Girls und Panzer: An Experienced Sherman Army Corps!

Spoilers Ahead!

Now, we start with the fifth episode, and already I’ve paused the thing for five minutes talking on #commie-subs on how I want that restaurant. Oarai seems to have had a very rich Panzerfahren/Tankwondo history, given this is the SECOND shop devoted or at least themed for tanks. As the girls receive their tank-pastries (supposedly each tank is comprised of several different types of cake), we get some insight on Saunders University High School. I had expected this trope to appear before, but only in the back of my mind. i was more worried on the type of M4 Sherman they were gonna roll out, it honestly didn’t occur to me that they really are gonna M4 Zergman-rush Oarai.

Arrival of the Tank-Pastries!

That said, guess who decided to show up? Maho really does have that air of arrogance, and it rubs off on I guess, ALL of Black Forest Peak students, if her XO has anything to show for it. As with all sporting associations, unwritten rules, traditions, and everysuch little nuances that Black Forest Peak seems to want to remind Oarai of.

“’s you.”

It seems that the biggest unwritten rule is that no school shall participate in the tournament that might soil the sport, and the addition of Oarai can be likened to my university’s inclusion into the 2006 Final Four. Before 2006, many people haven’t heard of the school “George Mason University”, but when our basketball team went to the NCAA Final Four in 2006, the attention on us (and our tuition) went up. I assume Oarai may make a similar showing. While her friends certainly are up to the task in defending Miho’s honor in person, I’m not sure what they would do against a school that has consecqutively won the tournament nine times, with only earn second place last year.
No doubt that is the main reason why miho had quit. The shame of ending such a streak, naturally we blame the weakest link. Seeing we have no clues on the exact nature of the second place finish. Regardless, we see that shore leave is done by motor launch. Although if the carrier-city is huge to the point of being so visible like that, the launch they use must be a coastal patrol boat.

Naval Engineers everywhere are foaming
At the mouth.

This looks awfully like a pre-Dreadnaught
Armored Cruiser or something.

That’s the spirit!

Now, this is crossing over to World of Tanks territory. I can honestly agree with Yukari. I play the game because I love it. I care not for status or rankings, and why insults directed at me for poor play or whatever is ignored, while I am quick to anger if my roommate who is platooning with me makes some stupid comment like ‘Penis’ or ‘Jew’ or something like that. It would seem that Saint Gloriana is the last school, at least by tradition, to be very sportsman-like. I am in it for the love of the game, another reason I pub and frankly I make my videos. i enjoy it.

A fact so few do not get. Like the Student Council team.

Granted, the actions of the Student Council team has been shady the entire series. What exactly did they set up. And yes, you can honestly see why that insult given to Oarai’s team by Maho’s XO has some weight. They truly are a school coming out of nowhere. At least, back to my example, we have been top in OUR league. Oarai basically comes in after an unknown (possibly long) amount of time out of the scene.

That said, this screenshot does worry me.

The Sherman Firefly was the only Sherman model, if I remember correctly, to be a threat to even late-war German tanks, tanks supposedly used by Black Forest Peak. Conventional wisdom does state you’d use tanks within or just slightly above the opponent. Keep the big movers and shakers in the back and making the rest of the tournament guessing(as explained that Saunders had three teams, so Freshman, JV, Varsity if following the sports make-up), but seeing there is no such divisions, I am fully expecting Oarai to be facing off with at least JV, if not Varsity (which would no doubt be outfitted with at least one Firefly).

Note: At the time I was writing this I made the mistake of talking to mathwizi2005. Damnit man stop teasing me. D<

Regardless, it seemed Miho’s musings did upset Akiyama a bit, or rather, spur her into action. Since she wasn’t at practice at all the next day, the group goes to visit her home, which I’m sad to say, is somewhat of a cliche. Granted, I can related. I was a loner throughout my elementary, middle school, and high school life. Her parent’s reactions are nearly the same as mine when I finally brought my first friend over for a project and then going out to hang out.

Same as my parents.
Although my mom was the one freaking out.

Okay…maybe not that much freak out with mine.

Regardless, it would seem Yukari did a little spying on her own. I’m not entirely too sure if that was right, or rather, if Saunders caught on. But posing undercover, it did seem to work. We do get the lineup for Saunders.



