Girls und Panzer: Against Pravda!


And so we begin. Spoilers ahead!

In this episode of Top Gea-Girls und Panzer. Our girls fight in the snow. The Soviets do soviet things, and Pravda’s school is on a fucking carrier modeled after the Project 1143 class/Kiev-class heavy aircraft carrying cruiser.


It would seem St. Gloriana was knocked out, as the shorter, blonder Soviet would imply. Of course that does nothing to  frazzle her Elegancy, who asks why Pravda wasn’t exactly practicing. The shorty, Katyusha, explains it would be a waste of fuel and is confident that they could beat a no-name school. Once again highlighting that Panzerfahren/Tankwondo was described by Mako (and in /a/’s words) a massive circlejerk where the winners are decided and any aspect of ‘change’ is prohibited.


As an aside, wordpress seems to have made uploading and organizing images better. I am quite liking this.

Edit: I lied, fuckall this shit is confusing.

Regardless, Commander Darjeeling may be aboard the Pravda school’s carrier because, having seen first hand how Ooarai fights, would be along to watch, much like with Ooarai vs. Saunders. Maybe we’ll get more Cucumber jokes eh? Now, in regards to the comment about Miho inheriting the Nishizumi school, is there something to that, or is she talking as a sort of promoter? I know in Random Curiousity, World of Tanks, etc, much discussion came about in the status of Miho’s family, and it would seem odd that smeone who was, by all regards, abandoned or at least ignored by the family, would be set to inherit the school, when someone much more ‘qualified'(i.e. Maho) would be better suited as the next generation’s representative.


Katyusha displays some rather, well I wouldn’t call it typical Soviet line of thinking. Stalin did ignore the advice of some of his generals on Hitler’s would-be treachery, and sure enough, Katyusha was seem to have been breifed on the presence of a Nishizumi on Ooarai many times by Nonna, but when informed it was the younger sister, she seemed to have calmed down. Darjeeling’s role though, well, she seems to be playing courtly lady politics, not unlike the romanticized protrayal of British Officers and Gentlemen in their heady Victorian colonial days.

Switching gears a bit, we finally see the members of the school’s mechanical team, working on the Renault B1 bis earlier. Now, since no timestamps are given in the episode (so far), I would assume the B1 bis took quite awhile to restore to combat condition. The Panzer IV was upgraded to the Ausf. F2 (aha! I was right!…I think). The addition of the Public Morals Committee (Goose team) does bring Ooarai to a strength of 6 tanks, but still ain’t gonna be enough.


The shoe is on the other foot now, eh Sodoko? Still, I’m liking the back and forth between her and Mako. Regardless, Momo explains that they have to win regardless, and while Rabbit seems to have gotten the idea that Panzerfahren/Tankwondo was an activity that they could have, Momo-chan seems to have hidden something up her sleeve. Frankly this subplot is turning out to be interesting. There are all sorts of whys and whodunzits on why ooarai suddenly, with the arrival of a Nishizumi on-board, would compete, even forcing a girl going through some harrowing PTSD to join.


What exactly are you hiding, Turtle team? Maybe we’ll find out soon enough?The team has certainly been dodgy, and with the battle after Saunders and Anzio, we can expect the girls to be very much into Panzerfahren. But still.


And in the end, they couldn’t tell her. Rather, they treat her to dinner, but the words are rather stuck in their mouths. It seems Alisa’s rant on the school being disbanded seem true.It is a rather dreadful feeling, and while it could’ve been delivered better, I still like it mainly because it was hinted throughout the show, this particular subplot, and in a 12-episode series, the timing was just right.


Made worse too when the view is cut to the Nishizumi household. I do wish I haven’t thought ill of Maho. She is, afterall, Miho’s older sister. As much as sisters fight, in my experience, they often are the closest to each other, especially when your mom or parents seem to be casting lots and what have you. I honestly do believe the problem lies not with Maho, but rather, their mother, who is frankly, reminding me of a General Slaughter type of leader rather than Miho’s Richard Winters. I assume too that Maho is a mixture between momma’s ‘fuck all, we have to win’ style and younger sister’s ‘care for your men’. Maybe that’s where she got it from? We shall see.


