A Sad Type of Smugness

A couple months ago, or rather during the presidential election. I had cause to be disheartened. President Obama won and what I thought and knew were important were swept aside by the ‘Forward’-ness. One thing that got me was a former acquaintance of mine posted “We won suckas, Benghazi whaaaat?!

At this point I realized what kind of people made up my Facebook acquaintances and quietly purged her and all others. There isn’t anything more insulting to me than to see something like that. The current hearing is just a vindication of what they thought of as a non-issue, I thought was an issue of great importance. An Ambassador died. Not just a staffer. And the Democrats claiming that under the Bush administration, more than 300 Embassy workers were killed. Not to belittle their deaths, but most were in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, and would also include PMCs used as security when US forces or DSS wasn’t or were not available.

And it didn’t involve a dead Ambassador, and blaming the attack on a film that ‘incited’ a spontaneus act on September 11th, 2012. What’s worse is that the gaming community lose one of their own. One of those killed was well known in EVE and other games as a shrewed diplomat. He met his untimely end by al-Qaeda backed insurgents. Now that the hearings are underway, the Democrats, having long dismissed this as a non-issue and covered by Newtown and Boston, were blindsided as it stopped being the domain of the right wing media. CBS opened the door for the rest of the news media to start asking uncomfortable questions, and they have no way to escape as many people have documented the attempted cover up since then.

This is justice being done, as much as they complain, they need to answer the uncomfortable questions. Being roundly defeated not only in gun control measures, but in terms of the economy and the sequester, they’re being beaten and economy is great in mostly Republican-held areas, this is a party that just suddenly realized that mid-terms are next year, and they need to stave off another ‘shelacking’.

With heavy heart I can only cheer on their ineptness, knowing full well that four men lost their lives due to bureaucratic mismanagement and campaigning holding a greater priority than their lives. I did not get disheartened, and in this grim time we can regroup, reload, and reengage.

crying yuuka

Crying Yuuka, by gatau on pixiv, edited.

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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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4 Responses to A Sad Type of Smugness

  1. Miguel says:

    We are headed for a great shakedown in this Country. What will happen? No idea, but I think we are about to go into that old chinese curse of interesting times.

  2. Mwnanamai says:

    The details that came out of the hearings and the lies from the administration just make case even more depressing.

    The two ex-SEALS that flew to Benghazi are Heroes and it is a shame that apparently half the US public don’t give a damn about them putting their lives on the line to save fellow Americans ?

    They couldn’t even had sent a single bird to provide them with air support, even if to scare the attackers away ? How on earth did they tell the rescue team to stand down twice ?

    The message this sends to other people is that the US are not serious about their own citizens and can’t act decisively.

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