Granted, I am doing quick checks on the variants as I go along with this. The above will change once the tank models are hammered down. Now, on to the briefing. We are given the 10 vehicle load out, which consists of one M4A1 converted into a Sherman Firefly, a single standard M4A1 upgunned to the 76mm gun, with eight M4A1s utilizing the shorter 75mm guns.

Well no shit.

Although this doesn’t last for long. She asks too many questions, which leads to this interesting failure of a cover-up.

“What is your squad and rank?”
“6th Mechanized Div. Sgt. Oddball, third class!”
“Fake, Spy!”
Also, we see the eight M4 75mms in here.
It definitely is the M4A3E9 hull variant,
Just sporting the M3 Lee’s 75mm gun.

Yeah, she made it back safely, and we do get some bonding time. Her team was worried at her spying mission, although it seems Akiyama is just glad there are people who are her friends. Yeah, I was like this. Before I met my friends, my only friends went by the names “Verne”, “Wells”, “Clancy”, and “Rowling”. How things change huh? Also, for those who aren’t knowledgeable: Kelly’s Heroes

As we get closer and closer to the first match, we see that Oarai’s team have really stepped up in their training and teamwork. For one, the tanks lose their rather colorful display, as well as being fitted for their uniforms. Each tank seems to have gotten a ‘mascot’ of sorts, with the Panzer IV sporting the Anglerfish, The StuG III a blue hippo, the M3 Lee a pink rabbit, and so on.

What it lost in stupidity, it gained in usefulness.

I kinda liked the flags though.

While Yukari seems to be excited at Miho’s figure,
Saori x Mako shall appear on pixiv soon enough.

Uh…just how dirty are Japanese ammunition?

Rolling Wedge being perfected.

While team Saunders seems pretty friendly, we can see that they aren’t as friendly as it can be.

Match start!

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve uploaded the entire latter half of the battle here, and as such, will basically make my commentary. It would seem that Black Forest Peak and Saint Gloriana have attended to see how Oarai would fare against Saunders.  The balloon was something I hadn’t picked up, but as Oarai cleverly, or rather, luckily gets out of Saunder’s encirclement in the forest, we see by what ‘dirty’ means Saunders operates in.

Hello unencrypted comms!

A major part of Allied victory in the Second World War came about when the Axis forces communication codes were broken, either through pure brainwork ala the Ultra project at Blechley Park (building off from the Polish Cipher Bureau’s work on the early Enigma machines) and the United States efforts to break the various Japanese codes through OP-20-G (Office of Chief Of Naval Operations (OPNAV), 20th Division of the Office of Naval Communications, G Section / Communications Security) were instrumental in turning the tides of war as much as the pure industrial capacity that was the United States industry. Saunders is taking a similar approach, utilizing some of the best designs of the M4 Sherman Medium Tank family (Sherman Firefly, M4A3E9 with both the 75mm and 76mm guns), while utilizing their own SIGINT tactics to lure and eventually destroy their opponents.

The familiarity of Lady Darjeeling, and her veiled comment of a ‘hotline to hell’ foreshadowed this, and while the other teams seem to know Saunder’s tricks, Oarai doesn’t which nearly led to a disasterous defeat for a great balance of their forces. Miho, having figured out their ruse, concocts her own diversions and would surprise all in attendance with knocking out one of the 75mm Shermans.

Well shit, even in WoT that’s a failing position for the Shermans.

Yes they did.


  • This episode was filled to the brim with noteworthy impressions, which I tried to mitigate by spreading it out in the liveblogging.
  • We finally see Saunders City-Carrier, which seems to take design cues from the Nimitz-class Aircraft Carriers, with hangar sections big enough to stage a dogfight in!

  • I can’t believe the amount of references added. In the restaurant scene alone featured a tank trailer (Remotely controlled cake delivery!) with I believe two mock ups of the French AMX-56 Leclerc MBT, the waiter signal is that of the German A7V I believe. The restaurant scene ends with a poster of the American T-28 Super Heavy Tank (although WoT people would more remember it as the T95 Gun Motor Carriage)
  • Yukair Akiyama’s room is makign me very, very, very jealous. Not only does she have a model of almost every tank I have ever owned in World of Tanks, but the massive amount of memorabilia she has, from the tanker’s radio, the shells (are those the 76mm shells from a Ordinance QF 17pdr?!) makes me hang my head in shame of being a military otaku.
  • As I’ve discussed earlier, Saunders seems to be utilizing a bit of SIGINT and numbers to win it’s match over Oarai. It would seem that while Oarai has a lot more stakes in this match, a win would cause Saunders to be devalued as a school, so I can’t wait for the second part of the battle. Already so much expectations is riding on this.
  • HOLY COW! Saint Gloriana rides in style. I spy with my little eye, an Special Air Service DPV, complete with gear and it’s trademarked pink desert camouflage!

