Girls und Panzer: Driven into a Corner!


And so, the end of a cliffhanger! Spoilers abound!

Although in an effort to most quickly get a post out, I am grabbing fewer screenshots and merely capturing video from now on. I value my commentator’s discussions. That and I now work from 0800 to 1700 Monday to Friday and this is cutting into my sleeping time. The only reason I’m doing this is I’m roasting some chicken breasts for my lunch.

The episode starts off with a bit of background, as the student council team meets with the department head of what appears to be a Ministry of Education’s Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology – Academy Warship Education Department. Funny long title. Wonder how his letterhead looks like. They are essentially informed of what would happen to Ooarai, due to the fact that the ships are ridiculously hard to maintain and Ooarai was chosen as the one to be scrapped to reduce strain in these, rather hard economic times. I also wrote that in James May’s voice. Now you have to go back and read it. Mind you, I’m quite sleepy. Schools without any achievements are closed down, and Ooarai, with a decline in admissions, has only Tankwondo/Panzerfahren/etc as the only way to stay alive, and it’s that to come out as a champion.



We cut to the girls finally surrounding the student council team and asking if all of it was a lie, since they said the subsidy used to cover Panerfahren was used to cover operating costs as well, no doubt a sign of a business in trouble. I can certainly understand Momo’ s dedication to her school, the last episode’s montage of memories did show her beyond her serious side, and for once, made me realize I’ve had been in situations where a rather unremarkable thing or a place is to someone, to me it holds genuine space in my heart. The girl’s reactions to the reasons for the Panzerfahren team were all dejected, and no doubt weighing heavily on Miho. The freshmen team are taking it the hardest. Except for Autism-chan it would seem, who looks like to hold everything inside her (as fellow /a/nons have taken a liking to Saki Maruyama, the M3’s 37mm Loader).


Miho though breaks through all that, noticing most likely that all hopes had always been resting on her, but also acknowledging that the girls have always been there. Sure they’ve had mishaps, but can you not ask for a better team? They’ve taken an unknown to the top. This was the spot my university (George Mason University) was in 2006 and in 2008. She is gonna coax and help her team push past the semi-finals. And it seems like Hana’s mom is slowly accepting this, or hoping for a loss to convince her foolish daughter to come back into the fold.


Darjeeling also explains that Katyusha’s complex is heavy-handed Napoleon. She loves to tower over her opponents, breaking their pride if she can’t beat them in stature. Right now I hope IkaMusume/Fangyusha would remember her exploits upon a rather small beach restaurant. 😐

It also does seem that Nonna is the true brains of the outfit. I mean Katyusha has the smarts, but seems to be weighed down by her rather strong Napoleon complex. I also need an ID on the prop-sled Katyusha is using as a crib bed, made worse when Nonna sings a line or two.

Note: iamablocker notes its a RF-8 Aerosani


And in this episode of Top Gea-Scouting. Gudarian and Rommel go marching, Sodoko calls Mako ‘Remako’, and the enemy tanks have all been scouted. The overhead shot of the town  is also quite enlightening, it shows how desperate the situation is for Ooarai, but as Orange Pekoe thinks it’s all over, Ooarai’s stalwart fan, Darjeeling, doesn’t think so at all. It also reminds me of the speculation Random Curiosity and World of Tanks had. Ooarai’s position is reminiscent to that of Bastogne, Paulus’ encirclement. But also, a breakout reminiscent of Hube’s Pocket minus the link-up with allied forces.

Even with the new strategy, everyone’s spirits seem to be down, and hating to see her friends like this, she’s taken to the only way to keep their morale up.


Out comes the Ankou dance! (and embarrassing Hana’s family). And on the big screen too!

The dance is interrupted by the Pravda messenger, who receives their answer, and now Nonna rouses IkaFangyusha out of bed to finish her job. So far, her strategy is to let them go after a weak point, and seemingly let them once again be encircled. Rather standard fare, and the flag tank is being guarded by the KV-2 downhill…which will derp-gun any foolish Ooarai tank.


Battle start, and it seemed like my predictions from before about them going after the most heavily defended part of the line wasn’t too far off. Katyusha’s inability to see Ooarai as an actual opponent will get the better of her, as I’ve seen, though not noted, and it seems like my words are close to vindication here.


