Falling Skies, Big Cats, Puppies, And Rose Petals

-thanks to mathwizi2005 for image-


We’ve got a lot to cover, so I’m being lazy and posting videos. And yes there will be spoilers. And yes the topics will fall in the same way as the title.


Now, starting off: Skyfall



Yes, I’m gonna join in and sing priases for it. It isn’t the best Bond, but that’s bias kicking in. (I honestly enjoyed Goldfinger as well as License To Kill, but they were very action-y.) This though, gave me a Bond villain who…was very, very, very believable. I give it a 9.5/10 mainly because Daniel Craig isn’t Sean Connery. But then I’m no flim critic. I like what I saw. Also looking forward to the new Schwarzenegger movie as well as the new Die Hard. Looking forward to those. I liked the Land Rover Defender (110 wheelbase?) featured in the film, and yes, spoiler alert, the Aston Martin DB5 reappears. Cue fanboy squee with me and my parents.


Now with that out of the way, I turn my attention to World of Tanks:


Finally got my moon rabbit skin, and my VERY FIRST battle with said skin, it was a win.


iPancakes/Schnaufer, I know you’re reading this. Do well in your studies or I’m calling people/relatives I know in the Philippines. Knee capping will happen. That or he’ll tutor you, depends if I pay him.


Yes they can find you.

Another thing that happened with World of Tanks is the fact I met up with Nicholas “The Chieftain” Moran, Wargaming NA’s resident tanker. A player meeting was held in the middle of downtown Arlington (Good the parking…or lack thereof), and while I didn’t take advantage of the fact that dinner was being expense-accounted by The Chieftain, the meeting was an awesome time to see what the company is doing, as well as meeting up with other tankers. Confirmed (for now) is that the Sherman Firefly will appear as a researchable British Tank Destroyer around the Tier 6 area, utilizing most likely the Sherman I Composite hull or the M4A1 hull. The American autoloaders will feature several lights, mediums, and heavies with the same oscillating design as the high-tiered French tanks with autoloaders, and we were shown what 90mm would do to the turrets that were built for testing (hint: wasn’t fun, 2/3 penetration from the front, penetration after gouging armor due to being deflected downward by roof-armor plate).


Next thing: Puppies



My friend’s dog is old. As in nearly 15 years old old. She got in a bad accident and the vet wanted to give the shot right there and then. They refused and they gave her meds to ease her suffering. Distraught, they bought two puppies of the same breed. Grandma is happy. All are happy. Except my other friend who has to clean up after em.




And finally, the thing that takes the fanboy cake: RWBY


Now, if y’all don’t know who Monty Oum is, even before his collaboration with Rooster Teeth. Shame, I had always been a fan of his fight scenes, and as so it happens, my two main roleplaying characters, Lorenzo Ruiz and Katerine A. Bayishcerwald (German people please don’t kill me, looking at you Peo01), often get paired in the numerous forum RPs and RPG settings. Makes sense, Lorenzo is boring but practical type who isn’t a bad shot with a rifle and a blade, but is better at supplying ammunition or piloting a dropship or maneuvering the intricacies of politics to get the party several platinum-grade Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free cards. Katerine is…well if Lorenzo needs stuff done. Therefore my boss/friend SuprZack showed me this.



Well let me just show you my reaction to first seeing it.

Terminal Lance #113 – “Battle:LA”
Terminal Lance by Maximillian Uriarte

I’ve been having a rather shitty week, and while the weekened with Skyfall, Panther II/Player Gathering, and Puppehs helped alleviate the general shittiness of the weekend, RWBY truly takes the cake in making me smile and be happy at the world. Dead Fantasy was a favorite ‘watch everynight’ kind of thign for me back in College, as was Haloid. So this. This…


Back to roleplaying, we had discussed before, my friends and I at least, that there would be two kids between Lorenzo x Katerine. A boy and a girl. Welp I’ve found the boy in the form of Thomas Lasky from Halo 4, and I’ve found the girl in the form of Ruby from Monty Oum/Rooster Teeth’s upcoming series (which I shall be categorizing as Anime due to art-style and will be following).


I am very, very, happy and content.


All is right in my world now.



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