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Once More Into My Childhood

So, this is a rushed post, and no doubt I had amazing things to say.     The reboot is making me enjoy it. Newest Star Trek film was amazing, and eh, am I the only one who is wanting … Continue reading

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First Campaign – World of Tanks

So it seems WarGaming has finally done something that might make Clan Wars an even truly global spectacle. It’s been in the news for months now about the new tanks being available only under certain conditions, and now the certain … Continue reading

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Yea I’m a little inactive. Okay I am.   It’s hard to talk about scandals when everyone finally decides they’re of importance. Even though many on the right have pointed these out before and have become common table/break room discussions … Continue reading

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A Sad Type of Smugness

A couple months ago, or rather during the presidential election. I had cause to be disheartened. President Obama won and what I thought and knew were important were swept aside by the ‘Forward’-ness. One thing that got me was a … Continue reading

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