Girls und Panzer: Anzio is Next!

Spoilers inbound.

And so the episode starts off with our crew visiting Mako’s grandmother in the hospital. Bearing a beautiful floral arrangement, Hana, Miho, and Yukari arrive to hear Grandmother scolding and berating a worried Mako.

While being informed of Mako’s participation in and superb performance with panzerfahren/tankwondo, grandma seems hard to please. But it seems it’s all a front considering what she tells Miho once everyone is leaving.

In a montage with voice overs, we find out that Mako’s only relative is her grandmother, her parents long since killed, and wants the most to be with her. Maybe the reason her grandmother is tough, is the fact she wants Mako to grow up strong. Understandable, she can’t be there for Mako all the time, and Mako needs to eventually move on. Going home aboard their courier ship, I realize how much Yukari has to be my waifu for this season.

While Saori and Miho talk about how Mako and everyone else had problems, Saori did point out Mako was herself worried. Having come to Ooarai alone, with such a past, we are shown a scene with the Nishizumi household basically with the head of the family scolding Maho for her role in what most likely the reason why Black Forest Peak was second place the previous year. Now in Random Curiosity and in WoT NA, there are discussions going on, about PTSD status and whatnot, and once again I’ll link to the relevant RC topic and GuP thread later in overall impressions.

Regardless, her mom lays down the Nishizumi heritage of pushing ahead regardless of what happens. I guess a ‘soft’ Nishizumi like Miho was something she couldn’t handle, but effectively telling her she was a disgrace isn’t something that is best said especially with already the weight of being the weak link that cost a school and name to be tarnished is good for one’s morale and sense of being. I know. I was there before. Not same circumstances, but similar.

Flashbacks are a bitch aren’t they Miho? Kinda want to be the guy to hug her and tell her it’s alright or something. Speaking of guys…daddy gone? I wonder if Ma-Nishizumi divorced or men have a lower status in this world, or at least with the Nishizumi name.

While we are treated with more sleepy Mako (this time abusing Rule Enforcer freshman), it seems Ooarai Girl’s Academy recognized their team’s win. Maybe it’ll mean more funding?

As Miho ponders on the effectiveness of the Panzer IV (rather, I’d worry about her entire team) and Yukari asking to have lunch with her in the tank (read as you will, my understanding tripped yuri flags), everyone ruins the glorious moment and they all have lunch in the tank garage (which makes the tripping of yuri flags even worse, damnit brain). In all honesty, I should stop watching these things half tired with some alcohol in the system. That said, I loved Mako’s excuse and her reaction to Saori threatening to rat on her.

And it seems the Student Council team seems to by hyping up Tankwondo/Panzerfahren, and while Miho seems more reserved, understanding that it was a skin-of-your-teeth win versus Saunders, Yukari seems to think otherwise. It would seem the school would think so too. While it would harken back to the reason she has such a shitty history with her family, to the rest of her team, the victory, even by that close, was awesome. I can see it, I do know even if one person knows the victory was close, but the rest of the squad knows they won the wargames and start shooting celebratory shots into the woods with their paintball guns, it’s further incentive to try harder the next time.

And yeah that example harkened back to the days as an US Army ROTC Cadet in college. It’s the experience, the comradeship, that makes it fun. I think it’s something that was lost within the Nishizumi name. Evident when Kay explained her reasoning for her actions after Alisa’s sneaky tactics and BFP goes ‘how naive’ shows that the ‘fun’ in a martial art is lost. Basically tryhard vs casual.

Getting back, a flashback scene shows exactly why she chose to run from it all. In an environment where winning must be obtained regardless of the cost, a person like Miho who can fit the trope ‘father to his men’ would really be broken for her to fit this role. But Yukari and gang does show that she did the right thing in their eyes, and that Panzerfahren, like most sports, have different ways to be tackled. be it ultra competitive, or for fun.

Cut to the student council room, the trio wonder if their guts and motivation would be enough to overcome their next opponent, Anzio, which seems to honestly be a strong contender when their minds are put into it. Also, dat riding crop and pizza.

