Present Frontal Armor!

So, the daily 2x experience rolls around and I decided to take my Jumbo Sherman for a spin.



Map was Cliff on a standard battle, played on 11/12/2012 at 19:58 EST. And as you can tell by the video, stuff happens, and I’m still alive. The graveyard was terribly amusing, so many people died trying to shoot me. I feel empowered or something. XD




My contribution to what shall be called ‘Death Valley’.
Rather, reminds me of the Highway of Death.


My Battle results: Steel Wall and highest scoring on the team. Proof that you don’t have to kill much, it’s a variety of other factors that determines your score.


I also happened to detect most of the destroyed tanks.
Also joined the Girls und Panzer clan on World of Tanks.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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10 Responses to Present Frontal Armor!

  1. DanF says:

    Been reading your blog a while, so figured I would post. Plus as a WoT player too, I could not pass up a good WoT battle.

    101 Front armor and being a Tier 6 in 4-6 fight helps. Though, the height of the M4(s) works against it on side shots (at least I find it easier to shot). Though, my favorite thing about M4(s) is they all had to play the M3 Lee first (which seem to atract my shells).

    Wow, 59 people in a 4 day old Clan. I know RC had a lot of WoT references in the comments, but I never would of thought that many people liked GuP and WoT. Though, I am just as guilty liking both too.

  2. DanF says:

    I remember submitted a comment here, but it is no longer present. I hope I did not offend or anything. If so, I am sorry!

  3. c2710 says:

    My 3601 loves shooting all of the Sherman types and anything that’s tier 6 and below…

    The KV series is one of its favourites

  4. c2710 says:

    Egale eye + Deadeye + Situational awareness + Enhanced gunlay + Rammer… I’m getting critical shots more often now and also more hits and penetration

  5. DanF says:

    I am playing both the 3601 and 3001P. Though, I sometimes think I got to them too fast. I am very competitive with Tier 5 and below tanks. However, in the 3601 and 3001P 75% of my battles tend to be with Tier 7 & 8 so I usually do little to nothing before I get killed. However, I too like the 3601 as my best Tier 6. I want the Tiger P eventually, so that is why I play the 3001P as well.

    Oh, saw your video in the Panther, really good match. I never thought of using/taking 6th sense. It definitely works out good when you are sniping. I usually take Recon or Eagle Eye for my Commander, so I might rethink my Commander skill in the future.

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