First Campaign – World of Tanks

So it seems WarGaming has finally done something that might make Clan Wars an even truly global spectacle. It’s been in the news for months now about the new tanks being available only under certain conditions, and now the certain conditions have been given. Going down a quick look at the SEA and NA news announcements for it, it seems that the tier-cap is set at I, and is meant to be an all-encompassing event meant to increase participation in Clan Wars.

So what do I think?

It’s a damn load of utter bullshit. It’s the next Rise of the Americas event. Already the top clans in SEA are forming teams to slug it out for Landlords. Training, equipping, coming up with new strategies and tactics for their complete and utter dominance on the battlefield. Already Retia has spoken the truth about it, and I quote a certain idiot in power: “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Clan Wars is like any other PVP gamemode with stakes on the line, a time-consuming effort. Campaign is no different, since it builds upon Clan Wars. You need tacticians who will come up with ways to dominate over your enemy in a certain map. You need actual field commanders who have disseminated the lessons of (or wrote the manuals on) the research of the tactics. You need players with certain type of spark not found in many people. That is, to work in groups, to practice, and obey orders. Then you come with the logistics of it all. The tactics need to work when you have the right equipment, the right people, and the right time. You need a commitment not found in people who play the game in pubs. Even the most derided clan in pub matches are horrifying when they get in a Clan War.


And I’m quoting from Yekaterina/Katyusha (former Saunders member, current PBKAC member) on the nuances of Clan Wars:

The amount of work done to keep a clan CW viable can be surprising, especially by officers, diplomats, battlecallers, etc.

Even mere troops have to practice, learn nuances of the maps that will be fought in, learn the strategies that will be employed, fallbacks, etc., and bond with other team members to maintain cohesion. Learn to obey a caller without question, even if told to go in and die. And of course, maintain stocks of ammo, equipment, and reserves of tanks (My E5 for example, has gone through 11 equipment changes this week alone as I swap out vents/GLD/optics depending on the needs of the tactician in charge). Tactics and methods that get you 80+% winrate in pubs can be entirely wrong in organized battles.

A CW battle is nothing like a pub battle. Even TH clans that are openly mocked and derided in pubs will utterly stomp any casual pubbie tactics and lineups – the level of commitment is that different.

As for mentioning NJG1 could theoretically land, it’s because it has a core membership of people who are already CW vets and are skilled/experienced in high tier battles. You could easily make it in, but the amount of dedication required from everyone would be much more. Staying in requires yet still more.

I moved to a CW clan because the drama, dedication, stress etc. is the stuff I thrive on, and I didn’t want to involve the rest of the SSD-A with the sort of mess. Might you like it? Well, maybe. It’s certainly not for everyone though.


Now, about Campaign. The most effective lure to this is the new exclusive tanks, available to those in the top 5 clans at the end of every stage. And already, for SEA, I imagine those 5 will most likely be MP, PVP, PBKAC, FORGE, etc etc. The initial campaign stage may have an odd newcomer be close, but as the tier cap progresses those with the power will be the winners. They can finally get into tanks that are often known to be the best in that particular tier, they have the resources, personnel, training, and intelligence required. Those who decided to join in to ‘try’ without an intensive and exhaustive preparation will get slaughtered.

I can only say for a clear-cut certainty that the reward Tier X tanks will only be in the hands of those in the top tiers of Clans.

It is a bloody waste of time, and wholly unneeded. And when people go QQ over it, the developers will just laugh, because they got your money, you expected something handed down to you?

They’ll say work for it, or quit.

I for one, will do neither. I’ll just play with my pixel tanks and not bother with the abomination that is Clan Wars, even if marketed in a different name.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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One Response to First Campaign – World of Tanks

  1. Trude says:

    I like your post Jusuchin. I did play CW for approx. 12 months in my first clan on NA and then with my own on NA and SEA. It can be a drag, depending on your situation. For example, being at work for 12 hours and then having to come home and ignore your RL for your internet gaming and sit in training, briefs, diplomatic talks etc. is very time and energy consuming.

    A lot of people cannot commit the time nightly unless they are shift-workers, students, jobless or just basement dwellers at moms house 😀

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