And so we are treated to a training montage. Can’t help but feel some sort of annoyance that, since Miho is the overall expert, people would flock to her for advice. Thankfully Team A pitches in their talens (well…I can’t exactly call what Saori offers to do as talent).

No…I honestly think that’s not uh…useful. So while Yukari handles mechanical questions, Mako does driving (because she’s a fucking boss), Hana with paperwork, Saori with relationship advice, and Miho handles the actual strategy with the Student Council team.

While Miho does state that the crews are motivated, the tanks are less than adequate, which leads to Hana pointing out that the records indicate that Ooarai has more tanks, leading to another tank search on the Academy warship, and the existence of why the Academy warships were built. Apparently they were built so that those aboard had a feeling of being cosmopolitan and independent. Makes some senses, especially if the ships take on the designs and characteristics of a host or theme nation. I mean we have Ooarai that seems like a generic flat-top, Saunders had lines going to the Nimitz or USS Enterprise (CVN-65), etc…

Back to the searches, it seems Mako inadvertently discovered a tank cannon (7,5cm KwK 40 L/43, as seen with the ball-shaped muzzle brake) being used as a laundry rod (although my family wouldn’t use such a rusted thing, it would defeat the purposes of laundering the clothes), while History team with Yukari finds the Renault Char B1 Bis. Which was used in battle by France and by which Heinz Guderian would write that it was a rather formidable tank. While the teams have assembled, Rabbit team seems to have gotten lost within the bowels of the vessel (understandable considering it’s size) and Team A goes to look for them.

With a little friendly ribbing, ghosts, Mako nearly having a heart attack, and Sergeant Oddball now being referred to as ‘Guderian’ by Caesar (seems like each member of the team takes on a soul name for each other), we find Saori keeping the Rabbit team from falling apart. One thing that struck me is that I thought Compasses won’w work inside/aboard a ship. Especially one with electrical wiring and whatnot. Wouldn’t that go haywire? Not entirely too sure, but eh, overlooking that for now. So indeed they find em.

As well as the tank pointed out by the two female crew.

A friggin Tiger. Now the next scene is the Panzerfahren crew relaxing in the hot springs, and I am not taking screenshots of em for obvious reasons, the next part was a massive (to me) cop out. While it shows throughout the episode the greater state of readiness Ooarai has been achieving, I would honestly love to have seen an episode detailing the battle with Anzio. Because Rabbit and Duck aren’t knocked out this time! I want to see some progress that isn’t implied!

Then again, the Italians, while not pushovers and fought with distinction against the Allies, kinda did fall apart in the end, and from what it looks like, the two Anzio tanks in the background seems to have been KO’d by their own shitty driving. No doubt Anchovy (the Anzio commander) represents the stalwart Italian fascist officer who continues to fight even when Italy surrenders. Still, feels like a cop-out but I understand that as a 12-episode series, can’t exactly leave time for an enemy team that shows less coordination than Ooarai in its battle against St. Gloriana.

Now onwards against the Soviets!

Overall Impressions:

