Girls und Panzer: She’s a Classmate!


As usual, spoilers abound. And since this is cutting to my sleeping time, my impressions will be rather reserved until I update them when at my lunch break.

That.. That Type 89. It is made out of God Tier Metals. Katyusha starting to cry really pulled at me, mainly because…well, IkaMusume. But I think she deserves points for admitting Ooarai was good and getting off Nonna’s shoulders to shake Miho’s hand. Maho points out that, while her mom says they won because the enemy got careless, she acknowledges that Ooarai actually has skill. Miho, as lots of have people pointed out, is an able commander, a mixture of Rommel and Richard Winters in being able to do the right thing at the right time and leading from the front. Maho has her work cut out for her, while Shiho will continue to believe her way is the way to victory. (Which Saunders…Gloriana…Pravda…hell just about everyone noted it wasn’t.)

shot05e10 shot06e10 shot08e10 shot09e10 shot10e10

And all thoughts of Maho being good just about erased. She’s damn cold.

shot11e10 shot12e10

While the finals are upon them, even with the other clubs devoting their budgets to Panzerfahren/Tankwondo/Sensha-do, it would not be enough it would seem. This would be bouyed though with the news that the last tank that was obtained had just finished repairs. Unfortnately though…it’s the Tiger (P), which I’ve been told…wasn’t exactly the most mechanically reliable. So once again the girls go out to look for tanks…and Team Rabbit doesn’t see the tank right behind them. SAKI! TURN AROUND!!! LOOK!! IT’S A TANK!!!


Also, Nekota is introduced. And as stated by Commie, they’re all World of Tanks nerds. Trolololol subs. Regardless, we got the Chi-Nu team with Anteater, Tiger (P) with Lion (Mechanics), and Turtle upgraded their Pz 38(t) into the Hetzer. And shit, if Nekota and her friends are gamers, then the automobile/mechanics club are all Initial D fans. Tank drfting…I can see it on an ELC AMX, the T-50, hell on most light tanks…but a Tiger (P)? Regardless, we see the girls upgrading their tanks, and pretty soon my own Panzer IV will be visually modified to the new standard.

shot24e10 shot27e10 shot28e10 shot29e10 shot30e10 shot31e10

Now that out of the way, Mako arrives, informing the rest that her grandmother is now out of the hospital and will be watching the finals. Hana leaves to go to a floral arrangement exhibition, and the crew goes to see Hana’s work. She says that her part of the team has made her work more inviting, and her mom agrees. Hana has always been perfect, but lacking in individuality, but her time with tanks have, you can say, turned the student into a master. It’s like someone trying to mimic Monet, yet once on their own, strikes a new, very different and exciting path.

shot35e10 shot36e10 shot37e10

The day of the last match, Miho admits that Black Forest Peak was her old school, but now admits Ooarai is her home. Home is where the heart is, and Black Forest Peak has long been another ‘roof’ over her head. I doubt she got the same treatment back at her actual home, but now, Ooarai has proven to be where her heart truly lies. With comrades who would follow her anywhere.

shot38e10 shot39e10 shot40e10

With nothing left but the tournament, just some bonding time. I’m now VERY hungry, and a poptart ain’t cutting it. Amused though that when Saori exclaims that she had news, everyone jumps into thinking she had a fiancee. Well, her damn fault for acting like a man-chaser. Granted, getting license 2 and skipping grades 3 and 4 is hard, feel so sorry for Mako trying to teach Saori.

shot43e10 shot44e10 shot45e10 shot46e10

Although, my heart…you’ve shot me down Yukari. ;-;


I honestly love how anime in general uses music. The slowed down version of the Ooarai theme, really pulls at my hearstrings, especially when seeing how each crew, even the two newest ones, are spending the night before the match that will decide if they can all meet together again later, or never again. From the Lion team still working on their problematic Porsche Tiger, to Rabbit team watching Kelly’s Heroes, there honestly cannot be a greater bond than thsoe who fight together. This might be a fictional martial art, but it seems like, it’s these bonding aspects that remind me so much of what made Band of Brothers great. It was the comradeship that these characters share. There is no mistake when I often bring up Richard Winters of Band of Brothers fame, mainly due to the fact that Miho is an example of aspects of his leadership style, and the producers often point out that it is often Ooarai’s dedication that wins matches.

