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Passing the Torch and a New Series

With 153,512 miles in it’s odometer, my old reliable, Japanese mid-sized SUV, the Suzuki XL-7, now sits bare and clean in the parking lot of a dealership. Gone are the dirt I tracked, the french fries and Starbucks cups I’ve … Continue reading

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A Look Back

Wow, it really is 2013 isn’t it? You know there are certain things you here that brings out a sense of nostalgia and longing? Like a song perhaps. A familiar locale. A kind memory. Anything? It’s been twelve or so … Continue reading

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Where I’ve Been

Well, to be honest? I’ve been working. I am now an employee of <redacted> and I work to earn a living and what have you. I still play World of Tanks and watch anime.   But so far it’s been … Continue reading

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Girls und Panzer: Random Curiosity’s Exceeded Expectations Anime of 2012

  The Best of Anime 2012 via Random Curiosity   I’m not gonna lie. I was seriously considering not following anything this year. I was teased primarily with Upotte!! and Strike Witches, as well as Gundam. But I didn’t finish … Continue reading

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