LaRue and Top Gear

It is now 2055 EST, February 10th, 2013. I haven’t slept since…well 0200 of this morning.

God what a day.

Art by yume shokunin on pixiv,

Art by yume shokunin on pixiv,

But getting on point. It’s no surprise I guess, that I am a bit of a hoplophile. Firearms to me in my childhood, are what, uh, swords were to the rest of my anime loving pals. While kids back in the Toonami age (mid-1990s to early-2000) were into Goku (Dragonball-series) and Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), I had taken a liking to Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop),  Daisuke Jigen (Lupin III), Gene Starwind (Outlaw Star) and other such marksmen because I had always believed in that ‘God made man, but Sam Colt made ’em equal’.

A reason I guess, I want a concealed carry license. I’m fat. I can’t punch worth a damn, and I’m not a proficient as a martial artist as my uncle or some of my friends. In a mock fight, I would lose. In boffer fights, I will lose (unless you give me a spear), but if I were to say, have with me my WE M1911A1 Government airsoft pistol in said boffer fight, well I just need more mags and a liability waver saying I’m not to be held responsible for shooting my friends with BBs in a mock battle.

But yeah, point made.

So I like guns, and this brings us to my first point. LaRue Tactical. Miguel pointed out to me (and the rest of his blogroll) in this post about LaRue Tactical’s decision to only sell to State and Local Law Enforcement the same guns we plebs can own. Or rather, enforcing our restrictions on to them. I dunno if any of the big name guys who actually would put a hurt on the State and Local community (Sig, GLOCK, S&W, etc) would follow suit, but if they did, I think a lot of LEOs would be pissed, or supportive.

Possibly pissed.

Good to know we have allies still. I’m waiting on you, Colt. (lol, not holding my breath on that one.)

Onto my second point.


Oh God Wat.
Art by snowslide on pixiv

I find this one though particularly alarming:, in that I say it’s well done and I’ve now seen the presenters in a new light…

Anyways, moving along. Series 19 debuted two weeks ago. And apparently this show called ‘The Walking Dead‘ which I’m told I need to watch is also premiering some new episode tonight. But lo and behold, I’m not in the living room watching some zombies being killed or some excellent inter-personal dynamics. Because I already found a show that has em. With something even better than zombies.


You see, the zombie craze and I stopped being best buds awhile back. To me the crowning jewel of that craze was Max Brooks two books, ‘The Zombie Survival Guide‘ and ‘World War Z‘. I know a few gunnies are bitching about the stupidity of ‘zombie’ branded ammo. So The Walking Dead to me is…well…dead. But something I don’t think will ever be dead to me is Top Gear. I was introduced to it, like so many others, with Jeremy Clarkson’s challenge of a Range Rover Sport versus a Challenger II MBT.

This series though seemed lackluster. Posts on fifth gear state it seems the enthusiasm has gone, their USA Road Trip seemed…pointless, and the use of The Avengers theme this year seemed off. But I don’t think I saw it that way. I just think it was once again, the presenters bashing on American made cars. Which is fine, they do that with every national stereotype and we’ve didn’t really leave a good impression on em as much as we think we do (do feel bad for the Australians, who arrived in the TGUK vs TGAUS segment in a prison van). But that said, Episode 3  of Series 19 is the reason why I’m not going ‘OMFG A ZOMBIE SHOOT HIM!’ with my roommates.

Because it featured yet another amazing race in Europe. Before it was the Bugatti Veyron vs. James May’s little prop plane, then the excellent Nissan GT-R vs. Japanese Public Transport. And what I thought was one of the better races, the Vincent Black Shadow vs. Jaguar XK120 vs Tornado Steam Locomotive (The Race to the North…uh…race). So today we have European Public Transport versus, well. a Shelby Mustang GT500.

Surprisingly, well, to me at least. The Shelby lost. Oh yeah, spoilers. I do agree on blaming the French, as Clarkson has said, as the reason for the lost of the race, but I do note the efficiency of the public transportation system in Europe as a very fine piece of engineering. Just something I highly doubt we’ll get here in America, considering here…well..I’d rather drive in my gas guzzling Nissan Xterra (whom I’ve now affectionately named ‘Katerine’) in the similar, 800-ish mile distance from London to Milan, than take Amtrak.

I think it shows that Top Gear still has this ability, this hold over me, that makes me like the show. Over some gorefest with a plot that is ‘The Walking Dead‘. I know some may hate me for it, but I honestly don’t find it all that interesting. And yes I sound like a bloody hipster, but I was into the Zombie Craze before it hit mainstream.

That said, predictably, and honestly touched by it, Clarkson and the show gave a small overview and I would call, eulogy, to Carol Shelby. Thought it was a nice touch. The race itself was enjoyable and I honestly did in the last bit, was rooting quite hard for the Mustang to win. It was the freedom, the individuality of the car versus the herdlike public transport at stake. And the added choice of using a Shelby Mustang over some European or Japanese car was very…provocative.

A reason why I waited for a bit for me to acquire the episode, and while everyone was looking forward to this premier, I was looking forward to Top Gear UK.

I should honestly be sleeping right now.

Night y’all.

Art by kazetto on pixiv.

Art by kazetto on pixiv.

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