely British idea.

The Vice President makes for a shitty commander, and whee for the underclassmen to act like, well, little girls. The M3 Lee dead, the position crumbling, and the Pz38(t) with its track slipped off, the Stug III, Type 89, and Panzer 4 head into town. Now, I can’t understand how everyone is so calm with LIVE ORDINANCE being used, and even the explanation of carbon-based armor within the tank didn’t relieve me of such thoughts, but still.

Vice Prez is quite the jump girl.



Finally that abomination is dead.

It would seem Oarai had the upper hand, knowing the location. And it seemed like they did. With the Stug III using some rather ingenious camouflage for their point-blank kill on the Matilda II, and the Volleyball team’s uh…sneak attack?

Ohai thar.

Underground Parking Garages FTW?!

Granted, the only tank in this encounter to raise the white flag was Matilda II no. 2, while no. 5 (volleyball team/ Type 89) seems to have survive its external fuel tank’s destruction. While Rommel was talking about the Stug’s low silhouette, that doesn’t necessarily help WHEN YOU STICK BLOODY FLAGS ON IT.


Welp, hi there Stug III,
Eat a 40mm shell from my QF 2 pdr.

Enemy Tank no. 5 (or 2) survives.

The remaining two tanks knocked out, with only 4 left on the enemy team, it would seem that all hope is lost. Especially when the Panzer 4 was cornered at the end of the alley, and by some supreme grace, the Saint Gloriana commander does allow some posturing. enough time for the Golden Pz 38(t) to appear. It would seem the enemy would be toast but…

Sounds like something a friend of mine would say.

No. Seriously.

The VP should really spend some time on her gunnery skills and less yelling, but it gives our protagonists enough time as the smoke lifts to finally disable Matilda II no. 5 and engage in close quarters fighting. First attacking, wait, that’s Matilda II no. 2! Damn reused animation models! I’ll say it was Matilda II no. 3. Regardless, 3 and 4 are knocked out by quick maneuvering and point-blank shots by the Panzer 4. Now or never, Churchill vs Panzer 4! While not as maneuverable as the Panzer 4, it would seem to be a good kill. Only to show that the Churchill was unharmed even at that range, and that the Panzer 4’s turret suffered a glancing, yet destructive blow, destroying the main gun and damaging the frontal armor.

Regardless of Oarai’s lost, it would seem that the team have earned some new-found respect and an actual FRIENDLY rival in the form of the Saint Gloriana’s team…which interestingly enough, have added a new tank to their arsenal. The Crusader cruiser tank.

Tank, Cruiser, Mk VI, A15 Crusader
Left-most tank behind Churchill’s gunner.
Also, Saint Gloriana’s Churchill crew:
Gunner, Commander, Loader

The rest of the episode focuses on Hana’s background. Her mother, or rather, her family seems to be on par with Miho’s in the realm of flower arrangement. And predictvely, since Hana is unwilling to quit Tankwondo/Panzerfahren, her mother practically disowned her. Quite sad in all honesty, but I’m sure this is common, even in real life. A child wanting to break out on their own and meeting stiff resistance from the old breed, hell my parents were somewhat like that. We saw underpinnings of this in Macross Frontier. Specifically Alto Saotome and his father wanting him to continue on in theater, but at least with Macross Frontier, there is a whole 25 episodes for that to play out.

“You have failed me.”

Regardless, it seems that Oarai has finally broken into the Pazerfahren/Tankwondo scene, and fighting in the tournament, it would seem their first opponent would be Sanders University high School, and their impressive line of M4A3E9 Shermans.

Can also see the names of the other schools beside 4, 12, and 15.

Saunders/Sanders University High School
M4A3E9 Sherman, characterized by extra armor,
While using HVSS suspension and 76mm gun.

I thank mathwizi2005/Tenshi Hinanawi from the US World of Tanks forum to spot the actual model, which he explained to me that:

Me (on steam): Quick question, you said the Shermans were E9s, uh…which A-variant? Because wiki only lists a 105 in the A3 series and one in the A1 series
Tenshi Hinanawi: same as the E8
Tenshi Hinanawi: the E9s are jusr E8s with extra plated armor for crew protection
Me (on steam): so basically an E8?
Me (on steam): ah
Tenshi Hinanawi: yes
Me (on steam): -adds to list of stuff-
Tenshi Hinanawi: u could swee the plate next to the shell racks and the plate to the left of the gun
Me (on steam): I honestly need a book to compare the variants XD
Tenshi Hinanawi: thats how u can tell the diff between a E8 and a E9

-Steam Conversation, 10/30/2012


Regardless, my impressions!

