A Dearth of Posting

Hi there, seems like I’ve not touched this blog in months.

I’m dearly sorry for that.

First off, how am I?

Truth be told, I’m a swirling ball of emotions that can have me go from joyous and happy, to mad and raving, to sad and depressive, and then to quiet and contemplative. Usually ju7mping from one mood to another as the time goes on. I thought I’d touch on a few topics today and most likely separate them primarily into the following:

My Life, Politics in the Wake of Boston and the Failure of the Gun-Control Legislation, Anime, and World of Tanks.

Let’s get cracking shall we?

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

World of Tanks

It’s no surprise I start things off with this game. No other game has enthralled me such as this. Even my brief forray into WarThunder did not satiate my fix. So since switching servers to South East Asia, I’ve noted a distinct change in the populace and gameplay. In SEA, the things that are immediately stamped out of new players are often revisited, especially in high tiers (Tiers VIII to Tier X). There is often langugae barriers as character-based languages turn into boxes for us, or just people typing in their native languages. A certain kind of mentality exists here, and it’s been verified as the mindset “Lemmus lemmus” (after the Norwegian Lemming). I just call them by the politically incorrect terms of “scrubs”, “forty-five percenters” “reds” and “idiots”.

SEA isn’t a paradise, but it is a place that , if one perseveres, finds the right people and mentors, and has patience, can be a fertile hunting ground of Lemmings to run roughshod over, find difficult prey in your fellow ‘good’ players, and be a place where you earn your  stripes.

So I don’t particularly miss NA, I’ve gotten used to the constant 260-300 ping here, and as my gameplay shows, I’m improving in such an environment.


Anime has started to bore me. The conclusion of Girls und panzer and the near outcry at the seemingly impossible tasks set upon by Team Oarai by myself and fellow digital-tankers have kinda put me off on this seasons’ anime. I need another romance ala Amagami, Kanon, or CLANNAD to set my heart in motion. An adventure much like that of Mouretsu Pirate, Tytania, Macross F, or Gundam UNICORN to tickle my imagination. And I don’t think this season has that to be quite honest. I’ll give some shows a try, but with most of my time spent tanking, I’ll see.

I am working my way past some old series though, my yearly viewing of Legend of the Galactic Heroes is on.

o7 Admiral Bucock. You and Adm. Merkatz deserve the respect of all the young commanders in the show, Imperial and Republic.

Boston Bombings and Gun Control Legislation

I honestly don’t have much to say on these two things One fills me an immense sense of anger. A ‘I told you so’ kind of feeling when I remind my critics and Politically Correct naysayers that this can’t be a terrorist plot. They’re a bunch of TEA Party people who struck on tax day. I saw it as a terrorist action against a populace. It’s pretty clear from the event that this wasn’t a few disgruntled right wingers (we tend to be more peaceful, unlike lefties who are known bomb makers), but rather by a terrorist. While details are still being filtered in, what I do know is that the elder brother, I am glad was gunned down. The younger one might find his way to the chair after the trial, and with the Chechen community and Russia denouncing their acts, it’s only a matter of time.

As for the Gun Control stuff, it doesn’t surprise me that the upper East coast states are ramping up on the stupidity, but when a gun bill is defeated in Illinois, that’s saying something. This is truly an awakening to Americans. Guns aren’t bad. The Kentucky Rifle, the Peacemaker, M1903 Springfield, up to the iconic M16 and M4 being used by the servicemen and women of today. These are our standards, our natural fabric in the same way that knightly codes and swords were the heraldry of many of Europe’s old nations. This is Gun Culture 2.0. And the gun grabbers have yet to pick up on it.

My Life

Nothing much to report, just same shit, different day. Rather, what I wanna say are personal and shared only with a few, but let’s just say I’m alright.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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1 Response to A Dearth of Posting

  1. Mwnanamai says:

    Don’t be bothered too much about the whole rollercoaster of emotions, it happens to a lot of us, just stay strong and if you feel abnormally bad for a given day speak with a member of your family to get some confort. This is what I do when I get a bit depressed, I generally ring my mother and chat about nothing in particular.

    Been a long time since I touched WoT, exams have been killing me, maybe in 2 weeks time.

    As for the gun control bill, from the UK perspective this should have been a slam dunk for Obama, we even had our resident idiot Pier Morgan exported to the US to assist. I guess you Colonials are stubborn.

    Those Boston dudes are monsters and should have their junks tazzed, before being put in a malfunctioning chair that takes a full day to do the job at low voltage. Now the denial is around saying that they were crazy and by now means connected to terrorists or motivated by terrorist speak.

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