And as of note, particularly from my episode 8 observations:

I imagine that they might go for a breakout and scatter with the Panzer IV on flag defense, StuG III  with the B1 bis and M3 Lee as diversion. Pz 38(t) as the other flank for the Type 89. The B1 bis still has it’s howitzer intact, so they can blast out. Careful observation of enemy movements to find the weak spots, and break out either there, or even more ballsy, towards their Flag or the JS-2 and KV-2. An inviting target as we’ve seen with Pravda is just a new encirclement. Miho’ll earn her place as Field Marshall Rommel’s protege’ if she does this. If not, a descendant of Paulus.

Anzu trades Momo for the gunner’s seat, and she seems to be more proficient in gunnery than momo, earning the tiny little Pz 38(t) some of its pride by knocking out one of  Katyusha’s T-34-85 (specifically one of her decoys, unless she moved her command to another T-34-85). Acting as the decoy, they are doing what ever scout does that isn’t particularly fast. It’s face hugging time! With Turtle team taking the role of such a decoy, it surprisingly takes out two tanks and also destroys the tracks of several others before it is taken out by Nonna’s T-34-85.


Katyusha, in her hastes, orders machine guns to be fired, allowing Ooarai to use the glow from tracers to see where they’re going. Her plan utterly ruined, Katyusha gives chase, while Ooarai keeps their formation together and soon, Hippo and Anglerfish, after the entire team and enemy team have crested the high ground and passed them go back to the village in the search for the flag tank. Nonna points this out, but Katyusha in her rage, gives no shits. Meanwhile, Yukari (in very elegant fashion) leaves the Panzer IV to be the observer from the town’s belfry, and Nonna switches tanks to the JS-2.


Also OST want.

Now that Ooarai’s trap is sprung, Rabbit takes a hit from the JS-2 with Nonna showing why she is named ‘Nonna the Blizzard’, effectively taking out Rabbit team, while the KV-2 attempts to derp the Panzer IV and StuG III to no avail. The flag T-34 though, seems to be set on a path to go around the village, one that Miho seems to have seen, and orders Hippo team to halt their pursuit. With Goose team gone and Duck (flag) running for their lives, the tension is getting to very untolerable levels, much more exciting than the leisurely pace set with St. Gloriana and Saunders.


With the finaly minutes in, we don’t know who won. But the JS-2 takes out Duck (Flag), and the StuG III takes out the T-34-76 (Flag). GODDAMN CLIFFHANGERS!!!



  • This was, by far, the most exciting episode I’ve seen. Even with nary 90 seconds worth of background, the girls (and audience) are given the causes of the need to compete.
  • Like I said, this reminds me not only of Bastogne, or Paulus’ encirclement, but also of Hube’s Pocket/Kamenets-Podolsky Pocket. Although I imagine it might be more in line with other, more similar breakthroughs, Miho seemed to have utilized Katyusha’s overcompensation attitude and knowledge of what Pravda expects them to do to do the total opposite. Scouting out enemy positions and also keeping the morale of her team up was good. She seems to have inherited the traits of many good commanders.
  • Her mother, on the other hand, is a damned bitch. Thank you, Maho, for making her stay.
  • Chibi of the week is of the three unknown girls. While the prediction of them being in the Tiger (P) all but dashed, we are treated to the sight of the Japanese Type 3 Chi-Nu being their main tank. I await how Ooarai obtains that!


  • Talk amongst yourselves, my internet is shitty, and this post will be updated.


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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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13 Responses to Girls und Panzer: Driven into a Corner!

  1. iamablocker says:

    “I also need an ID on the prop-sled Katyusha is using as a crib bed, made worse when Nonna sings a line or two.”

    It’s an RF-8 Aerosani.

  2. c2710c2710 says:

    More tank goodness… Damn it had to end with a clif hanger.

    Frankly speaking… the last half of the show flew past without me noticing it.

    That aside… I had a feeling that they’d go for the centre. For a moment it looked like it was Austerlitz but after reading it… It starts to look like what you’ve said Jusu

    Still…. I tried doing those stunts with my Pz38nA in WoT and it FAILED SPECTACULARLY!

    And a dug in StuG’s REALLY DUG IN

  3. calcilis says:

    damn cliffhanger!!!!!

  4. Sonya says:

    A little correction: Nonna is normally in her T-34-85, and it’s in this tank that she uses to knock out the Pz38(t) (note the lack of muzzle brake in that scene)). However, she is asked to switch to the IS-2 when it arrives to help chase down the Type 89.

