Girls und Panzer: A Fierce Battle!


So, after a few month hiatus, Girls und Panzer once again graces the computer screens and televisions of many world-wide. Well I say world-wide. And breathes new life into World of Tanks forums in all server clusters. Well according Katyusha, it wasn’t really, but more “Goddamn MM”.

So the battle starts off with a short review of what happened earlier. With Anteater team knocked out and Black Forest hot on their trail, Ooarai pulls off some rather crazy maneuvers. Deploying smoke, heading towards the hills. While BFP knows the limitations of the Tiger Porsche, what they seem to not pick up on is the fact Miho is of the type to never leave a (wo)man behind, and pulls off what undoubtedly is a rather ingenious way to keep their heaviest tank with them. Orange Pekoe thinks the smokescreen is cheap, but in all honesty this comes from a school that probably had quite a lot of fun in the big historical leeway. I mean really, a Matilda and Churchill Mk. VII doing a high-speed chase after a Panzer IV. Meteor engines in all tanks I see. At leas Darjeeling pulls the ‘All is fair in love and war’.

Makes you wonder what she’d do to Yukari to win over Miho…-cough-



Further use of the smokescreen was good, and obscured them from the enemy fire which I thought was appropriate. All the while I was wondering where the Jagdpanzer 38(t)/Hetzer was, only to see it lives up to its name (Baiter) with a rather nice side-flanking on its own. Knocks out a Jagdpanther and then a Panther (albeit temporarily), and manages to bring the attention on them. Enough time for the rest of Ooarai to find higher ground and dig in.






This new hull down position works well for Ooarai, knocking out a few tanks and putting pressure on Black Forest Peak, but soon the firepower is outclassed by the appearance of the Jagdtiger acting as the lead ‘shield’ for BFP. The only gun with any vague hope of penetrating it would’ve been the Tiger (P), although I doubt there was any depression to hit it’s lower glacis..while on the move, on uneven terrain. Ooarai now finds itself trapped, and again, we see some spectacular action from Turtle team in their Hetzer (Hetzers gonna Hetz right? Well the good interpretation of that phrase). BFP falls apart in disarray, something I’ll touch on later, and gives Ooarai a chance to escape the developing encirclement.








Now, I did find the Jagdpanther’s commander (or maybe radioman? XD) exclaiming that she had just fixed the Jagdpanther’s disabled tracks. The Tiger (P) shows off a bit of its unreliability, but I think this is where we get to see some where the Automotive club shine. We’ve already seen that Duck/Type 89 is quite amazing, being the speedy scout of Ooarai (I mean seriously, spiking a smoke grenade/flare into a chasing M4 Sherman?), but to be fixing a tank, on its deck, while on the move? Amazing.



With Ooarai in a considerable lead away from BFP (poor Erika, running your Tiger Royal that hard will kill you), we’ve come across a river. With some rather smart positioning by Miho (Tiger (P) upstream and Type 89 downstream), they clearly advance until the M3 Lee unfortunately stalls mid-ford.




I wished this happened in WoT.



Now, this is where the comparisons of Rommel, Winters, et al comes in. Rather than keep the lead they have over the main BFP forces, Miho decides to clearly save Rabbit team in order to win. We all wouldn’t have it any other way. To break from Miho’s character would’ve put quite a few holes in this very resilient and popular series that would be likened to the massive patch War Thunder had earlier that somehow had people up in arms…or the slow nerfing of any tank in World of Tanks that isn’t from Russia or China…


Anyways..lul at Hippo team. You have the StuG III, stop bitching Rommel-chan. XD




Leap of friendship!




The Hetzer attempts yet another bait maneuver but was thwarted by the Panther, although they eventually catch up with the rest of the team over the bridge, and we see a Panzer III has been acting as the primary scout for BFP…who no doubt was amazed with the Tiger (P) doing some rather unrealistic things…but then again it is the Automotive club, they gotta pay homage to Ferdinand Porsche somehow. And rather amusingly, I share Miho’s expression at that scene.