  • Lineup, Saunders UHS:
    1 x M4 Sherman Firefly, most likely the M4A4model.
    1 x M4A1 Sherman with 76mm M1A1 gun, noted by the turret due to the gun’s counterweight, M1A1 due to no muzzle break, which only appeared on the M1A1C and M1A2 76mm guns, but also due to the fact the gun has no Muzzle Break on and is significantly thicker than what a Ordinance QF 17pdr would look like.
    8 x M4A3E9 Shermans with 75mm guns, noted by added armor in front of driver and hull gunner, add on armor to side of turret, as well as ammo sections, whilst retaining the M4A3E8’s distinctive hull shape.
  • This will change, I’m not entirely too sure on the actual models of the Shermans featured, except that 9 of the Shermans have the angular welded shape of later-war Shermans, while one that sporting the enlarged turret (thus able to fit either the Ordinance QF 17 Pdr or the 76mm M1A1) had the cast hulls of the M4A1.

Line of Shermans

  • Now, the cast seems to come together. The first-years seem to have lightened up a bit and got squared away, while it would seem that Mako is up next for character development segment. I’ve said what I need to say, and before I forget, I have a conversation while I was watching this with mathwizi2005.

Jusuchin (Military Otaku): I’m 6 minutes in, been pausing a lot to write down thoughts
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): Maho’s XO’s little comment on a no name school parallels my university somewhat
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): when out of nowhere this university with really no ‘house-hold name status” comes in and is a splash at the 2006 NCAA Final Four basketball tournament.
Tenshi Hinanawi: XD
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): So afterwards attention (and our tuition rates) skyrocket.
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): So we’ll see how much that holds with GuP
Tenshi Hinanawi: part B = tank time
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): dude ><;;
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): I’m already at 15 screenshots and I’m barely 10 minutes in
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): this is gonna be a long-ass post
Tenshi Hinanawi: WOOOOOO big post
Tenshi Hinanawi: those E9s are intimidating
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): gah
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): I was speculating on the M4s ><;;
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): also, long barrelled 76mm?
Tenshi Hinanawi: short 76
Tenshi Hinanawi: i see no muzzle break
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): see
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): still arguing with that guy on RC
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): 76mm didn’t get the break until the M1A1C model right?
Tenshi Hinanawi: need to do some research on that info
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): it’s what wiki gave me
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): bleh if I can only walk into the tank farm down the road
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): the restorers would know
Tenshi Hinanawi: wiki is usually reliable on tank info
Tenshi Hinanawi: 10 sherms v 5
Tenshi Hinanawi: this is gonna b ALL tactics
Tenshi Hinanawi: THAT IS SO CLEVER
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): gah!
Tenshi Hinanawi: AHHHH  this episode
Tenshi Hinanawi: FUCK
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): -flips you off the mountain-
Tenshi Hinanawi: NO FAIR
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): ()ノ彡┻━┻
Tenshi Hinanawi: gotta wait for the next epidose for battle resolution
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): also
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): Yukari’s room
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): did you start saying “yep, in my garage…that too…that too…sold that…”
Tenshi Hinanawi: shit  i gotta see what shes got again
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): look at the model boxes
Tenshi Hinanawi: gotta wait till monday  GRRRR
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): I’m gonna capturing the various tank posters in the restaurant as well
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): because if I’m not mistaken
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): there was a poster of the T95 just before the scene cuts to the motor launch
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): (well…considering the Oarai city-carrier size…a pre-Dread cruiser is a motor launch)
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): yeah
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): GuP is practically Moe of Tanks ~///~
Tenshi Hinanawi: well well we got a loadout list
Tenshi Hinanawi: 1 Firefly, 1 A1 76, 8 75s
Tenshi Hinanawi: odd
Tenshi Hinanawi: why use 75s?
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): HE?
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): Well
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): they all had amazing HE iirc
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): cept the Firefly
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): I had a theory
Tenshi Hinanawi: firefly is *facepalm*
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): that they have something akin to Freshman, JV, and Varsity team
Tenshi Hinanawi: Firefly = shitty gen 1 sabot rounds
