A neophyte I am not, good sir. (Okay, maybe just a bit…or a whole lot)

So, Robert Kuntz over at Suburban Sheepdog shows how Col. Cooper’s legacy is not limited to just when your booker-hook pulls the bang-switch. To be fair I found the link through Miguel with this post.

Something that has been drilled into me by countless hours on the internets, books, some anime, instructors, and plain common sense. So it got me to thinking.

If we have something like Sexual Education classes somewhat mandatory, Driver’s Education as well, and even Home Economics, Personal Finance (wait who am I kidding, I was the only kid in high school to take accounting and business/business management who didn’t want to be a CPA or something along those lines),  and the like. Why not firearms safety? Why not just take the NRA’s safety course and give it to kids?

I don’t exactly employ Col. Cooper’s threat levels everyday, but I know at least to employ his four rules every time I come across a gun. Barring Nerf Guns and the like, I usually practice these rules. Yes even with my airsoft guns (because muzzling yourself with a gas powered airsoft pistol means if it goes off, it hurts like a bugger), and I strive to inform and teach my other airsoft minded cousins. I dunno, the two posts got me to thinking, and it seems rather…well bland and unoriginal and droning on, but still.

What if?

Also, I’m intrigued with his book, and will probably go grab it once the funds roll in.

-Yuuka comes back from her lengthy break and Sparks him for saying that about a lot of books-



Edit: Sir, if you are reading this. I wished I lived in S. Florida for the main reason for wanting to join a IDPA club. Dunno if any still exist up here in N. VA.

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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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3 Responses to A neophyte I am not, good sir. (Okay, maybe just a bit…or a whole lot)

  1. DanF says:

    The idea is sound on many levels, which is why it will never happen. First, it would give the general populous a basic level of firearm safety, which would greatly reduce any firearm accidents by children. If you add a basic course at the Elementary/Junior High level you could add an advanced marksmen course at the Junior High/High School level. This would help the military as people would actually enter with some basic level of proper firearm usage experience. Lastly, many people that are intimidated by firearms (which is a big reason why they are against them) would not be so.

    The last reason is why it would never happen. No liberal politician is going to support anything regardless of it’s advantages to the nation, that will get people to turn against/think about the actual effects of their policies.

  2. Miguel says:

    Principles of Personal Defense is the main book you should have alongside whatever Faith book you worship (or not.)
    It will astound you with its thinness and you will feel cheated because of it. After you are done reading it, you’ll feel like you did not pay enough.

  3. mwnanamai says:

    Would help if more people where not so much afraid of firearms, irrational fear distorts the debate.

    I gave my younger brother a quick lesson on firearm safety : Never stay in front of a muzzle, and if an idiot has his finger on the trigger go somewhere else.

    Not that He is going to have pistol any time soon, dude is 15, but if He ever have that idiotic kind of friend that brings a gun to school He knows how to handle himself. I have seen 2 cases of people who shot and killed other because they were playing with pistols when young.

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