Quick Thoughts: RWBY “White” Trailer

There is no doubt one of the things I am looking forward to, yet never truly blogging about, is Monty Oum’s new series, RWBY. I’ve already talked a bit about Red, and White was released a week or so ago, and so in typical train-of-thought is constantly moving and distracted, I’m merely gonna do a quick thought on White rather than a full blown review. (How can you review awesome?)

So, now that I’ve let the White trailer sink in a few days, this is honestly gonna be really hard for me to blog about. I’m still genuinely in love with Red, but let’s give White a look shall we?

I also loved White’s action scene. Red’s curbstomp was amazing, but not really, while the more level fight with White showed what I loved about Dead Fantasy. In that there was a moment where I went tense. Both scenes were fluid as expected from Monty Oum but while I believed Red had a more technical grace to it as befitting of what I can see from the Equilibrium-style Gun Kata, White was…for a lack of better description, like watching an ice skating competition. The movements, the subtle and obvious changes and how they are different is definitely telling that Monty is trying to give life to his characters without much dialogue. And it’s something I don’t see often. Words and dialogue is fine and dandy, but body language is a fantastic medium to help set the tone.

Red has this cocky feeling to her. Eliminating the werewolves with a sly grin, a determined expression, and a technical brutality I’ve first encountered in the gun kata scenes in Equilibrium is wholly different from the graceful, slightly mournful, and wholly magical way White went about defeating the Germanic knight. Both had fluidity, and were amazing scenes, but in terms of their style, there is minute differences. I hope others see them, I just hope I’m not the only one. No doubt their choice in weapon reflects this. The gun-scythe offers a choice of “hackenslash” and death by gun, but White’s rather simplistic rapier-like blade offers, as I see it, adding to the ice-queen kind of persona in battle, and further amping up her other form as an idol singer.

While I suspect we may get some speaking roles in RWBY, if Monty goes and does something like a silent film, making the actions and music take the story along, then definitely gonna have to analyze the fighting styles and body language of each of the four characters. Now, on their archetypes.

White so far represents the magic swordsman while Red…well she’s a fucking Grammaton Cleric with a gun-scythe. White is very amazing in a completely different way than Red as I’ve said earlier in the section of body language. In terms of who each is, there is no doubt in my mind, or in the minds of many others who Red and White represents.

Red is Red Riding Hood. Her hood, the big bad wolves she kills helps to confirm that. White is then Snow White. This is due to the usage of the snowflake motif of her magic. Another allusion to White being Snow White would be the lyrics of the song. If one would listen closely, the lyrics harken back to the 1930s Disney rendition of Snow White and the Evil Queen’s chant. Oh right, their names match as well. :/

Truth be told, there isn’t much thought I put into this, primarily it’s a quick thought…and the fact I can do video impressions, or better ones at that, after the buzz wears off, if it wears off. ^^;; RWBY is truly Monty’s work, and I can only wait in expectant glee when it comes out in full.


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