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): sicne they fielded 10 tanks, mixture of the best of each?
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): Freshmen would have the 75 equipped M4s, JV the latter 76mm, and Varsity would have Fireflies
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): training teams of different skill sets maybe, who knows
Tenshi Hinanawi: DAMMIT  i couldnt spot the 95
Tenshi Hinanawi: what timestamp was it
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): 0410-0414
Tenshi Hinanawi: T28
Tenshi Hinanawi: LOL
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): yah, my fault
Tenshi Hinanawi: ARTIST ERROR
Tenshi Hinanawi: no that model is of a T95
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): well
Tenshi Hinanawi: T28 doesnt have dual track system
Tenshi Hinanawi: put that on the blog ^_^
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): I am
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): in impressions
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): (and practically this entire convo)
Tenshi Hinanawi: dats funny
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): most of my friends aren’t WoT players
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): hmm
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): I know someone on RC knows more about ships, maybe he can spot the hull shapes and narrow em down to an influence
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): because I’m getitng strong Nimitz/Enterprise vibes from Saunders
Tenshi Hinanawi: Nimitz
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): that said, you can stage a dog fight within those hangars @_@
Tenshi Hinanawi: yea
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): once the series ends I’m picking up the manga, maybe it’ll explain the scales
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): when she sees the Shermans in rows, the A1s are outfitted with short 75mms?
Tenshi Hinanawi: yea
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): so the E9 model
Tenshi Hinanawi: only 2 are not E9s
Tenshi Hinanawi: the Firefly is a E8
Tenshi Hinanawi: the A1     is just a A1
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): stamp 834 to 840, M4A1E9 -> M4 -> M4A6?
Tenshi Hinanawi: no  just E9  then A6
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): okay
Tenshi Hinanawi: it seems the firefly is the A1 and the rest in the battle are E9s
Tenshi Hinanawi: need to crossreference them again
Tenshi Hinanawi: the A6s aernt used in the battle
Tenshi Hinanawi: longer and diff paint job
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): “While Yukari seems to be excited at Miho’s figure,
Saori x Mako shall appear on pixiv soon enough.” <– picture caption
Tenshi Hinanawi: lol
Tenshi Hinanawi: pfffft
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): XD
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): wait a sec…
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): the Firefly is a Sherman I?
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): egg-shaped hull
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): the tanks are all M4A3E9s, right, just mixed guns?
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): also need a chibi StuGIII avie
Tenshi Hinanawi: lol
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): also
Tenshi Hinanawi: CHIBI  =w=
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): wall decor to the restaurant
Tenshi Hinanawi: LOL
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): those are Leclercs aren’t they
Tenshi Hinanawi: think so
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): Camo matches that on Wiki
Jusuchin (Military Otaku): as well as placement of the optics, etc


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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13 Responses to Girls und Panzer: An Experienced Sherman Army Corps!

  1. daikama says:

    Maybe OT, but it was really OP-02 (“Hypo”) headquartered in Hawaii under the command of Joseph Rochefort, that broke the J25 IJN navel code. Reason I make the distinction is that there was a lot of dissension in the US at the time the code was being broken as to Japan’s next target. Washington (Naval Command & DC based intelligence office) believed that the most likely target was Pearl Harbor (again) and a few even thought the US mainland at risk. On the other hand, Nimitz (trusting Rochefort & “Hypo”) was certain the next target was Midway. Hard to believe, but Nimitz took a BIG risk in trusting Rochefort. Fortunately for the US, he did as the Battle of Midway turned out to be one if not THE most important battle in the entire war (long story short, losing Midway could have caused the US to drop “Europe 1st” policy).

    I’m really curious to see how Oarai pulls out the win next week. In a sense, they played their best card already – the deceptive radio trap. I can’t see them knocking out all nine remaining M4s. I suspect one of two things happens – both of which involve knocking out the “Flag” tank early on.

    (1) Oarai actively targets and ultimately “kill” the flag tank. I have the feeling that Saunder’s didn’t change the flag tank after discovering Yukari spying on them. Of course if it’s one of the 75mm M4s it will be hard to find, but if it’s the76mm or Firefly, then it can be quickly identified. In this case, Miho & Co. devise a way to isolate the flag tank & tank it out.