  • That was quite an interesting battle. It does point out the most competent in Oarai’s team. Not saying that the Pz38(t) and M3 Lee team are incompetent (well, I am) but it shows the backbone and core support in this episode. Granted, the ‘kills’ of the History Club and Volleyball Club are quite…well different. While utilizing the Stug III for its strengths, the unnecessary decoration did give it away. The Type 89’s death was even worse. Nowhere to go, and only destroying the Matilda II’s external fuel tank (which at first glance would’ve been a kill) was just plain horrible.
  • It seems like the same CG model of Matilda II no. 2 was used in the urban fighting scene for both the Stug III and Type 89 kills. But when the Matilda stopped in the garage, it showed the number “05”, but when it reappeared to kill the Type 89 , it had the number “02” just mere second later, after the cut into the Volleyball team’s ‘Oh shi-‘ close up.
  • Miho’s quick thinking and the bond she had with her teammates would honestly be the deciding factor in the latter stages of the match. That and a golden deus ex machina. Or rather, an idiotic Vice President who lost her chance to disable or even HIT one Matilda II or the Churchill.
  • I’m quite interested. How quickly were those tanks going? And I can see the skidding Matilda. Going at speed in such a tight turn, on paved roads, it wasn’t gonna end well.
  • The reaction of the shop keepers. Well, considering Tankwondo is analogous to say, Football or Baseball or even American Football, a Matilda wrecking your storefront can be like, Kobe Bryant t-boning your car or Tim Tebow rear-ending you. Your stuff is wrecked, and you’re initially mad, but. Actually, I have a clip for this.

  • The moment the first few bars for “The Battle of Hymn of the Republic” came on, I was floored. Like literally. I was already LOVING the variant on the British Grenadiers used throughout the battle, but the playing on my favorite military march well. Yeah. XD Didn’t help that it panned out to show the M4A3E9s of Sanders/Saunder’s school. (Mormon Tabernacle Choir rendition here, others here, and here.)
  • Also, quite thankful to Peo01 from the EU server forums for the battle as well school analysis.

  • These were provided at this post from the EU server.
    Pravda = Russian (or at least Soviet?)
    Anzio = Italian
    Maginot = French
    Koala Forest = Australian
    Viking Marine = probably Swedish, Danish, etc
    BC Freedom = Canadian
    Black Forest Peak = German
  • Also, used Commie this time around, Hiryuu wasn’t out when I was writing this. And the chibi of the week is the Volleyball Club and their Type 89!
  • I just checked Random Curiosity’s blog post on episode 4, and found this little tidbit in the comments.



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6 Responses to Girls und Panzer: I’ll Do My Best as Commander!

  1. Fayt says:

    aww and here I was wondering what you thought of the Anglerfish dance. that prez can be either hated or loved lol…

  2. daikama says:

    Saw from your RC comments that you had a blog and thought I’d check it out. Enjoyed the review – nicely done. JMO, but I still, think that’s an M4A3 given barrel length and the way the gun mantlet is drawn (see for M4 preview screen shot, M4A3 75mm M3 gun mantlet (2nd pic) and 76mm M1 gun mantlet (3rd pic).

    Some other comments:
    – The Wiki has it wrong. Momo (spastic, trigger happy SC member) is not the Vice President. She’s the “PR Manager” (why the SC needs a PR Manager rather than secretary or treasurer is beyond me). Watch EP 01 at 15:20 on. The SC Pres. says “fukukaichou” (Vice-President) and then the screen passes over to the quiet, err…well endowed, brown-haired girl.
    – Your right about the Churchill escaping any damage though maybe there’s a shell lodged in the turret like the first time which is hidden by the canon barrel. Not sure why in either case there would be a shell remaining given the explosion on contact…
    – I didn’t like Anzu (SC Pres.) at all in EP 01, but now I do. She’s pretty funny.
    – Maybe obvious, but you might want to add “Saunders University High School” (odd combination – HS & college). as American or US to the above list.
    – So far, we’ve seen nothing but “early” model tanks. Assuming I’m right about the M4A3 being a 75 MM canon model, that still holds true. I wonder if the trend will continue (ex. “Prada” using T-34s rather than T-34/85 or later, or Black Forest using Panzer III/IVs rather than Panther or Tiger). If not, Miho & Co. are in for some serious trouble unless they start upgrading/replacing what they have. I don’t care how good your tactics are – M3 Lee vs. Tiger = Instant Loss.

    • Yeah, it might be the regular M4A3, mainly because by the end of the war lots of M4s were being field modified so it’s probably not uncommon for a ‘kit’ or at least the plans for the M4A3E9 to be used for all the tanks.

      Granted the OP showed M4s with significantly longer barrels. The Ace team perhaps? The short barrels for the, uh, benchwarmers. It would make some sense.

  3. Roadkill says:

    Cool! Always good to see another otaku in the gunblogosphere. I am a shameless Strike Witches fan. A little disappointed you didn’t mention the absolutely hilarity of the Anglerfish dance. The first episode nearly lost me, but it has managed to keep me on thus far. I had a few anime related posts before I retired my own blog. Good to see you here, and I’ll be adding your blog to my reading.

    • Thanks. To be honest Anime is one of the few things to get me interested in military subjects. Firearms included. And I seem to have gotten that a lot. I guess my mind made a mental block over that dance! XD

      As for gunblogging, I don’t intend to start that off until I start taking classes and start to decide if I really wanna go all M1911 fanboi and carry one. I’m liking FNs and wheelguns aren’t too shabby, but I spied a bunch of M1911 models within my price range so I’ll be looking into that first.

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