  • My first is on Miho’s family. Her mother seems completely strict, and from my point of view, completely uncaring. Only wanting to win, something she no doubt impressed on her eldest daughter. It would seem she has yet to put this on Miho when the incident occurred, or that Miho has had some other source of inspiration or something that kept her being the one who cares more for her subordinates than an objective (posisbly a relative like her father, or someone in history). I can respect a person that would take it all to win, but even more if they can achieve that whilst being completely caring about the soldiers under their command. Possibly a reason why General Rommel is widely respected.
  • The second is on the team Miho inherited. Coming from a ‘win regardless of the cost’ line of thinking, to be thrust upon people who have never experienced such shame but rather, preferring the camaraderie that Panzerfahren/Tankwondo brings, is rather lightening. It reminds me of one of the reasons I enjoyed Army ROTC. The comradeship between cadets, many of whom would be commissioned officers upon graduation, scores more to have enjoyed the experience. We got together, talked military, drilled military, and took with us lessons that would do well in both the military and civilian life. It’s the group that Miho can do best with, and something she can work on in bringing Ooarai to the top, at least to meet her elder sister in battle.
  • Thirdly, the universe. I want to know how Panzerfahren was formed. When Hana and Yuzuko were going through the old Panzerfahren/Tankwondo paperwork, it would seem that it started in 1920, shattering my theory (in whole or in part) that this series is merely a ‘future history’ version. Panzerfahren came about in the 1920s? It was a time of prosperity for many places, particularly the US, but not Germany. Indeed it would probably give rise to WWII still since Rommel-chan’s soul name would be an in-universe version of Rommel, same with Yukari with Gudarian. The creation of the Academy Warships was a nice touch, and eggs us more into why the general premise is there.
  • Fourth, is Anzio. It seemed that they were made to be the joke school. I mean it’s commander is named Anchovy and their emblem is that of a Pizza? Nevermind that Italian tanks were no better than some models (they had good, comparable models mid-war iirc) but seriously. This should’ve been billed as a character episode, but then again, with the matchmaking in the universe and the production needs in the real world, it was gonna be a given. On the other hand, Pravda would be hard, and am excited for that.
  • Fifth, the 7,5cm KwK 40 L/43 was shown. It was teased earlier with the silhouette in the eye-catch, but actually sporting it. It brings a whole bunch of new challenges for the team. I’m also wondering if the Panzer IV will be redone according to the Ausf. F2 design or the Ausf. G prior to the mounting of the L/48. Regardless, Ooarai now has a tank that can safely engage the T-34s that Pravda has, and with the addition of the Renault Char B1 bis, maybe have another team. I would think it’s just the Ausf. F2 mainly due to lack of sideskirts, but we shall see.
  • Lastly, the Tiger. Who knows how it got there, no doubt it was Ooarai’s but still. Would Miho and her crew switch to the Tiger? Or will it be utilized by some other group? It would pack quite a punch for Ooarai, but I’m guessing it would be best used as the last resort. It might be added just prior to the beginning of the match against Maho and Black Forest Peak (speculation!) but who knows. It would make for an effective trump card, but for now, I am unsure if I can see Miho and Anglerfish in the Tiger. Just not yet.
  • Edit to Last Point: Have been informed in comments it’s a Tiger P.
  • Chibi of this week is actually Team A sporting Tournament uniforms, and the upgraded Panzer IV (Ausf. F2?).

  • Link to the GuP thread.
  • Link to Random Curiosity when it arrives.

Also, this was done by WoT member Peo01, all credit to him in this post.

Seriously Yukari was my favourite character to begin with, now that she dreamed of a Leopard’s 120mm L55 smoothbore… … speechless.

So we mostly knew about the 75mm comming, but a B1?? REALLY?!?! I mean… yeah it’s an upgrade to the Type 89… I guess… but with it’s 7 gears back and 1 forward it should
be hard to drive.  :Smile-tongue: (Note: I’m not being racist against french, and I love my B2 in WoT and Hotchkiss (with Stuka zu Fuss) in company of heroes)

Now for the ending, it’s a Tiger turret… but is it just me or does the hull look nothing like the Tiger (H)’s hull?
The tank also seems rather small seeing that Saori and the first years aren’t even standing, so they would be taller than the hull.

I’m also rather puzzled by the round hatch(?) on the right side of the hull.
It couldn’t be a Tiger (H) front, because the turret of a Tiger (H) is in the middle of the tank, there is no maintenance hatch on the side of a Tiger (H) either, atleast
I’ve never seen one.

There are two other tanks that used (would have used) the Tiger turret, these being the VK3001 (P) and Tiger (P), both of them have the turret at the front of the tank,
thus the round hatch could be the mg pod, and you just can’t see it clearly due to poor lighting.
But if it’s either one of those the slightly visible object to the right of the round hatch is weird, there were no such things on either vehicle.

My guess after all is that it might be only a turret and the hull is missing.
I could do with a Tiger (P), too, it’s a good tank, just never entered the field.