  5. DanF says:

    So, how effective would a Type 3 Chi-Nu be, I really know little about Japanese tanks?

    Doing that with a 38T is crazy amaizing. Though it does beg the question why Anzu waited until now to switch positions.

    In WoT my 38na experience consisted of mostly running around Tier 8 battles spotting and trying not to get noticed (which always resulted in 1 shot death). The weird thing is now that I have two Tier 7s I almost never see a 38na. I see tons of ELCs and T50s though.

    Does anyone know if GuP is doing well in Japan, because they have a spin-off series Little Army that appears to explain/go into Miho backstory?

    Second the damn cliffhanger remark.

  6. DanF says:

    They classified a Sherman as a heavy? So did they view a Panther as a Heavy as well?

    So, WoT terms are we talking Tier 5 medium then?


  7. Peo01 says:

    A couple of things I want to add after finally regaining some sanity points watching other animes… afhijfsijhash cliffhanger! xD

    At the beginning it is said that the remaining Ooarai tanks are the left overs… do you guys remember the sheets Hana looked through the other day when they searched for more tanks?
    Remember the one I said looked like a Tiger II, another big tank and what seemed to be a second B1. (Maybe B2, since Hana didn’t look at that page for information regarding the B1)
    Damn you Ooarai for selling your tanks! 😀

    It’s interesting to see that the Ooarai girls that all entered Panzerfahren for different reasons (Volleyball team to revive their club, Seitokai team to save the school, Yukari cause she loves tanks, Remako cause she needs the credits, etc) yet ended up for a single goal, saving their school.
    It’s interesting because most of their original goals were rather self-centered (which its totally fine, cause in the end of the day people not only work for other people’s benefits but also for their own), but changed their main goals to achieve a goal that’s important for all of them.

    Now here’s a thing I don’t understand, taking the school out of business is a serious matter,
    and before doing so wouldn’t an early announcement be needed?
    Such a change would be what I consider pretty serious, cause it affects many people in many ways right?
    Certain things need proper preperation, and if the school is taken down a lot of people would actually need to consider moving away, or changing their business style.
    Then again it is mentioned that there are much less schoolgirls then there used to be, so the sudden change of less customers might not change most shops’ income.

    Maho is a good girl at heart, told you. 😛
    Nonna is awesome, told you, too. 😛 😛
    I’m pretty sure the lullaby Nonna is singing is a famous russian one, too.
    I’ll inquire on my russian best friend about it later.

    The song Erwin and Yukari sang:
    Yuki no Shingun

    I lol’d at Sodoko calling the JS-2 a Molotov, Molotov basically was one of Stalin’s best allies in the soviet parliament, but after the war became a foe.
    Yet he always protected Stalin’s legacy, against others that badmouthed Stalin.

    Now for the part of touching cold steel… I touched my tank’s armor once without wearing gloves in winter, never did that again.
    I think I was lucky, because the remaining heat that came from our engine had kept the armor part I touched warmer than most of the rest, but my hand hurt from the cold and I had to warm it up for some time, not a nice thing to happen.
    Now imagining that after the tank stood still for a longer time until the engine got cold, too…
    … ouch.

    I can fully understand the announcement that follows soon after, bad weather is a great problem, especially the combination of night time and snowfall makes visibility the worst imaginable.
    Not to mention that you never know what is below the snow you’re driving on.
    Now I guess it’s not that grave a problem in this battlefield, since it’s area has been chosen carefully, but not knowing what is below can quickly result in injury.

    Back in winter 2010 we were in a military training area, and we had a total of 5 vehicles that had to be pulled out of a lake/swamp/whatever and about every day 1-2 soldiers suddenly crushed the ice below them and went for a swim.
    Luckily in all those incidents the water wasn’t deep, but the vehicles were out of order for atleast one day and several soldiers got a nice long cold out of it, rendering them
    sick for 1-3 days.

    Even the smallest tank the Pz 38(t) has a couple of tons weight, and snow is quick to fool your eyes and get you into trouble.
    Luckily nothing happened here.

    Waiting… is the worst thing in the world, especially when in combat.
    The easiest way to keep troop morale up is to keep people busy when out in the fields,
    maintenance, resupply, patrols, playing cards, doing sports, whatever.
    The worst thing you can do when waiting for something to happen is doing nothing.
    It’s one thing if you know the enemy is inbound and you’ve got 20 minutes or less left and everyone is prepared and on their positions, but one hour is a long time and we mostly let people do whatever they want to do unless it goes against military regulations.

