Quick Thought: Intro and First Title

When Facebook seems too stupid.

And I need to vent a bit, I decided to start these little bites. Allows me to better come to head at what I feel at the moment. So first off.

Stats, Unicum, and World of Tanks; or What Have I Become?!

So, World of Tanks, like many games, have it’s group of casuals and ‘professionals’. Since this is a ranked game in the sense you are ranked by tank tier + host of other things, you often come across players who have worked hard to groom their wins, shave off their losses, and effectively come up through a convoluted calculation which I honestly don’t bother to find out, their effectiveness in-game. Programs such as XVM which tells you what a person’s effective level is (dark red = horribad to dark purple = oh God wat amazing) alongside stats websites such as WoTLABs and WoT-News bring this about. I think it’s because unlike Call of Duty or Halo or Battlefield, there isn’t really a big progress board showing who is the best at what and who is the best in the world.

So that comes to mind those sites, and the people utilize them. I know there are some who look at their stats and start thinking on how to improve themselves. They honestly go in, reevaluate their battles, take tips, and become better. And the key bit is they don’t brag about it. Then there are those who do. Especially when utilizing XVM. When these people get up on their ivory towers and start sprouting off on stats, it normally brings the battle to a screeching confusion of world or team chat of stats, accusations, win rates, etc. Which in turn tends to bring the battle down as more tankers are focused on arguing stats than they are lobbing shells down range. Which only feeds the snowball effect and I tend to go ‘gg’ and rush for the biggest thing that can kill me so I can die honourably and switch to a new tank and thus, a new battle.

But something has started to change in me. See, I am looking to transfer to the South-East Asia server for reasons best kept to me and my close friends. They tend to also be statters. They’re not horrible stats people, rather it becomes a bit of an in-joke and whatnot. But now I’ve started to change my look into battles, and I have started to creep into being more decisive in my roles. I think looking at my stats is a way to have me become a better digital tanker, but at the same time I think it’s starting to leech the reasons I play this game.

Apart from being sick, I don’t often touch the game if I don’t feel focused enough to play my individual tanks to their fullest. I don’t have this urge to go play ‘rally racing’ with my Cromwell anymore, or to strut around and absorb damage with my M4E3A2 Jumbo Sherman. I’ve gotten the T29 and started utilizing it in situational roles. When can I push, why should I push. Defend? Etc etc. These are things I utilized still even before, but have taken a greater prominence over ‘lawl iI drive around being stupid because tonks’ to ‘okay, how best can I utilize this to give my team of idiots a fighting chance of victory to keep my stats up’.

I don’t see it as a bad change, but I guess the novelty of tanking might wear off if I go full on tryhard wannabe-unicum (the purple ranked players) and most likely ruin my tanking experience because of it. I guess what i’m trying to tell myself, and maybe my followers. Stats aren’t bad to look at, as long as they are used as guide posts to better your play, rather being a status symbol.

I honestly dunno what goes through my head at times.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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3 Responses to Quick Thought: Intro and First Title

  1. Not Someone You Know says:

    Lorenzo is horribly OP and needs a nerf, killing Tier VIIs in his “Wolverine” *cough*

  2. DanF says:

    WoT does that to people, and the forums are worse (anyone checking out he game be reading the forums first probably would not even start playing). I am in similar boat, and actually am taking a break from the game cause it started to become more of a job then something I did for fun.

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