Sidenote about the turret:
It has both the old commanders cupola and the optic has two holes, making it easy to spot as a early production Tiger turret.
Note: In WoT the early turret is mounted on the Tiger (P) and the later turret on the Tiger (H), but that’s only WoT and we all know about wargaming’s
historical accuracy.

As for the really short combat against Anzio, …well I wouldn’t have minded them showing a bit more, especially after telling us that Anzio can be a fiercesome
enemy if they try.
*sigh* … now we all know that Italy did a … … good job fighting the british troops in africa, but honestly?
While I do know that a couple of their infantry units fought till they had no ammunitions left and even then refused to give up until they ran out of food and water,
their tanks… and their strategies… were mostly mediocre and I think the only things that kept the allies from overrunning africa were tons of luck and Rommel with his “unorthodox” strategies.

I think they wanted to show us that, Anzio tried hard, but lost due to bad strategy.
*looks at three Anzio tanks right next to each other below a hill and the Ooarai girls on top of the hill*
Plus look at that really good Sermovente tankdestroyer, I loved that thing in Codename: Panzers, it’s a really good tank (It was a good tank irl, too.),
but just like the Stug it’s better to use it for ambush or support tactics, having it up front is… not so clever.

On a final note, I remember my theory about why Miho quit Panzerfahren, now that we know I’d like to smack her, she saved her people’s lives, that’s a hundred times more
important than victory, geez she’s what people mostly name a hero.
Feeling bad about something like that. <.<

I can partially understand it though, after what she must have been through with a mother and sister like that,
even though neither of them didn’t seemed to be that bad.
Strict, and maybe somewhat cold (emotions, you gotta show them for others to know about them), but certainly not bad characters.

All in all a great episode, I haven’t even covered everything I tend to focus on the more specialised things, and hope that a certain someone is updating his blog soon.
I love reading other people’s opinions.

One last note: About the documents Hana looked through searching for info about the B1…
If those are tanks the school once had and that are missing and most likely somewhere on the carrier… … holy sh*t!
Again video quality get’s me to guess, but do my eyes deceive me or is that a king tiger on the 2nd sheet?
Plus the tank on the 3rd sheet seems rather large, too.
Sheet 1 and 4 seem to be the same, which is rather weird since it’s not logical for Hana to look at the 4th sheet even though the 1st is the same.
However it would be if the tank on sheet 1 was a Pzkpfw B2, which is a slightly different version of the B1, used by the germans after capturing a couple of those.

Gallery included:

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26 Responses to Girls und Panzer: Anzio is Next!

  1. c2710 says:

    An episode full of lulz…. Had to rewatch it a second time without all the pauses.

    The battle against Anzio was EXACTLY like what I anticipated. Though it makes you wonder how they won against the French.

    That aside…. Some notable moments –
    >Yukari dreaming about Leo 2
    > grandma’s triade
    > mommy Saori and her little ones
    > and the main highlight… finding that L43 gun and the Tiger!

    One thing about that Tiger… It could either be the Tiger I or the Tiger Prototype…

  2. Sonya says:

    It’s most definitely a Tiger P. Not only was it teased by the official site a while back, it also has features that the Tiger H doesn’t, such as the visible side hull pistol port/crew hatch. The tool placement racks on the side of the hull was also a feature of the Tiger P that the Tiger H doesn’t have.

  3. Historynerd says:

    Just to say, I’m Italian and I’m convinced that with just 12 episodes they couldn’t do everything, so it was predictable the battle against Anzio was not shown and they decided to made the characters somewhat deeper. And it was also predictable they would be sorry losers, because I know this is the image people has of the Italian WW2 tanks (and that L3 tankette shows that it’s partially true, I’m not being a nationalistic idiot). So I’m just satisfied at least there was a cameo of a P40, a Semovente 75 and a L3 (but they must have been idiots to take that into battle!).
    But it’s kinda irritating to hear people go yakking about the Italian tanks being no more than jokes and overlook all the evidence (even from the Allies) that there is about them being far more than that. Go on Wikipedia and start digging, you might be surprised to know that, with the serious limitations of numbers and insufficient technology, the Italians in North Africa did everything they could, and more than what could be expected out of them.
    Search on Wikipedia “Military history of Italy during WW2” and try showing that you’re not filled with historical prejudices. Then you can start talking.

