Girls und Panzer: The First Battle Reaches It’s Climax!

Once more into the Tanks! And no I will not do a liveblog/watch-blog of Episode 5.5. If I wanted to do a recap, it’ll be at the end.

That said, spoilers ahead!

So Oarai has gained the attention of all present of it’s surprising first knockout of the Sherman. A feat many in the audience thought impossible due to the relative ‘newbie’ status Oarai has.

Everyone: WTF
St. Gloriana: ‘Expected it’

Well, as Saori comments, to win they need to kill the flag tank, and already Saunders/Sanders is up again on their radio interception trick. I wonder how long it’ll take for them to realize they’ve been had? (Note: I am live-blogging this, or rather, I pause, write a sentence or two, and take a screenshot.)

Considering the really sexy Ordinance QF 17pdr was the most effective Allied anti-tank gun in the war, damn right.
Oh hai there, being led into an ambush again I see?

Even had Saunders/Sanders not have the interception balloon, that’s not an overly bad tactic, I’m just wondering what the depression on those guns Ooarai has. I doubt they’d be able to do a hull-down attack. With this new information, Saunders goes and preps an ambush with the balance of their forces, while the radio-interception tank stays put. I’m starting to wonder if the SIGINT tank is the Firefly, because I don’t seem to see it, while Kay commands a regular 75mm Sherman (viewable I believe through the use of the standard turret rather than the enlarged one for use with the 76mm gun).

Ooarai, confident at least that the enemy has taken the bait, continues in their search for the Flag tank. Risky, especially since they are in essence, understrenght compared to Saunders, their flag tank travels with them or even searching as well. Might not be the case though, as the team takes up covering/flanking positions around the Pz 38(t).

Naw, really?!

Fooled once again, I’m probably wondering if Saunders had really caught on, but to tell you the truth, they probably did after this particular scene.


The battle becomes a mad dash to an ambush point. At this point the Volleyball Team surprises me and has moved up a notch in who I see as one of the more useful ones in Ooarai. We’ve seen the team become a very effective scout, and damn I wished I had this level of play in the game. The use of smoke flares, spiked by the Volleyball captain was amazing.

It was typical scout tactics really, something utilized many times in World of Tanks even if someone isn’t aware of it. There will always be some foolhardy guy who decides to chase a rabbit (or in this case, a duck) and be led into the line of sight of the enemy team. As for me, I’m a babysitter. My Easy 8 and Panther I had taken out so many ELC AMXes and T-50/T-50-2 that I’ve stopped counting.

Death by Rabbit, Hippo, and Turtle.


At this point, the 76mm Sherman/Flag Sherman narrowly avoids destruction because it stopped right before Hana could readjust her aim. Good, because a hit from the 7,5cm L24 may not stop it, but it would cause the crew inside to be shaken around, enough for the StuG III’s gun to take it out with a clean hit, alongside the 75mm and 37mm guns of the M3 Lee and some help from the Type 89 and Pz38 (t). The response to this turn of events by Saunders’ commander has me giver her more respect than I really have been giving.

It’s bad enough an underling cheats, but it’s your actions after that makes me praise you.

Respect +1

Another Respect +1


Also, uploaded: Chase Scene!!!

Although in the end, all that chasing only led Ooarai into a trap.

Slowly, slowly…

My name is Firefly. Sherman VC Firefly.
-is shot for lame Bond joke-
-also read in Sean Connery’s voice-

I am proud to say, as a former US Army ROTC cadet,
I started to sing as the march played in this scene.

Tank skinners (iamablocker in particular) take note. Badge placement on the eggshell and late-war hulls are different.

Even in such a sticky situation, the girls of Ooarai have shown the efforts of training by able to form a protective column around the Pz38 (t), with the most effective vehicles (StuG III and Pz IV) up front continuing to target the enemy 76mm Sherman, the Type 89, Pz38(t), and M3 Lee direct their firepower at the rear Sherman team. This would be interesting, as both teams are out in the open, and the Sherman’s greater top speed may be a deciding factor here.

And for that, Rabbit team, you have made up for your failings. Very proud of the Freshmen right now. Although that seemed short-lived, as the rear screens were effectively knocked out by the Sherman VC Firefly’s OQF 17pdr. Quite a sad sight really, Ooarai had truly come up only to get down in the dumps now.

At this point, I can honestly see why they would be down on the dumps. Early war tanks versus Shermans, let alone one Sherman VC Firefly, it would’ve been a losing proposition for me. But alas, Miho seems to have been in such a situation before. And can only spur her team into action.

Well, everyone did…except Momo.

In a sense of insight, Hana spies a ridgeline ahead, and Miho approves of the plan to attack, although right behind them, the Sherman VC Firefly chases. To avoid cluttering the post with screenshots, the climax of the battle:

Anyways, the end was very good, with the Saunders girls being good sports (and poor cheater is gonna get a talking to) and of course, the obligatory ‘you are a worthy adversary’ gift. Although I’d think Miho would appreciate something else…like Cola. In fact, Saori and Yukari would rather they not get more competition for Miho’s hand in marriage. -is killed-

As I expected though, the next person to receive the character development episode would be Mako, and finally we’ll understand her family relationship. Even though they’re quite high and mighty, Black Forest Peak does offer their services to fellow Panzerfahren/Senshadou/Tankwondo competitors, no matter how begrudgingly they do it.

What a bitch.

Overrulled asshole.


  • I want the BGM OST so badly. Lots of songs I remember, and I can’t help but sing along to when The Army Comes Marching Along.
  • Type 89 meeting the Flag Tank. EVERY FUCKING TIME I’M IN MY CRUSADER!!! DX
  • Respect for the Saunders commander went up this episode. While at first I thought she knew what was going on, she was merely an airhead while this was going on. Evening the odds somewhat (well, she deployed the friggin Sherman VC Firefly) made me like her a lot.
  • The Panzer IV is made out of plot armor and win. Drifting to avoid a 17pdr shell?! Fucking A.
  • The yuri undertones is evident, but not as ham-fisted as some anime. This is less fanservice but more tankservice.
  • Very surprised at the accuracy and detail. From the sights to the tracks bouncing up at the hit, etc. Goddamn, this is pure tankservice.
  • I am dreading the next few episodes. Granted, that looked like a tier I tank when Pravda was shown, and Japanese tanks (seen with Black Forest Peak) weren’t exactly the best. But still, the adrenaline is gonna ramp up with this series. 6 more episodes to go. Goddamn.

  • While Saunders/Sanders and St. Gloriana do resort to what I could call chivalrous tactics, I doubt Black Forest Peak or Pravda would show anything but brutality. Its evident in many sports. You got those who play to play, and those who play to win, God damn all else.
  • Chibis this week si Rabbit team! Usa!

And to help y’all who are skinning. Here is the gallery. I’m missing a screenshot or two.

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  1. c2710 says:

    Pravda and Black Forest… Against the Poles and Japs, 1 tank is MORE THAN ENOUGH

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