Girls und Panzer: A Battle Without Retreat!


Disclaimer and Explanation

Since Episode 12 was more or less spoiled to me by the internet, I’m just grabbing screenshots and putting my general impressions on it.

Hence this is why this is categorized primarily as a Quick Thought. An actual liveblog where I go over the episode scene by scene will follow when Commie releases their subs, my understanding of the Japanese language completely inadequate for the task at hand.

Maybe not, I’m a bit lazy.

So therefore, I give you what is hopefully NOT the last episode of Girls und Panzer, but just the end of Season One. We can only pray for a Second Season. Hopefully focusing on A younger Darjeeling…with Earl Grey…and her delicious, delicious Crommy.

So the battle starts off with Ooarai still dealing with the Maus. Try as they might, nothign can penetrate the Maus head on. Futile attempts at a firing line are only possible because, as Katyusha put it while on Skype “stupid 50% crew” on the Maus being driven by a scrub. Nothing can survive the Maus’ cannon, which might be using HE considering the utter destruction it is causing, especially to that poor little outhouse.

Man I remembered when I hid beihind buildings and then suddenly I was exposed. Damned Arty.







All the while, it seems like Sodoko told Mako that if they win, she’s erasing all the marks on her record. Are they allowed to do that? >_>;; So much power into one girl’s hands.

Anyways, it seemed like all hope is lost. With the Maus bearing down on them, and the rest of the Black Forest Peak team heading deeper into the city, an inspiration of the most unlikely of people comes up, resulting in what i thought…was a damn big Deus ex Machina. But then again, this is Ooarai we’re talking about here.




Now basically, the Jagdpanzer 38(t)/Hetzer sacrifices itself to ramp the heavier Maus on it’s front, the Type 89 wedges the turret to position and Hana does her cold sniper deal on the Maus’ engine deck. Simple? Yes. Possible? Unbloody likely.


But cool nonetheless, which kinda feels…a bit off. Although they lose the Hetzer, I think it was quite light of a price to pay to take out the bloody Maus.


















Also, they did get rid of the Panzer III that had acted as the bait to the Maus-trap. So it’s two tanks for one Hetzer.

Now then, BFP and Ooarai is now on the way to their final showdown. With two tanks gone, BFP keeps their numerical advantage, but of course, Miho always has an ace up her sleeve. Drawing the main BFP force to her, little group consisting of the Type 89, the Panzer IV, and Tiger (Porsche), the M3 Lee lies in wait, and take soff after the armored column, and this is where we see Miho leading the larger BFP force through the winding maze of a city, negating their firepower advantage and allowing them to cut the force down to size.






The first to be seperated from the group would be the Ferdinand. The Ferdi finds itself lost in chasing the rabbit, as they come back around and reenact the scene from Kelly’s Heroes. While the main gun and 37mm cannot penetrate the rear armor of the Ferdi, the most surprising thing happened.







Saki talked.Not just she talked, but pointed out the hatch at the rear. Using that, the Ferdi gets destroyed by a tier 4 tank.





Following a short intermission where the Duck team plays with two Panthers and a King Tiger (in which the King Tiger misses what should’ve been a kill shot), we are back with Team Rabbit versus the Jagdtiger.













To be honest, when the Jagdtiger flew off the railing and down into the dried storm canal, there was one scene playing in my head.

Yeah, Tremors. Can you fly you sucker?! XD

Well, does that count as a Kamikaze kill? Regardless, Miho and the Panzer IV and Maho in the Tiger I drive into a building, whereupon the Tiger (Porsche) blocks it, in what will become it’s heroic last stand. You Shall Not Pass. Battle of Verdun, Gandalf, etc etc.






Miho and Maho square off in the middle of the school buildings. Arrainged like a little maze, it becomes a fight of who can knock the other out first. The pressure is high on Anglerfish as the last hopes of Ooarai rests on their shoulders. Made worse because they can’t be shot by the Tiger, one shot can easily destroy it while the gun on the Panzer IV isn’t strong enough to even pierce the side of the Tiger.







The battle of attrition takes out a bunch of the Panzer IV’s Schurtzen add-on armor, and many near misses put me on edge, as Duck and Leopon team, trying to keep Maho’s reinforcements busy, finally fall to the combined firepower of BFP.








A running gun battle ensues between the two sisters, as Erika climbs over the hulks of her team and of the Tiger (Porsche) in a vain attempt to get to her commander. Back at the starting point, Miho dares execute one less final hurrah, and here we see not only Mako’s skill, but Hana’s gunnery, as in a scene reminiscent of the battle with St. Gloriana, the Panzer IV drifts around (losing a track) and positions itself behind the Tiger.