    • I do apologize if I have unintentionally stereotyped the Italian soldier. I noted that they were capable on the field, and people do play up a lot of Rommel and the Afrika Korps without any regard to the fact that Italy managed to carve their own empire in North Africa before the British took notice.

      As for the shitty driving, I honestly see that primarily from the position the tankette is in. In my mind’s eye, I saw the driver of the tankette most likely panicking and driving up the slope at some speed to the point it tipped on it’s rear before being KO’d.

      My criticism is not on italy, but rather Anzio, the school which takes it’s theme from Italy, as well as my own shitty writing; not making the distinction between Italy of WWII and Anzio in the paragraph underneath the screenshot of the Anzio tanks.

      It is, in the end, my fault to not do much research in my method of blogging an episode, which tends to have what I normally thinking at that moment and pulling from what I know.

      • Historynerd says:

        Well, in this light, I acknowledge that this school really looks pathetic, and I wonder too what made Yuzuko say that they could be strong (just the presence of the tankette is enough to cast many doubts). Perhaps in the manga they will elaborate further. And you are right, they must not be good at driving.

        It’s just that I quite resent the stereotypical atmosphere I often breathe in many works, with very few going deeper than the normal associations (English = tea and gentlemans, Americans = bombastic and easygoing, and stuff), and I think some of it can still be seen in Girls und Panzer. It’s inevitable to a point, but I believe something should be done.


        This is written from the point of view of a Conservative (which I am, thus shattering the myth that a minority is forever indebted to the Democrat Party) but it highlights that stereotyping is not only found in Japan, but rather, all over the world, and while GuP plays it up and passes it off as the ‘theme’ per school, there are other shows, not just Anime, that completely makes it distasteful.

    • c2710 says:

      Well… In The Rommel Papers… He DID acknowledge that the Italian soldier had the courage and determination on par with his Afrikans.

      The only few things that “murdered” the Italians were their armour but more importantly, the politics in Rome

      But the incompetents in both Rome and Berlin murdered the African theatre

    • Peo01 says:

      Don’t worry I’m kinda racist against every human being, it’s not italy only.

      Now to be serious I really like some of italy’s tanks like the Semovente we both mentioned, but I honestly don’t think they could have hold off the allied advance in africa as long as they did without german reinforcements, but it’s the same from the other side of the medal.

      Germany couldn’t have done it without italy either.

      I think that manner of mine to use a lot of stereotypes comes from that I served in an army with people from all over the world, four of my best army doods are from italy, france, england and poland.
      We talked about how each others nation’s military is bad and how they all sucked in any war in history (mostly between 1700 to today) all the time.

      It’s more a common thing for me that everyone knows isn’t true.
      American’s are ignorant, fat, blabla
      German’s are strict, love beer and sausages, blabla
      Italians are cowards that love pasta and pizza (hetalia ftw lol), blabla
      Russians are drunk psychopaths that burn their own towns and kill their own people, blabla
      How long is belgium from east to west? One Panzer’s length…
      I think I got something for every country on this world… they are all stereotypical and completely wrong, and no one with a brain would ever assume they are.

      Stereotypes are supposed to be fun in my opinion, they are not to be taken as truth, nor to hurt anyones feelings.
      They are to make fun of each other in a comical and humorous way.

      So I’m sorry if I offended you in any way, I had no intentions of doing so.

      Finally, if it makes you feel better you can go ahead and fire away some stereotypes about germans, I think I know all of them already, but be my guest to try and surprise me. 😉

  4. Historynerd says:

    Of course. I was not referring to anything in particular, nor anything specific in Japanese culture. I can see it a lot in my own country. It’s a global phenomenon, and not specific.