And as the teams prepare for cold weather combat (wtf Saori), Sodoko seems to be on edge. She is part of the Public Morals committee, but one can’t help but wonder in all honesty why should they listen to the newest team leader when their methods have worked so far?


Surprisingly, it seems Hana’s mother is going to watch (although unsure if through her own choice or persuaded by Shinzaburo). As Miho prepares for the upcoming match (15 vs 6?! KV-2 and IS-2?!) we see her room is festooned with teddy bears…all bandaged. I honestly would like to know if there is a bit of PTSD symbolism there. I’m not a psychologist, I wonder if someone can do that bit of research for me. Regardless, it seems Pravda are experts in encirclement, luring teams in and surrounding them, thus setting the match. Also, every naval engineer is crying right around now. Pravda’s school is friggin huge.


Miniskirts aside, why not bundle up? I mean the tanks are outfitted for cold weather running, but still, can’t you at least wear SOMETHING to keep warm, eh Hana, Saori? Although Hana seems to be holding her complaints in a rather, dignified and courtly manner. More Sodoko and Mako back and forth, and am liking Rabbit and Hippo just playing in the snow.


Now that’s something I didn’t expect. Katyusha riding on a BM-13 Katyusha. Of course without the rockets on the rails, but that does shed some odd foreboding. I hope that we do not see rockets utilized here, because Stalin’s Organs used on ooarai would be, well, annoying. Maybe they will use it, and Pravda ‘wins’ but was then told off by Sodoko or some other Judge that the use of rockets weren’t fair and in the rules and Pravda is DQ’d. Who knows. When Katyusha and Nonna were introduced, the Nutcraker starts playing.


Very nice choice of Tchaikovsky, very nice. I was worried we’d hear mostly Red Army marches but then again, The British Grenadiers is more or less a very UK thing, Saunders, while featuring two marches, did have a 1950’s track in the episode, and makes sense that Pravda, while of Soviet origin, would also hearken back to it’s more, Tsarist roots since The Nutcracker is known internationally and is very much a ‘Russian’ thing. It also sets the mood, and I can’t help but feel foreboding, hell I felt it this entire episode, especially with Katyusha being all haughty. And I’m barely at the 11 minute mark!


Little Napoleon. Psht. XD That said Katyusha seems to be the bait. The one to rile up the enmy,a nd when they foolhardedly chase, Nonna kills. I hope Miho sees through it. I honestly do. Of course, Momo doesn’t like it and funny. I wonder if Nonna is the true brains of the outfit.

Most likely is.


And again, we see St. Gloriana. Since the UK was one of the participants of Lend-Leese to the Soviets, it would seem…fitting they would be here to see them work. Also, I need an ID check on the armored car. After check, it does look like the Armoured Carrier Wheeled India Pattern, but not too sure.


Now, this is rather unsettling. While Miho wants a slow, measured approach, Ooarai, buoyed by two victories, intend to go for an all out strike. Miho needs to get a hold of her team, and explain that it isn’t the best choice of action, but it would seem that, Ooarai has gotten cocky without remembering their roots.


Also, my inner military otaku was practically going crazy. Nonna > Katyusha. No doubt. Made better when she started to sing Katyusha.

I like her already. >_>;;

Regardless, the crew are spotted by Pravda’s scouts. While Mako shows Goose team how to handle a tank. And Hana clears up a roadblock. Shinzeburo tries to get her mother to like it, but frankly, she has yet to see her daughter in action. Maybe she would be changing her mind, maybe not. And I have 30 minutes to finish this.


Although it seems Rommel-chan isn’t the only one to maybe be rethinking their decision to fight head on. Regardless, upon encountering the enemy, we see these rather nice shots.


But one can’t help but wonder if those were the bait they were talking about.

And even so, when they went for the pursuit. Quite a few people were thinking it was too easy. No doubt Miho, Maho, their mom, and Darjeeling can see the encirclement, but Miho is, like what people in WoT are thinking, that lone voice who advocate for some tactics in pubs.

I wonder how this cliffhanger will come about.


Also, am also thinking of a secondary ship between Miho and Darjeeling. -cough-

Now, emboldened, they are trapped.











And we see what exactly is going on.