    Whenever you do nothing you start thinking, and in situations like this it will effect the troop morale greatly, luckily Miho is an expert on keeping morale high… I want a platoon leader like her, lol… I just imagined my Hauptfeldwebel doing that dance… hopefully he’ll never read this or I’m dead meat.

    No comment on borscht, and the cossack dance, it had to come sooner or later.

    Now seriously with the whole “Are you sure?” and kamikaze attack thing the turtle team did, I was sure atleast one of them would be injured, especially after being flipped across the snow by Nonna.
    Well might be better this way, cause they’ll need all they have soon against Black Forest.

    As for the Pz 38(t) charge, I killed KVs in mine so, seems legit. xD

    Note that most hits either hit the tracks or the really vulnerable spots on the Pravda tanks. Especially the shots going right to the section between turret and hull, which is a weakspot on ALL tanks.

    Now for the feints, I think Gomoyo did a great job keeping the B1 in formation with the others, keep in mind it’s not only a heavy tank it’s also one of the old design trench crossing tanks. (The B1 is a rather fast/mobile tank considering it’s primary design use)

    I still don’t see a reason to be able to fire the machine guns on the Panzerfahren tanks,
    non of those are able to inflict damage on the enemy tanks, so why bother?
    Besides from luring them into obvious traps, that is. xD

    As for why the IS-2 wasn’t with the other tanks, the T-34s seemed to have rushed after the Ooarai team and since Nonna hit the Pz 38(t) from a long distance the IS-2 had quite the way to drive in order to catch up to the others.

    Now Nonna get’s to be awesome, (Time to work on the IS-2 Nonna skin <(^^<)) and rabbit team is taken down again, soon afterwards the wild geese loose their last stand, too and only the duck team is left.

    The KV-2 crew seems to make the same mistake many new tankers do in world of tanks, and don't wait for their aiming circle to get as small as possible, note however if this thing would have high explosive ammunition it could just shoot right between both tanks and watch them flip to both sides a couple of times.

    Well the KV-2 is knocked out for being foolish enough to show it's weak armor.
    A lot of success the KVs had on the eastern fronts was when being on defense, russian tankers would dig out positions that would hide the whole hull and become almost invincible against any ground unit attack them.

    Now the ending is rather easy to see so the cliffhanger is not that bad… as long as they don't go crazy and go with a complete different approach then I think they will.
    Obviously the Type 89 only lost it's track while the T-34 was knocked out.

    As for the preview picture… I want my meals all to look like tanks. <(q.q<)

    Omg I wrote too much, damn you server downtime!
    Oh well… atleast I get my T21 later today.

    • DanF says:

      Hauptfeldwebel that is like a 1st Sgt in the U.S. (i.e. highest enlisted in a company) or is it a SFC (platoon sgt highest enlisted in a platoon)?

      In the US the later might do a such a crazy dance if drunk enough at a dining in or some other party. The former, well when I was in (got out in 2003) no 1st Sgt would do anything like that. The only German enlisted I met was a Corporal (we were about the same rank, I was a Specialist E-4) when I was TDY to Kosovo (KFOR 3 or KFOR 4), so I really do not have a good reference.

      To bad we have not seen Miho & Maho father, cause I think it would really cool if he agreed with his wife to have Miho not inherit Black Forest. Then turned around and bough Ooarai for her (they seem to very rich, as judged by their huge house & garage in GuP – Little Army).

      • Peo01 says:

        Hauptfeldwebel is SFC, Stabsfeldwebel is the 1st Sgt.
        Hauptfeldwebel can be 1st Sgt, too, there’s a set number of ranks that can be assigned a certain position in the Bundeswehr.

        For example a german 1st Sgt (highest enlisted seargent in a company) can be Hauptfeldwebel, Stabsfeldwebel or even Oberstabsfeldwebel.

        Platoon leaders rank from Hauptfeldwebel to Oberleutnant.

  8. DanF says:

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate you taking the time to reply back. It is definitely a more fluid system than what we have in the U.S.

    Though not all positions are always filled by the exact rank the super-majority are, you might have a platoon Sergent who is just a Staff Sergeant (usually promotable which is not a rank but you would think it is based on how said person and other NCOs act around them). However, such situations are rare, especially in line units (i.e. units whose primary mission is fighting – combat arms units essentially).

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