    However, returning to the topic, I was thinking that, if we don’t consider the tank they found inside the ship, they could still be considered an underdog in the tournament. Their disparate lineup, while it could give them an edge (in the sense that their enemies face different tanks with different sets of properties), is still somewhat lacking in firepower and endurance; and I’d bet the surprise discovery (I also think it should be a Tiger P) will be a major pain to be returned to running condition, since most German heavy tanks (even those that went into mass-production, and the Tiger Porsche was only a troublesome prototype) were extremely complex and not quite reliable mechanically.
    Given that in the next match they’ll face a Soviet-themed team, their likely opponents should be T-34s and/or KV-1s; some nifty trick is bound to be used by Miho, if they are going to end up (no doubts in regard) as the victors.

  5. DanF says:

    I actually am more interested in an Italian line in WoT and even a Japanese line more so than the upcoming Chinese line. Though for business reasons I can see why they are doing the Chinese first. I loved my Italian campaigns in WinSPWW2.

    As stated above Italy’s weaknesses were lack of an adequate military industrial-complex to support their military, and the purging of her experienced top officers due to lack of loyalty to Mussolini. The quality of the troops was on par and sometimes better than her peers. She just could not equip or lead them.

    Tiper P, my dream tank in WoT, so I am super excited to see that.

    There is a 3-girl group shown in the opening that does not have a tank. Is it known if they are going to add another tank crew?

    • Historynerd says:

      Given that they found two more tanks they ought to find at least one more crew, because I don’t think they will mothball the Panzer 38(t) and the Type 89 yet. And in fact I believe the girls in the intro (one of which is the girl at the gate who scolds Mako when she arrives late 🙂 ) might form the new crew.
      Besides, I also believe that the writers will make the Tiger P ready only for the final showdown between Miho and Maho, to give them rough parity; a true “battle of tigers”. Thus they would have to defeat the Russian tanks without its 88 mm gun, just to show how great Miho is.

      • That’s actually a rather good observation. And yeah, a battle of the Tigers would be good.

      • Peo01 says:

        Well Prava used the IS against the poor polish (?) school already so I doubt they’ll settle for anything less against Ooarai, then again they might use a different tactic this time, but until now they only tanks I saw them use were the IS and T-34-85s.

        It might get interesting with the new team (which most likely will be the girls we see in the opening plus sodoko (?)), but they would either need troughout training or have to be experienced already to reliably take action in the tournament, cause right now the joyfull happy time seems to be over with only strong enemies ahead.

        On the Tiger (P):
        I, too, think it’ll be ready later on, but here’s something I thought about.
        Maybe in the battle against Pravda one of the tanks is damaged very badly and has to go through a long repair and won’t be ready for the finals (Assuming Ooarai will get there) so that tank’s crew can only use the Tiger (P).

        The reason for the plot going this way is easy, the Tiger (P) will become their command vehicle, there is no logic behind not giving the best tank to the most experienced tank commander, not to mention that while all crews have a good amount of experience for tanking, only Miho has knowledge about driving an heavy tank like the Tiger (P).

        Logic dictates (Yeah, I’m also a Star Trek fan :P) that A team should take the Tiger (P), but the Pz IV has been their tank ever since the beginning of the show, and they seem kinda attached to it, seeing as it’s Mako’s new favourite skipping spot and everyone wanted to eat lunch there.

        I can’t see them changing tanks just because they want to win, while it would be logic it would also go against their thinking pattern of being in the tournament to have fun, and having strong feelings towards their tank, that got them to the point at which they are right now.

        That’s why I assume the Pz IV will be knocked out for a too long time after the next battle and the Tiger (P) (maybe in a really bad shape) will become A teams new tank.
        Oh I can see a cool episode featuring them repairing the tank and training just a day before the final.

        Going to play a few rounds in my modified Tiger (P) in WoT now.

