Quick Thought: A New Pope

Pope Francis has been named as our newest leader of my faith. While I’m a tad disappointed that we do not have a Filipino or Vietnamese pope, the fact we have a non-Itallian, and a non-European pope heralds change.


And already, the atheists and haters are jumping in and saying all the usual things. Those without a faith to abide by don’t understand it and mock it. Those who abide by a different faith is so blinded in their own ignorance and join the above. Is this truly how a respectful and modern society goes about in recognizing the freedom of one’s religion? Or is ‘respect’ a moral that has slowly eroded to the point it is not the norm anymore?

Criticism is fine, but to say ‘all Catholic Priests are pedophiles’ or ‘all Catholics are ignorant’ and cite exceptions to the norm rather than the norm itself while defending their own examples is plain hypocrisy.

If you ever wonder why I don’t like you after you rag on the Roman Catholic religion and outright insult members of my faith, you know why. If you try to make exemptions to me saying “you’re not like most Catholics” then it’s an even bigger slap in the face. Then again, morals have long eroded in much of the previous generation and this one that to be seen with morals nowadays, implies you are a lunatic or have an ulterior motive.


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4 Responses to Quick Thought: A New Pope

  1. Volfram says:

    I am not Catholic, I’m of a somewhat obscure sect of Christianity, and most people wouldn’t realize the difference from the populist sects without talking to me for a rather extended period.

    I would like to say, however, from what I’ve heard about him, I really like Pope Francis, and the haters can go shove it. Some of his statements are the least controversial I’ve heard from a religious leader in a long time, paradoxically, BECAUSE they’re controversial things to say. In an era where liberalism and tolerance are running rampant, I think Pope Francis is exactly the kind of religious leadership we need.

  2. mwnanamai says:

    I would advise you not to be impatient about an Asian Pope, as an African I would love a African Pope but I have faith that He will arrive at the right time.

    Now the funny thing is that I am not a Catholic but a protestant, but still I respect the Catholic and think that we are all in the same Christian boat despite our differences. Whatever the divine reasons at work here Francis is probably the right men for the job, have faith that the Holy Ghost instructed the Cardinals in this choice.

    It was a great news for me because I couldn’t stand the dumb media drumbeat about how a “midget half mexican hermafrodite pro-gay-marriage pro-premarital-sex pro-abortion non-catholic” Pope was needed … It was just too painful to hear the dumbness of the pundits.

    • It was wistful thinking, but an African Pope will come before methinks. I just hope it’s within my lifetime.

      I think with Pope Frances, a lot of the scandals will eventually be addressed. What the punditry doesn’t realize, is that the world they want and the world we live in is different in many aspects, and they want the Church to transform into a being that it isn’t just to appease their like-minded audience.

      • mwnanamai says:

        Pope Benedict XVI was very good, his problem was that between his effort to promote a theological correction of the clergy, the Catholic Youth efforts and the new scandals like Vatileaks there was too much of a tool on his health to help deal with the backlog of mess from the previous decades.

        I think the Francis Papacy will be complementary, with a cleanup of the ranks helping shape a better Catholic Church on better foundations, because there is a lot of out of control madness still going in some Catholic churches around the world.

        The Punditry is dumb, they saw everything as folklore and through their own bigotry of the catholic being just another political entity, so of course they missed the mark big time.

        I think a strong Catholic Church is good for all Christians, we are on the same path your joy is ours too.

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