shot51e10 shot50e10 shot49e10 shot48e10

Those touching scenes over, we arrive at what i assume would be the JGSDF’s tank training grounds, and while Yukari is excited, it seems Mako is doing all she can to keep from passing out. And surprise surprise, Miho seems to have taken a leaf out of Nanoha Takamachi’s book, and is friends with practically all of her opponents, who stop by to wish her luck. And of course we have ultimate fan #1, Darjeeling starting it off. Granted, Erika is still a bitch, and Maho is a very tough egg to crack.


shot55e10 shot57e10 shot58e10 shot59e10

While that happens though, while my thoughts were dashed, it was good for Miho to see positive reinforcement in the form of the crewwoman she saved the previous year.

shot64e10 shot65e10 shot66e10 shot67e10 shot68e10

Match start, and already we see the difference in firepower, JagdPanzer IV, Tiger, JagdPanthers, Ferdinands, this will be a tough shell to crack, even if Ooarai has the Hetzer, StuG III, and Ausf. H. I am liking though that the girls, even the new ones, have perfected the rolling wedge. Unfortunate though, that BFP had encountered them quickly. With the opening shots, Panzerleid (or do my ears decieve me?) Erika plays (confirmed by LoweGear), which is rather predictable considering the theme, but still, this adds only to the overwhelming feeling when holy shit, being fired upon by twenty tanks, most of them would be hard to kill even in comparable tanks.

shot78e10 shot79e10 shot80e10 shot81e10 shot82e10 shot84e10

With everyone slightly freaking out (not int he same manner as their first match with St. Gloriana, a commendable improvement), they still fall under the combined fire of BFP. The Chi-Nu was the first to be knocked out, mechanical failure (or a stuck gear) convinently and fortunately shielded Miho’s tank (flag) from Erika’s Panther, and thus the series ends is postponed until the Spring 2012 season.



Overall Impressions:

  • Nice, tidy way to wrap up the plot. I supposed this was due to it’s original slated run of 12 episodes.
  • Goddamn TrollSubs.

shot25e10 shot26e10

  • None at the moment, I already noted myself up in the writing, no need to repeat here.
  • Erika, which is also the name of BFP’s vice commander.

  • Kelly’s Heroes (thanks to LoweGear)

  • I expect Peo01 to make comments. Nay, I require him to.
  • Moomba from Random Curiousity have noted the ominous theme coming from Hana’s flower arraingement. Goddamn I missed that.
  • Chibi of the week is Lion team with their Tiger (P).



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5 Responses to Girls und Panzer: She’s a Classmate!

  1. Peo01 says:

    This might become a rather chaotic post, I’m still regaining sanity points after this episode.
    I’m completely overhelmed by the awesomeness.

    Seriously, I expected german tanks, I yearned for them, especially since I’ve not only seen most german tanks in real life (Panzermusuem Munster ftw), but am myself a gunner/loader for the Leopard 2a6.

    As a tanker I couldn’t wait for them, but the sheer amount of tanks simply blew my mind.
    Converting the 38(t) to a Jagdpanzer 38, giving us not only Panthers and Jagdpanthers, but also a Ferdinand, a Jagdtiger (!!!), a Königstiger and Jagdpanzer IVs… I was both excited and overhelmed.
    Not to mention the Chi-Nu we knew about already and the Tiger (P) coming up.

    Note however that especially the Jagdtiger had some major flaws as a design.
    It was both big and slow, if Ooarai manages to catch it while it’s alone the Jagdtiger is no threat.

    The greatest threats are the Königstiger, Ferdinand and the Panther tanks.
    Note that these Panthers are late war tanks.
    There was a major flaw in early versions of the Panther’s turret.
    You could shoot it’s gun mantlet and the shell would ricochet into the hull, scoring a direct and deadly hit.
    You can see that the mantlet was modified already.