O hai thar.





B-b-but it’s a tank! Not a Porsche 911!


Bridge Demolition…Tiger (P) style.



Now eventually they made it into town, and start chasing the Panzer III. I guess this scene has already been ruined by the various live-watches and blogs and forum posts, so I’ll skip the talking and start putting up the screenshots.














I honestly didn’t think I would take so many screenshots for just ONE scene. But I think it’s worth it. With no episode preview this week, we are left hanging, and I honestly love the scene, primarily due to the addition of Panzerleid.



Random Thoughts:

  • Late because I was at work. Like anyone follows this blog anyways. XD Time for shameless plugs!
  • Well, that was quite a Maus trap they walked int- Oh God…I sense I will be Spark’d by a Yand-


  • Overall, the episode didn’t have the sort of…on the edge feeling I had with Pravda or Saunders, but to be honest this was already an ‘up the creek without a paddle’ situation for Ooarai. The addition of the Maus in that maze of a city didn’t help either. No doubt Ooarai, in trying to catch the little tank, ended up finding the Maus in the maze. Oh w- I’M GONNA STOP WITH THE MAUS STUFF!!
spark'd II

Q.Q Yuuka so mean.

  • I can’t really comment on much of the tactics here. They’ve probably all been said, and already the same can be said about Miho. Although as I’ve noted in Random Curiosity, we shall see if Admiral Yang Wen-li’s nickname (Miracle Yang) can apply to Miho if she pulls this off.
  • The use of smokescreens, combined teamwork, and the utilization of each vehicle’s strengths and mitigation of their weaknesses show that Ooarai has grown fully. Made more so with Rabbit surviving that rather ferocious barrage on top of the mountain, contrast it to BFP, which fell apart trying to chase the Jagdpanzer 38(t)/Hetzer and losing a Jagdpanzer IV in the process.
  • I need an ID on the field telescope Yukari was using, as well as the weird jeep Kay was using. Unless the animators got lazy in drawing the actual Willys Jeep from last episode.
  • Silly Katyusha, amusing Nonna keeps standing up like that, with Katyusha basically bucking around on her shoulders and using her hair to keep herself from falling off.
  • The animation I think was better here, then again I put more focus on the vehicles, and especially loved the part where the Maus fired.
  • In all honesty I want Ooarai to lose. Not because I want em to lose to Maho and such, but already when most of the major Panzerfahren/Senshadou schools got your back, I think any ending will involve a deus ex. Although I’m more welcome to the fact that the Senshado schools pitch in to help Ooarai more than Ooarai pulling off a miracle.
  • This week we have Team Anglerfish in Senshado Finals colours and configuration!


  • In all honesty I like this version of Panzerlied. I was first exposed to the song from the Battle of the Bulge movie with Henry Fonda and Robert Shaw (which brings to mind this 4koma) and this one was better than the one added into the OST.
  • If only vehicle wear and tear was added onto World of Tanks, though it might spell doom for the game. XD
  • All those lovely Panthers…so lovely…
  • See y’all next week, and screenshot count: 96, have fun!

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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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12 Responses to Girls und Panzer: A Fierce Battle!

  1. c2710 says:

    “Ob’s stürmt oder schneit, ob die Sonne uns lacht,
    Der Tag glühend heiß, oder eiskalt die Nacht,
    Verstaubt sind die Gesichter, doch froh ist unser Sinn,

    Ja, unser Sinn,
    Es braust unser Panzer im Sturmwind dahin”

    The 3 month wait was certainly worth while. It truly reminds us why this show is just way to awesome. I won’t comment much on the tactics since it’s been expounded so far. But just a few points. Feel free to disagree or agree :-

    – Looking at this battle, it feels like Miho has the mind of the flexible general e.g. Rommel etc. where she changes her plans according to the situation. Maho on the other hand is more like Montgomery where battles are fought as set pieces and according to the book. Another feature of Maho’s tactics is that she always makes sure that her bases are covered. That’s similar to Monty.