Overall Impressions:

  • To be Added, I’m running late for work, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves.
  • Chibi this week is of the Public Morals Committee/Goose Team


  • Also, who else got feelings of the situation they’re in to that of the Siege of Bastogne? Momo’s response to the surrender demands mirrors that of General McAuliffe’s. But then again, we also got a sense of desperation with the Siege of Stalingrad, with Miho being set up not only as General McAuliffe (who though will be Creighton Abrams?) but Paulus as well.
  • Alright, my impressions. First off, the musical cues are bloody amazing. Tchaikovski, a well known Russian composer, was used along with his most world-recognized The Nutcracker, and undoubtedly the most well known Russian war song, ‘Katyusha’. Oh I just love replaying that part. The last series that EFFECTIVELY used musical cues utilizing classical or non-Anime specific music was Legend of the Galactic Heroes. At least in my opinion.
  • Pravda. They are the first ‘true’ opponent in my eyes. Russia was a very harsh fighter, and utilized mother nature and sacrificial units to great effect. Human wave attacks? Think that’s all done by IJA soldiers against entrenched US Army/Marine positions? Naw, those Soviet conscripts did em too against German MG nests. You can see that with the bait tactic, sacrificing two T-34s for that.
  • My first thought about Pravda’s battle strategy was ‘we have the numbers’. So far with the T-34-76 being utilized as bait, keeping the T-34-85 at the rear is smart, why let the tanks with heavier firepower out to be sacrificed? Granted the only ones to truly pose a threat to them would’ve been the StuG III and the Panzer IV Ausf F. Still, the IS/JS-2 coming out of a tank bunker was, well, the biggest sign they damn fucked up.
  • I can’t help but feel sorry for Maho. It shows she still cares for her younger sister, but no offense, their mom is a plain bitch. There, I said it. I can see WHY she would want to disown Miho, but it’s still a damn shitty reason. No doubt when Ooarai scrapes off a win from Pravda, we will see who will break first. Ooarai as a team to BFP’s guns. Or Maho, who might not be the ice queen that’s been portrayed the entire time.
  • Back to the battle, as Moomba pointed out, the dual nature of Pravda’s commanders is complimentary. Katyusha embodies the iron will and bear-like curiosity of the Russian people, while Nonni is Russia herself. The great motherland that froze Paulus’ men and machines into submission before the Zhukov did. Silent, uncaring, and taking care of her own (sometimes). Brings shivers up my spine on how great GuP has gotten the mannerisms and stereotypes of each nation the schools represent. Now, I don’t advocate stereotyping, but admit it. Each nation has a ‘view’ of another, and GuP plays that ‘view’ in a manner and portrayal that I consider quite respectful.
  • Ooarai. Well we’ve gotten several hints, but now that the secret out, will we see our girls fall into a spiral despair, or shall something happen to get their fighting spirit back up? The school about to be disbanded, I wonder what happens to the ship. I wonder too what the actual town will say to being disbanded, but it’ll most likely be elaborated further.
  • No doubt there is speculation on the Tiger (P) coming in as a deus ex machina, which I still HOPE for that the three featured in the OP that have yet to appear are from the Panzer IV that Miho rescued. Call it a fantasy, but I want that to happen. It will be a wonder how they’ll do it. I imagine that they might go for a breakout and scatter with the Panzer IV on flag defense, StuG III  with the B1 bis and M3 Lee as diversion. Pz 38(t) as the other flank for the Type 89. The B1 bis still has it’s howitzer intact, so they can blast out. Careful observation of enemy movements to find the weak spots, and break out either there, or even more ballsy, towards their Flag or the JS-2 and KV-2. An inviting target as we’ve seen with Pravda is just a new encirclement. Miho’ll earn her place as Field Marshall Rommel’s protege’ if she does this. If not, a descendant of Paulus.
  • Goddamn cliffhangers!

Peo01’s Comments:

A certain someone said something about the KV-2, right?
I think they need the Tiger (P)… NOW!

This episode was again truly great, lots of story a good amount of combat, and a good laugh every now and then, seriously I almost went through
the monitor with my head screaming like admiral ackbar: “IT’A A TRAP!!!”