        PS: I’m also looking forward to japanese and EU tech trees.
        There’s been a developer saying that italy might get it’s own tech tree cause they find new tanks for italy every now and then and got a good number, but that’s all in the starfilled horizont for now. (Italy was supposed to be in the EU tree before)

  6. DanF says:

    I would think Italy could have a tech tree as filled out as the current British tree. Especially, considering would have a real TD line. Also, her main weakness was her lack of industry but that means nothing in the game cause even “concept” &/or blueprint tanks are fair game.

    The only reason I could see putting Italy in the EU line is cause there really is not enough “EU” tanks. This means it would really be the Italian and EU line.

  7. Maj says:

    Given the flashbacks, my take on the past is a bit different.

    As an aside, it’s curious that Miho was in the flag tank. Putting her in that takes her off the front lines.

    Anyway, Miho quit Senshado because she endangered the lives of the her lead tank crew. Maybe she ordered them to take that slippery path in the rain, or maybe she developed the strategy that put them in harm’s way… Maybe the tank commander even complained about it but was overruled. Whatever the case, her ‘guilt’ forces her to quit.

    So what we saw was her Mom admonishing her for not getting over that fact, and subsequently quitting. It was not that they lost.

    That seems to fit better with what Mom says.

    Frankly they were probably going to lose anyway. The T34s were already barring their way.

  8. Historynerd says:

    It was undoubtedly precious the explanation of what exactly happened to Miho that caused a rift with her family and made her struggle with returning to Panzers again. I also liked the divergence that is shown between her beliefs (that they should have some fun and that victory is not everything) and the principles of her family’s school (which is the classic attitude ‘winning is everything’ blah blah blah). I think it was the best choice to fit into such a series, it clicks in very well.

    I do hope that in the manga adaptation we see some more action against Anzio, and some explanation about the fact that, despite their reputation and their drive, they took a tankette in battle (didn’t they even have a L6 light tank to use instead?!), and how with such a formation they defeated the French-themed Academy.
    Besides that, I was thinking that the battle of Anzio has nothing to do with Italian tanks or military; the only Italian units to fight in that battle were one parachute and one marine batallions of the Italian Social Republic, but that’s it. Given that, this choice of name is quite weak in my opinion, but it was probably chosen to give a simple, easily understandable name (all those who might come to my mind are quite complicated), so I guess I can understand it.

  9. BeauFighter says:

    Dear Mr. Historynerd, I’m apologize about our national stereotypes deeply, but this animation only still is domestic on-air program. So, Please do not resent about incorrectness, most of us had limited source and limited common knowledge of foreign country. Anyway, this Girls & Panzer is a light comedy program. Comedies and Jokes uses national stereotypes in many ways, that’s not especially in Japan, isn’t it? Mind me, So, no more negative waves, always look on the bright side. Cheer up!
    If every country’s person made claim about every other country’s misunderstands, that’s only make hate and war.
    Of course, we(Japanese) didn’t eat every single fish in raw, samurai was only few percentage of nation in past, every person had No beaver-like teeth and wear glasses, Kyoto is not Tokyo, and Transformers is not Japanese robot animation, and so on! Especially, most occasion, we’re confused about other countrie’s mixed up image of Japan, China, Korea, Mongolia. Tekondo had no relation to our Karate or Judo or any “Do” in Japan, that is only look-a-like sports which build up after the period after Korean-war. So, please do not call “Sensha-do” as “Tankondo”. Any questions? That’s not especially in Italy, all of us had many national stereotypes, but never minds!

    By the way, I should tell about our national favor, about “Hougan-Biiki(判官贔屓)”. Many other nation misunderstands about our mentallity, especially when read(watch) Japanese stories. In historic background, our nation was always supressed by ruler, burocrats, and still now on. It’s kind of hopeless, untold dark side of our country……… So, too sad to say, most of us escape in the fictional world rather than Rebel. ie, many entertainment contains basis like “weak-handicapped beats total strongness by technic, courage and some miracle”. Most of the time, many Japanese likes David more than Goliath. If you can not understand these, you guided to the wrong point of view. Girls & Panzer for example, many foreign forum’s anime lovers(especially Tank gamers) talking about “they should have squad of all stronger formidable tank” in many occasion. But that’s not what Girls&Panzer for. I know this sounds silly, but true. A little mice beats Behemoth, that’s our favorite situations. That’s why Ooarai Girls will get additional tank, but maybe each of these had some difficulties (like Porsche Tiger, mechanics’ nightmare, or Char B1bis, inpenetratable but too slow and weak firepower, or 89-Shiki medium (of course, too light for world standards) tank), not Mighty Heavy Tank from near-end era of WWII. Please forgive us, but we’re only Japanese.

