Regroup. Reload. Reengage.

Win humbly, lose graciously, and be always prepared.

Last night’s thumping is of no surprise to anyone who have conservative ideals, mannerisms, backgrounds. One who have seen what true oppression is and the double-edged sword of modern popular culture. I’ve also been bombarded by the numerous ‘we won’ texts and whatnot on Facebook and Twitter. And I take it all in stride.

I wasn’t calling for a massive Romney win. I knew it was possible but not in such numbers. The election proved that. I am quite pleased with the grace both men have shown in the victory and loss speeches, less so at the supporters. While we are subdued, we are not demoralized. Many of us are already counting ahead to 2014. And many of us even closer, hoping that a breakdown never occurs but preparing for it anyways. The GOP needs to finish cleaning house, the old guard removed and the new ones to be solidified. Make it tough for the president and make him come to the center, and hammer the things that focus on driving things to the left.

While our chosen politicos do that, we need to remind the pundits that we also have them on our watch. They may claim to be the torch bearers but that is a precarious position they hold. And the biggest thing is that the young, my generation. The generation under me, and those under my parents, our older brothers, sisters, cousins. Need to be informed. They need to stop believing in the lie that Government that serves all cures all. I was like that once, admiring Europe’s long vacations and siestas. But something stayed with me. A seed of doubt. Wondering how they are able to pay for it. And as I checked, researched, looked into it. They can’t. They just assume they can due to the fact they have not lived any other way.


So in short, I say this.


Regroup. We aren’t down. We aren’t out for the fight. This is our Dunkirk, as Professor Jacobson has said. We should be prepared, as my blogfather, Miguel, has said. Shit will go down regardless, and I put some more stock on the people being able to weather it out, but just that. We have crossed the threshold. I would not want the United States to turn into Marcos-era Philippines. So we honestly do need to buck up. Made worse because Marcos and his ilk were purged eventually; with our system, it would be rather hard to remove.


Reload. Cleaning house is important. As much as people have forgotten their civics lessons and view the Presidency as the end all that is all, it is not. The Senate needs to be taken, and the House reinforced. The Gadsden colors should not be struck, but rather, mounted on a bigger flagpole.


Re-engage. We have lost 2012. That is one undeniable fact. But not horribly. The Governor’s mansions of many states have a distinctively red tone to them since Obama has taken to office in 2008. We shall keep it that way. Focus on your local races. Focus on turning more of my generation. The upcoming generation, into knowledgeable conservatives. Don’t get demoralized, look ahead to the future battles.

It’s all I’ve got to say.


Regroup, Reload, Re-engage. I hope this is spread out to everyone.

Edit: Weer’d said it best.

So yeah, we have a LOT of work to do, but I would have said that ANYWAY no matter WHO won last night, my BIG concern was a Romney Complacency, backed with a goal-oriented big-government RINO.

While over at the An NC Gun Blog, we seem to be on even terms.

We all watched as better candidates were pushed aside because it was Mitt’s turn. If we don’t fix the party now, we’ll just see it again next time.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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