Tragedy and Blood Dancing

I reckon it’s been long enough. The official end of the days of mourning is today, and as I wait for the newest episode of Girls und Panzer, I think it’s time I address, or at least, write what I feel is my response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

I am appalled, and saddened by the loss. Children who have yet to live for anything, whose only concern would barely be past the Christmas holiday, executed in cold fashion by a deranged psychopath, their caretakers gunned down as well. As much as I am saddened by this, I am more angry after this whole event than anything.


As if on cue, the shrill cry of leftists and their ilik were on the cable news shows, the punditry up in arms against the so-called evils. Guns, Video Games, and Conservative America. Calls for a ‘renewed’ debate on Gun Control and a reimplementation of an ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ echoed the halls and empty heads of the liberal punditry, media, and politics, while the liberal masses tweeted obscene threats to anyone who even had a different opinion.

Tell me, you bloody assholes, where was the debate during Fast and the Furious? Where was the ‘renewed’ debate during the election, right after the Aurora shootings? Why is it that ‘debates’ happen AFTER a shooting? Do you honestly think we conservatives, we conservative people mind you, are that thick to not see a power play when we see one? You want our guns. You want us to rely on a bureaucracy that, as great of a job they do, are often reactionary to the point that people are dead when they get there, or so draconian that it is preferable to living in Orwell’s 1984.

Firearms are, and shall forever be, part of the American mythos. A picture of Captain John Smith, besides the botched tale of Pocahontas, would feature him carrying a gun. Early settlers working the land, a firearm. The minutemen at Lexington and Concorde, Lewis and Clark’s expedition, the cowboy and U.S. Marshall. They all relied on the gun to expand and solidify the current United States. When other nations can boast of a line of kings leading to King Arthur (U.K.); or some ancient civilization showing their connection to dynasties long past and at times, vehemently ignored and violently suppressed (China), the United States grew up practically around the gun. The only other nations that can boast of that would be Northern and sub-Saharan Africa with the AK-47.

So is that how the left would want it to be? That Americans, many of whom are RESPONSIBLE gun owners, would be forcibly told to turn in their firearms in some giant ‘kumbaya’ gathering? Good luck trying to enforce it. I know the cops and government employees in this area are also responsible firearms owners and would not give up their guns.


‘But we only want to ban _____________/Assault Weapons.’

‘Assault Weapons’. The biggest crock I’ve heard from the anti-gunners. I can take a tube sock and fill it with quarters and now I have an ‘assault weapon’. Because I have a weapon, and I can assault the everliving pulp out of you imbeciles. It’s a word to try to label anything you are scared of to try to persuade the masses. Banning hi-capacity magazines? Less than ten rounds? I dunno man. The average American G.I. rifleman in World War Two was just fine with EIGHT rounds. The Russian, Italian, Japanese, and German armies thought FIVE was adequate of a magazine size for their primary infantry rifles. Let’s go back even. A single-shot muzzle-loading rifle was acceptable by both Union and Confederate troops, to the point President Lincoln had to order the U.S. Army Ordinance department to stop dragging their hands over the implementation of breechloading and magazine fed firearms.

So tell me, how is a ten round magazine ban, or any other feature meant to make a semi-automatic firearm cosmetically look like an M-16, has got to do with a shooting? Hell, what EXACTLY is an ‘Assault Weapon’. Because with the tube-sock example, anything is a weapon when utilized in a capacity to HARM another human being (or animal, or reptile).


‘Video Games/Movies/NRA/Conservatives are the cause of all this.’



You avoid the elephant in the room. The fact the fucker was damn near psychopathic. He was crazy yet no steps were taken to see to it that he got the proper mental health. Such ideas are so stigmatized by the horror stories of mental wards that I doubt they’d do that.

‘If we just banned guns/killed the NRA the world would be safer.’