    “Hougan” = “Minamoto no Kurou Hougan Yoshitsune(源九郎判官義経)”

    • Historynerd says:

      I understand. Well, since we Italians don’t always eat spaghetti or pizza, not all of us are members of the Mafia, not all of us are ladies’ men, excuse me if I gave you that image.
      However, I can’t help but admit that, since this series shows remarkable and very interesting historical accuracy, especially in technical details, perhaps unconsciously I felt somewhat dismayed at the portrayal of some characters. And when I saw how Italians were portrayed… well, it would be fair to say that it hit a nerve too close to home. As a history student, I strive to dispel some history myths that entered public consciousness (impartially, mind you, as the myth of Italians being better than Germans during the war, while actually we had our fair share of atrocities), but sadly I must admit the one that I resent the most is the one concerning the average Italian soldier being either incompetent or an outright coward, one that only recently a more serious historiography is discrediting.
      That said, however, I freely admit my mistake in being so harsh about this small fact, which I might add did nothing to detach me from the series, yet I have to say that this is how we Italians behave normally : we either don’t care about our nation and our past, or we defend it, often going to very irrational points.

  10. BeauFighter says:

    Thank you for comment back, Historynerd. In many points, both of our two nations had lot of similarity, got misunderstanding caused by national stereotype and wartime propaganda still, I think. But thank for that, think in the reverse point of view, it’s a proof for so many people had interest about our country and watching us, talking in topic, instead of ignorance or hating. It makes me delight.

    Well, of course, in WWII, We both loo…….*ahem*never mind.

    Do you know about “Italian army’s law of Inequality”? This is one of another stereotype and standard military joke, If Italian military unit gets size increase is get weaker, smaller is gets stronger and braver. There’s fearsome attack from torpedo boats, but fleet includes Battleship Rome make turns by single hit then receive more damage from rear in chased run, single fighter was more aggressive than whole formation of air-fleet, Small squad defend points like solid stone while division got broke down and on the run, as describe in many records and books. But I think this anecdote contains some fact of truth.

    According to the Psychological investigation and diagnostics during WWII by Allies, Italian soldiers was more royal to the themselves and personal relationship rather than organization something like military, Country or Government, and they also rely on personal decision more than order from above, act individually. I think this is not a weak point, neither nor cowardice. They fight for personal, but they made judge by each of themselves in many life-and -death situations, then, when life was threatened, they think and make decision in mill-second and decide to surrender / run OR fight back as Brave Fierce Animal instead of obeying order. That was to be nightmare of military organization, menace for discipline and order, cause total collapse of planning, but Excellent ability of survival as individual human being. They are not a good soldier however, but still was Excellent FIGHTER, I think.

    I hope Italians should be make fight in “game and sports” at peace, not in the environment of killing like total WAR. That makes them keep in strong, brave, and admirable talented human.

  11. Historynerd says:

    It’s been some time since I last posted here.
    Re-reading my comments, I marvel at your patience when dealing with me.
    Anyway, I’d like to apologize for my harsh words. While my feelings are what they are, they should not be excuses for me to lash out like that.

    It would be dishonest to not acknowledge that one of the reasons I can behave more appropriately now is that, for a while, it has been known that, together with a movie, an additional OVA depicting the battle against Anzio will be aired. And, long before that, the manga depicted the battle as an actual fight, with the Italian tanks being able to perform at their best (which wasn’t great, I can admit it) and being capable of knocking out some Ooarai tanks. That was more than enough for me to calm down and start act like a rational being again.

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