The screenshot shows who fired first, and it was definitely Ooarai. But staring straight down the barrel of a Tiger’s 88mm gun is no laughing matter, especially if hana misses or the shot didn’t penetrate. This was the hardest part for me to watch, edge of your seat kind of deal.








Ooarai wins. By the bearest of margins.

I honestly lost track of time at this point, and only started to take screenshots. A weight seemed to have lifted as I caught myself cheering them on. They won. They pulled off the impossible and won.

I think the best part though, was when Miho and Maho make amends, or rather, Maho might be more open now to consider her sister as a tank commander. It looks like Erika and her mom are too.






Last impressions:

  • That was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. For any series. Girls und Panzer definitely kept me loyal. While I’m still somewhat shunning Sword Art Online and Accel World, regarded as one of the best last season, as well as others this season, GuP kept me loyal.
  • That said, this episode was full of over the top antics, the one that really takes the cake was this:

  • Made me rage rather hard. I paused watching it and played a game of tanks.
  • That said, Katyusha made the most sense in terms of the analysis of the match:

Adaptability is a trait of champions. This is why people good at magic and fighting games can adapt. The same holds true for tanking.

They had the idiotball and held it tighter than a power grip.

  • This was in response to cruiser2710 commenting that BFP relies heavily on textbook approaches on senshado and were constantly unnerved at Miho and Ooarai’s tactics.
  • Going off on that, it seems like this goes back to the whole discussion in the tank cafe, in that Senshado battles are more or less decided on the school. Clearly on the top four are St. Gloriana Girls Academy, Saunders University High School, Pravda High School, and of course, Black Forest Peak. It’s like the NCAA. You can expect certain teams to always BE in the Final Four. But when an upstart comes about, it becomes rather exciting. You don’t know if they’ll make a Cinderella run, make it all the way in, lose spectacularly but with grace, etc etc. GuP was a case of the underdog versus the status quo. Although it had o be done with a rather…liberal interpetration of tankery. Because M3 Lee vs. Jagdtiger.
  • I did love GuP’s growth. It had a lot to live up to with it’s premise, and while the biggest thing was the Girls and Tanks, I honestly thought it did alright with the character development, although very thin at parts. (Read: instructor who only appeared once and whose most memorable thing was the airdop of the Type 10).
  • I do want more backstory on the other characters, primarily the other schools. Especially Maho and their mom.
  • That said, again, this episode seems to have the case of a series suddenly finding out it can’t write a proper closer. Of all the things Ooarai couldn’t do it, did. What then, should’ve been the perfect ending? Well for me, just seeing that the school is saved. It ends with Ooarai driving back to the ship, a more satisfactory ending would’ve been that unnamed bureaucrat stamping a sheet continuing the program. That would’ve been rewarding, and it would’ve slightly erased the deus ex.
  • Mako also got her reward, with Sodoko erasing her tardies and all other impediments to advance up a grade. It’s a side of Mako that should be cherished.




  • This battle, rather, episode was quite amusing, rage-inducing, and in the end, fun to watch. I honestly don’t have anymore, so I’ll leave y’all with this.





  • Until the next series that catches my interest, thanks for stat-padding, reading my blog, I hope some of you continue to read it.
  • No chibi, since last episode, gallery is a whopper, 155 images.
  • Remember:


Good Luck.


Have Fun.






About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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11 Responses to Girls und Panzer: A Battle Without Retreat!

  1. Otakubouzu says:

    “I think the best part though, was when Miho and Maho make amends, or rather, Maho might be more open now to consider her sister as a tank commander. It looks like Erika and her mom are too.”

    Well, actually on GuP Little Army it was shown that Maho cold demeanor is just some mask she wore as Nishizumi successor. And the reason she take that role? So miho can pursue the Tankery of her own style. For me, its more Maho pleased see Miho find her own tankery… and succeed with it.

    That last part from Shiho is unexpected tho. Seems at least she know she lose squarely. I fear all of BF crew when they returned… sparta training are inbound.

  2. mwnanamai says:

    I so hate you for almost spoiling it for me πŸ˜›

    I am going to wait for the Commie release, you sir should be tied to a chair and blown to pieces by the 170 mm Maus tank cannon πŸ˜‰

    • mwnanamai says:

      No I watched the episode after scouting Commie release, it was the most fun I ever had and I really like this series.

      That being said you are still liable for almost spoiling it to me πŸ˜›

      As for taking the Maus tank down it is plausible because of the angle of the Hetzer hull, only physics quip I could have would be that the momentum could throw the Hetzer away but the Maus is not that fast anyway to have that much momentum. It wasn’t a Deus Ex machina, it was rather a good plan and coming from Saori makes it even more hilarious.