Anyway, right at the start it’s explained that the automobile club changed the Pz IV’s exterior to the Ausf. F, so we got that covered now.

Now let’s jump to the scene with Maho and her mother.
Wow, you can really see that Maho is troubled by her cold mother’s decision to disinherit Miho.
I didn’t really think that their mother would be that cold, but apparently she is, well atleast Maho seems to miss her sister and wishes for her being well.
That atleast was obvious for me after she lend the helicopter, or atleast I bid my bet on it after that scene.

Now for our sovie… russian pravda school… everything seems to be built around their leader, from the vehicle she casually drives in (Katyuscha) to the song they sing going to combat (Katyuscha).
She has a little complex about being a loli though.  :Smile_veryhappy:
Anyway the scene with the girls singing “Katyuscha” while driving into combat? What’s the right word? cool… epic… awesome… ah never mind it is something along those
In all honesty I would have prefered either “Our fast tanks” or the “Russian tankist march”, but since they are focused on Katyuscha-chan it made more sense.

Now for the combat:
Right from the start when Miho was overruled by the others and gave in to their “Let’s charge them cause we can” speech I just knew it would fail.
The episode told us that Pravda loves luring their enemies into vicious traps, so it really was obivous, it would have surprised me if they wouldn’t have done that.
Pravda has both T-34-76s and T-34-85s in their ranks along with one KV-2 and IS-2, but there’s something I hope one of you can answer me, cause I’m quite puzzled by this.
In all the WWII games I’ve played, both table top and pc, and in all pictures I’ve seen of the IS, the 85mm never had a muzzlebreak.
Can anyone provide me with intel/pictures of one, cause I’ve really never seen one.  :Smile_amazed:
As Pravda drives towards combat, it’s actually shown that both Nonna and Katyuscha drive in T-34-85s instead of their heavy tanks.
An interesting decision given that Maho drives on the Tiger and Miho did so, too.
Then again T-34-85s are excellent tanks capable of fighting against others without problems.
Now… again… for the singing… the singing Nonna is quite attractive, in other terms as Yukari, but still attractive.

Afterwards Erwin predicts what will happen later, Stalingrad.
In the last few minutes we learn a little bit about Pravda’s firepower.
T-34-76s have a hard time penetrating a Pz IV’s front unless they hit the right spot, while earlier Pz IV were on the same terms as the 76s later versions
could easily fight 85s which originally the Panther was built against.
Only three hits actually damage Ooarai tanks, but only the M3 Lee and Pz IV take grave wounds.
Now it is to show what they can do to repair the Pz IV, how much damage was done, can the jamming be fixed?
The Stug should be easily repaired, if the track can be recovered, but the M3’s gun is gone for good.

If they could bring in the Tiger, it could change the outcome, but how would they do this in an running match?
With 2 tanks currently out of order, and one detracked their chances of winning are unbelievable low even if they could break through the Pravda lines.

My theory is as follows:
After or close before the 3 hour deadline something will happen that ends the match before it’s conclusion.
A rematch will be held in a few days, and until then it’s character developement.
Miho being disinherited, really shocked about that, being cheered on by her friends, etc.
For the rematch Ooarai will bring their Tiger (P) to everyones astonishment.
And the story goes on from there.

The thing is, I just can’t see Ooarai winning this battle, if atleast one of the heavy tanks was destroyed, I’d say it might be possible but with that many tanks, surrounded and with no cover other then the church
they’ve taken refuge in, it’s impossible.
Breaking out of a siege ring without help from outside forces is nearly impossible and almost all strategies go with massive losses.
Maybe they can cut it down to a draw and have a rematch that way, but it’s all pretty rough and still sounds hard to accomplish.
I also don’t think that Pravda will let their guard down far enough to let anyone slip past, even though it’s a 3 hours waiting time.

Well only time can tell.

God… I hope the Katyuscha song will be available as a full song with the ost!
Now… I need those Pravda skins for my russian tanks… I need them as soon as possible.
I can already see me driving my T-34 into combat singing Katyuscha!  :Smile-izmena:

Sidenote: This is no spoiler so… who else recognized the hood Katyuscha was wearing? –> :Smile_Default: <–

Anyways, y’all have fun, I have around 7 hours worth of in-classroom training for my new job.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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8 Responses to Girls und Panzer: Against Pravda!