    – Ninja Hetz…. That’s just pure win. Wonder if I can ninja in my StuG, JgdPz IV and JgdPanther.

    – F1 Leopon GP….. O_O

    – 4 Matildas and 1 Churchill…. Hmmmmm Ok……
    1 KV2, 1 IS2 and a whole slew of T-34/85 and /76…. Ok… They’re in deep shit….
    A line up of Tiger II, Tiger , Panther Ausf. G, JgdPz IV, Elephant and
    JgdTiger….. Holly CRAP! How’re they going to survive?

  2. M says:

    Ooarai defeat will be an unsatisfied ending for me. Not because Ooarai doesn’t win but because Black forest doesn’t lose.

    Even if Ooarai will get financial support/social support due to impressive perfromance, Erika will still keep saying “Miho, you’re suck because your team lost to us”

  3. Sonya says:

    That’s not a field telescope that Yukari’s using, it’s a portable coincidence rangefinder.

  4. Volfram says:

    Two weeks ago, I FINALLY started watching this series, thanks to the posts here, and within 5 minutes of the beginning of the first episode, my jaw hit the floor. That was NOT a cheap way to start a TV series.

    The Hetzer doing hit-and-runs on BPF made me laugh in that sadistic way that I love to laugh. I like how the Student Council team turned out to be decent people after everything got underway. I also like the “Hah, I hit them!” “I _noticed_.”

    The point where the Panzer III took a “seemingly” random right turn down a street and sat there waiting is the second time in this series that I’ve shouted “YOU IDIOTS! THEY’RE BAITING YOU, IGNORE IT!” at the TV screen, but I guess none of the girls at Orari have ever played League of Legends…

    I chuckled a little bit when the Maus turret knocked into the wall and they had to back up a little more. I’m predicting that it will be defeated by Hana sending a shell straight down the barrel. She already demonstrated Improbable Aiming Skills by saving the Rabbits by shooting an enemy shell out of the air.

  5. mwnanamai says:

    Nice resume Right Wing Otako, I think I will follow your blog, now please stop the shameless plug on Randomc 😛

    My favorite moments were Mako getting excited, Yukari have a Maus Nerggasm and Miho leap of friendship.

    I think that for the sake of Season two we are going to have a downer ending with team Miho losing the match.

    • mwnanamai says:

      Something I forgot : Team Maho is going to run out of fuel before or when inside the town. It is a plausible way to even the odds without reaching for Deus Ex Machina.

  6. arkhangelsk says:

    If we are to insist on realism, the idea that their school will somehow not have to close after losing is arguably less probable than them finding a way to throw one punch at Maho anyway. A decision to close what is really a town of 30,000 people doesn’t come without substantial thought. In fact, a realistic ending would be they Win but the officials close down the school anyway.

  7. BeauFighter says:

    Hello again, mate. Here comes supply drop.

    >as well as the weird jeep Kay was using. Unless the animators got lazy in drawing the actual Willys Jeep from last episode.

    That is prototype high-mobility all terrain vehicle XR311, alias “Lamborgini Cheetah”. It fails to won military competition, but very famous in Japan ’cause TAMIYA made its model as large scale entry model R/C off-road type car in late ’70, make smash hit.

    Anyway, another news. Please look carefully for front grill of vehicle what Kay mounts at first arrival. It’s horizontal, that’s not Willys, Ford MUTT! How brilliant what G&P staffs made us off balance by full of surprise, chosen more minor mechanics on every single piece, isn’t it?

    • Thanks!

      I’m working on a post for 12, since certain people have spoiled the ending for me, so I might as well get a headstart. I can sorta get what is going on (the animated medium is amazing to cross cultural boundaries most of the time).

      • says:

        Sorry to read that the ending was spoiled for you :< Interested in reading your thoughts on EP 12. I think it's "spoiler safe" to say that the ending will generate quite a bit of discussion – particularly for a couple of scenes.

  8. Serativale says:

    Ending the episode with Panzerlied was just absolutely perfect.

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