      Watching Saki finally speak was fun too, and I just loved Mako reaction to get her problems fixed πŸ˜€

      Panzer Vor and lets hope for season two, this is series is the reason why I still watch Anime πŸ™‚

      • Volfram says:

        Didn’t spoil me. I saw the post and said “Oh sweet, the new episode’s out!”

    • Nice thing about living in the state of Virginia.

      I can shoot you in self defense. xP

      Just kidding…somewhat. I did point out there was spoilers!

      And now I’m too lazy really to do a proper screenshot capture with subs, so the raw will be the only one I have on.

      • Mwnanamai says:

        Well … I guess I might run away if you are one those Virginian folk … cause here in the UK a pepper spray is considered in the same category as a Shotgun so I might only have a cricket bat at hand. πŸ˜‰

        Yes you did point out that there was spoilers but the wordpress preview show enough pictures to know that team Miho won πŸ˜›

        I do have some time and might take some screen shots with subs, although I was planning on stealing yours for my series final impressions, what do you want in these screen shots ? I might deliver. πŸ™‚

      • In terms of the screens, if you take some of them, just add some of the pictures came from here and I’ll reciprocate accordingly. Bloggers build off on each other.

      • Mwnanamai says:

        Its done, I was trying to do some fun captioning, but there are too many pictures and I got too much Uni work this week to complete, Hope it helps πŸ™‚

  3. Volfram says:

    I liked how they took out the Maus. Duck team’s running around was hilarious. Also, SOMEONE FINALLY SPOTTED A TRAP BEFORE THEY FELL IN IT! Yay Rabbits!

    The final Miho/Maho face-off was fun. Camera work, especially on the final shot, was really excellent.

    Out of curiosity, why haven’t you watched SAO and Accel World yet? Admittedly I don’t think SAO was as good as my roommate seems to think, but the art was pretty and the storyline was fun.

    If you haven’t looked at them, my favorites currently airing are: Maoyuu Maou Yuusha(episode 12 is out, still ongoing), Oreshura(episode 12 is out, I think it’s over), Sakurasou no Pet Kanoujo(episode 24 just aired, haven’t watched it yet, should be the last one), and Problem Children are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They?(episode 10 ended the season last week, but I can’t see them ending the series there)

  4. Pingback: Girls und Panzer 12 Screenshot dump. | Tropical Otaku

  5. daikama says:

    Good job w/ the review. I agree with a lot of your comments.

    I’m surprised that given the way the Maus was taken out your most over-the-top scene was the M3 victory over the Jagdtiger. I really didn’t have an issue with the way it played out – certainly not when compared to how Oarai disabled the Maus.

    Carbon fiber “safety lining” or not, there’s at least 1/3 of Maus’ weight (62 tons approx.) being supported by the Hezter. Tank armor is thin on top. Adding the Type 89 pours napalm on the fire consuming credibility. If you have to sacrifice the Hetzer that way, couldn’t Anzu have fired a round at the Maus’ “soft underbelly” immediately (key) once the Hetzer got underneath? Seems like the downward angle of the Hezter’s gun wasn’t so severe that the round would hit the ground first. Maybe that’s even too much. Personally, I think there were other, much more credible alternative that with proper scripting could have been made just as exciting.

    Was I the only one amazed that not ONE KMM tank suffered a break down or ran out of gas – especially after having to take the long route into the city? The German army in WWII could only dream of such reliability. I suspect the reason simply mechanical break downs/running out of gas isn’t dramatic or exciting enough for the final battle.

    Overall, it was definitely a good episode and fun to watch – just not as good as I think it could (or even should) have been if the “Hollywood style” theatrics were toned down. JMO, but for a series which at times bumped up against the line of credibility during battle to so blatantly cross it (Maus primarily, but there were others) was disappointing. That may sound harsh or unfair, but for me GuP is very much a victim of it’s own success. I liked the show from the start, and it kept getting better and better to the point the bar was raised so high it was hard to see – as much or more than any other anime I’ve watched.

    As for season 2, if this show doesn’t get one I’m at a total loss as to what needs to be done in order to qualify. Anzu ended up as one of my favorites and a graduating SC leaves a tough void to fill. One thing I hope to see is a massive upgrade in Oarai equipment. No Maus, please, but ditch the Type 89, Char B1Bis and M3 Lee. Possible replacements include Type 4/5 (prototype), M26 Pershing and/or M24 Chaffee, and an A41Centurion along with the M4, Tiger I/II, Panther,etc. assuming it’s OK for Oarai to have the same model of tank as other schools. The girls are champions now so I think it’s time to ditch the equipment underdog scenario. Oarai will still be underdogs in terms of numbers even if two or three new teams join.

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