    (2) In war, it’s often that you don’t win the battle as much as the enemy loses it. In this case, for some reason, the Saunder’s flag tank recklessly enters combat and is ultimately knocked out by Oarai – perhaps even though Miho & Co didn’t realize it was flag tank initially.

    Any thoughts on how Oarai can obtain victory?

  2. c2710 says:

    I’m with you Jusuchin. Its hard to enjoy the show when you’re perpetually pausing to admire the details and RESEARCH that went into the show. As well as replaying LOL moments.

    When it comes to Akiyama… After seeing her room… I so want to date her. We can spend hours admiring tanks and also building models. That’s an impressive array of built and build stash kits. Won’t be surprised if the various modelling companies see a surge in sales.

    So far I’ve seen kits from Tamiya, DML, Italeri, Trumpter, AFV Club shown in episodes 2 and 5.

  3. Sonya says:

    Tenshi is wrong on the T28 in this case: the “T28” and the “T95” are the exact same tank, with confusion arising from the fact that it got assigned different designations during its time. World of Tanks only made a distinction between the T28 and the T95 in order to have a Tier VIII and Tier IX TD in, but the T28 ingame is essentially the T95 without the outer set of tracks.

    Also, the Flag Tank is quite clearly the A1(76)W as seen in your screenshots, it’s the one with the blue, triangular flag on top.

  4. Volfram says:


    • It was written off as one of those kinds of uninteresting anime. No, to me and a few others, it had the makes of a sleeper hit.

      • Volfram says:

        Posted before running off to watch, how does it compare to Upotte!

        If you haven’t seen Upotte! be advised that there is somewhat awkward innuendo throughout, as the girls describe typical firearm usage as though it were a sexual act. They blush at the thought of being held by a skilled marksman, and FAL wears a thong because she has a skeleton stock.(to which the one human teacher says “oh, of course. WAIT, WHAT?!”)

      • Less fanservice, more tankservice if you get what i mean.

  5. BeauFighter says:

    G’dday, I just drop by, finding this article via google. I’m japanese anime & military fan, had interest about foreign countrie’s point of view about G&P. It’s nice work!
    Here’s a small gift of imformation. The ferry ship which Ooarai students use is Protective-cruiser Matsushima, one of the “San-Kei-Kan”. She is flagship at the battle of Yellow-Sea, and she is quite funny ship.
    Matsushima-class had main armament of huge single 38cm gun in barbette, two of class was fitted at front deck, and one was pointing backward. You can guess, of course, that one is Matsushima. She looks odd, but she’s cute, I love her.
    In that period she planned, Japanese Navy was quite small, and battleships is far too expensive for Japan, which nation was still in a early step of industrial modanization and glowth. By the reason of naval budget shortage, they can not built or import battleship to withstand two German built pre-drednaught ZhenYuan class armoured turret ship, in the forthcoming war against Sina(China).
    At this moment, some person gets idea from Idiotic French naval architect, Louis-Émile Bertin. He invents some extraordinary combat system you’ve ever heard, by four light armoured cruiser with huge single gun, two for forward and two for backward, attack in the line of formation, for act as single large battleship. For now you can clearly see why this idea was idiotic. But too sad to say, three of them was completed, but one of backward gun ship cancelled for good reason.
    Aftermath, entire four-ship system reduced for three, they named by three Japanese epical sight-seeing spot (San-Kei), Matsu-shima, Itsuku-shima, Hashidate. Matsushima had tall bow, and long enclosed fore upper deck, and quite stable, confortable at sea indeed. This is main reason why Matsushima choosen for flagship of fleet, for provide extra confortness to Staff of fleet. I think she was nice ship, rather than Warship…….well, anyway, it’s good choice for choose Matsushima as ferry ship, isn’t it?

  6. Mini_Bolo says:

    You screwed up on the Sherman designations. The E9 variant was simply a Sherman that had the tracks spaced further from the body to enable duckbill track extensions to be fitted on both sides of the track. The applique armor that you suggest as being part of the E9 package is in reality pretty common for Dry stowage type Shermans. It’s more likely that the Shermans in question are simple M4A3 dry stowage types.

  7. Damon says:

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    Will you please drop me a mail?

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    site accidentally, and I am shocked why this accident didn’t took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

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