The common saying goes is as thus. You ban guns, only the criminals have guns. Liberals and anti-gunners are so solidly set on wanting to ban civilian ownership of firearms that they fail to understand that particular point. Something I believe the United Kingdom is paying for right now. Please, don’t cite numbers saying this has gone down or some other crock. Criminals will always do crimes. Pointing out this particular cherry picked statistic on reduced gun crime ignores other methods or weapons a person is using.

And killing the NRA. Well then. I know some would like to see it shut down, but many advocate for the actual murder/execution of any NRA member. Try it and see what happens. Chances are, we’re better shots. This also falls into creating the ‘other’, and is the most scary part of this whole deal.

The ‘other’ side wants to keep guns and keep repeating these tragedies. The ‘other’ side wants to dance on the blood of innocents by owning guns. Do we want the ‘other’ to continue doing this? Sign my petition now!

That’s scary. Honestly it is. Sure it might be ‘reasonable’ to some to start doing this. But I do remember where this slippery path will go. Anyone remembers Kristallnacht? When you label a group as ‘the other’ without allowing them to defend themselves, as the leftists have been doing (shouting down us gun owners and video gamers in saying the shooter does not represent us and claiming that shooter = every gun owner), you risk this. Will it mean we’ll get our equivalent of the Star of David pinned to our chests? No, but it can happen given time.

These people claim we love to dance on the blood of innocents. Not true. Our fight is ongoing. Everyday we fight to our rights to own firearms and do not try to exploit a tragedy to bring to table laws we want passed. The anti-gunners do. They all but disappear in the time frame between shootings, only to predictably and reliably crop up when a mass shooting occurs. Almost to the point you can set your clock to it. So who, exactly, is dancing on the blood of innocents now?

Damn ambulance chasers.


I do want to take aim (lawl) at the media. Both left and right. There has been lots of journalistic incompetence and stupidity with the reporting of the shooting. Making young kids, barely able to comprehend what has happened, and sticking a microphone in front of them and asking them questions on NATIONAL t.v.? How daft and irresponsible are you. How much do you get paid for every large scoop? Bloody hell.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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4 Responses to Tragedy and Blood Dancing

  1. Fayt says:

    I am extremely pissed at the media for wrong coverage, insensitive actions, and most importantly, spreading further intentional panic across the country when it’s not really that big of a deal. Was it really necessary to say “hi capacity magazines?” Was it also necessary to constantly say “A Bushmaster Assault Rifle” about 50 fucking times while the term “Glock and Sig Sauer” rarely come up?

    I mean sure why not just say all three types of weapons he used repetitively… oh wait.. that’s right… you guys are focusing on assault weapons and assault equipment… In my dictionary, an assault weapon is any weapon that can be used to assault/attack anyone or anything. Kinda like that knife used in the China slashings on the same day as Sandy Hook.

    The fact that mental health is underrated also pisses me off. I’ve studied for 4 years on anxiety, antisocial, Aspergers and understand exactly what can happen to an individual who has these disorders.

    I as a gun owner agree that we should have stricter gun laws. In my honest opinion, living in Virginia and showing only 2 forms of ID to get a gun the same day is a little lax. Private sales are even easier as you can just pay the owner cash and go on your day. However, I also have conflicting thoughts about gun control because CT is number 5 on the strictest gun control state in America. Not to mention Germany is one of the countries that has the most restrictive measure on gun control but has a much higher statistics of shootings than the United States.

    People just don’t realize that those who want to commit these kinds of atrocities will not follow the law… Therefore gun control is deemed useless in that aspect.

    Society views me as a potential killer as I own a gun. They will refuse to believe that I own a gun for self defense and the defense of the people I am sworn to protect and serve.

    If “no guns” can solve everything, then putting up a sign that says “no zombies” will be the best countermeasure ever created during a zombie apocalypse…

    Anyways enough on my rant… just my perspective on this situation and pissed at how much the media is causing more suffering… Seriously? interviewing the young survivors? man… I was so pissed today when I saw the news…

  2. Miguel says:

    Dude, you are a sight to see when riled up! Good job!

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