  1. Peo01 says:

    Can anyone confirm where Nonna’s name comes from?
    I’d guess it comes from the famous actor “Nonna Mordyukova”, but I’m not 100% sure.
    Seems legit if you read yourself through pages of internet websites, she seems to be quite the important person as an actress that is.

    Quote from wordpress:
    “Ms Mordyukova acted in more than 60 films, normally playing ordinary Russian women, beautiful and strong-willed.”

    “The actress starred in more than 60 films, acting parts of ordinary, but strong-willed Russian women.”

    Which I think describes Nonna’s (GuP Nonna that is) character quite good, your typical stereotype strong-willed russian women, but maybe that’s just because I think she’s a beauty. 😀

  2. c2710 says:

    Right from the start I’ve been screaming at the monitor screen. Oorai at the start of the battle practically SCREAMS AXIS VICTORY DISEASE and the dialogue and actions in Russ- I mean Pravda literally screams 6th Army or any of the army groups in Babarosa.

    Right at the start of the battle itself, from the skirmish to “Bastonge” literally reflects Russian tactics. And yes… Miho’s the level headed one but alas, she got overruled by the zealous tank crew.

    Anyway Jusuchin… Your comment about them being trapped in the town akin to Bastonge is practically true. Commie needs to come out with 8v2 to fix the “What a nut job” translation. It’ll be interesting to see how they make a break through. To have the Tiger Porsche come to their rescue would be a panzer ex machina.

    Watched this with my sister and she says Oorai would win. But I beg to differ. Even if they’d win, it’ll be a hard fight against the hordes of Ivans and loosing many in the process.

    Oh one more thing… The OST in this episode is phenomenal! A break from the respective country’s marching songs but nonetheless fits perfectly! Can’
    t get Katyusha out of my head!

  3. BeauFighter says:

    >In this episode of Top Gea-
    Beating Pravda, How hard can it be?
    Anyway, the news!

    >teddy bears…all bandaged
    According to the info from Director’s tweet, that somewhat teddy-bear-like dolls is popular character merchandise in G&P world. Name is “Bokorare-Guma series” . You also seen him in past episode many time, like some shop-advertise on Ooarai town. He had backgrounds, He likes fight and had a loose temper, but weak. He gets bashed up all the time, so you can see why he wears bandage so many different place. No PTSD, thats make me relief.

    >After check, it does look like the Armoured Carrier Wheeled India Pattern

    Brilliant! I’m happy to see those rare-mechanics!

  4. Historynerd says:

    This episode was quite brilliant, in fact I might even think it one of the best so far, if not the very best. Coupling character development and action in a brilliant manner makes it just the more palatable to us.
    Well, what to say, if everything had already been said before me? Perhaps that we should have seen it coming, that our girls would get kind of arrogant with their string of victories and would walk into a trap? After all, those are the semi-finals, and even if the Pravda team seems on a different level than Saunders or (obviously) Anzio, to made it so far would embolden anyone. That said, at least originally going for the killing blow might have been a reasonable tactic, if they had coupled audacity with some patience, as Miho seemed to be inclined to do; of course, when the bait rolled back and everyone went after them, any coordination fell apart and they became just targets, and it’s quite unaccountable that only Rabbit and Hippo team receive serious damage.
    And exactly about that, I formed the belief that, when the Pravda tanks encircled them (and I quite agree with the belief it was Nonna’s doing), part of the reason they didn’t knock out the Ooarai tanks immediately was because Katyusha perhaps would not be satisfied with a mere victory, she wants a triumph. And what better triumph than having an enemy surrender and kneel before you? This overconfidence about having them cornered and wanting to savor her victory would be in line with the character we’ve seen so far, I think.
    About what will come next, I think the double danger (being surrounded, and the school being closed down if they lose) will undoubtedly make Miho come up with some tactic I am unable to form (tactics is not my best skill), and make them win even if they have one tank immobilized and one with the main gun barrel blown off (or at least it seemed to me, with the M3), and even if they are in any respect inferior to the enemy (in number as well as in firepower).
    I shall surely wait for the next episode quite anxiously.

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