    Now for the firing range we get to see, some targets seem to be for infantry training rather than tank training, or maybe they are used for combined arms training.

    Also note that Erika is driving the Königstiger and not a Panther.

    No remarks will be made about Black Forest’s carrier… let’s just say that seeing the Graf Zeppelin is a magnificent thing.

    Here’s a funny thing, on the train ride all tanks have their turret’s at 0600.
    On the Leopard 2a6 the turret is to be locked at either 0600 or 1130, it’s mostly 0600,
    1) it’s less intimidating while driving on civil roads
    2) a tank is already big enough, every cm counts especially in narrow roads
    So I guess it was the same with WWII tanks, I’m not sure because I never cared to inform my self about it.
    I tried to find something on the internet, but until now I couldn’t find much.

    I really hoped to see some fun happy times before the match, especially with Yukari running amok with all the Panzer surrounding her.

    In the scene where all Ooarai tanks are shown below their garage slots (the Bundeswehr uses similiar parking buildings for their tanks, no need for a garage with a gate) a armoured personal car is driving from the left to right, I couldn’t identify it.
    If someone knows what type of vehicle it is please reply.

    Ofc Saunders drives around in a Willy’s jeeps. Whatelse… xD
    There’s also a bunch of girls from schools I couldn’t identify.
    It seems that the final is a great opportunity and event for all senshado schools to join up and enjoy.

    For the first time a head judge is introduced with Chouno, she seems to look forward to the match.

    Well Ooarai seems to be quite fit now, however the Chi-Nu is shot down early due to it’s driver lacking the experience, it’s good to see this, and while the “It would work in a videogame” statement is kinda lame, cause I think that most gamers know pretty damn well that reality =/= games, but it was fun anyway.
    Plus it did save the Anglerfish team.

    I’ll have to rewatch it again to make some more statements and special notes, all those tanks made my head spin, I can’t really concentrate on the fine details. XD

    Oh yeah before you ask, yes I sang along when “Erika” started to play.
    Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein…
    und das heißt, Erika…

    • c2710 says:

      Lets not forget the Sodokos driving in an Austin Tilly, British Quad tractor and that Japanese 4WD scout car

    • To be fair, when The British Grenadiers and Battle Hymn of the Republic started playing, i too got caught up. But I damn swear I thought I heard it was Panzerleid, but I didn’t want to say it was so I asked for confirmaiton and LoweGear corrected me.

  2. c2710 says:

    Dip in production quality aside… This episode is truly breathtaking!

    The lull before the storm was really nice. It’s lovely to see how each crew had bonded together.

    The show had its great moments though –
    + Exposition of the Tiger Porsche (that was hilarious)
    + Is that Frau Kojiro?
    + Commie being trolling commie… “We’re all WoT nerds” had me in stitches
    + Erika (thought it initially was Panzerlied) being the theme song for BFP…. Interesting. Thought it’ll be Panzerlied
    + Anime debut of Panther, Jagdpanther left me totally wet. Others… So so

    But above all, I say Maho’s acknowledgement of Miho being similar to Rommel / Guderian / Winters is priceless.

    One more thing… All this while I thought BFP’s academy ship would be Bismarck. Graf Zepplin did come to mind and boy was I surprised…. It truly is the Graf Zepplin

    Now…. To fix the HUGE hole in my wallet. Very much tempted to buy 1/48 Panther G and do up as BFP Panther. The Hetzer, Tiger I and Jagdpanther might be done up / revived as BFP tanks….

  3. Bear says:

    The director has blogged an apology over the delays and even addressed the dip in quality in this translation.
    It seems he really underestimated the work involved.

    Somehow, Katysuka’s actions actually moved me. For someone with that amount of ego to congratulate their opponent takes a lot of integrity.

    Yukari has confirmed her yuri which seemed obvious.

    I’m expecting Maho to have laid another trap for the girls, having only used part of her force for the attack from the woods.

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