RWBY – Yellow Trailer

And so the final trailer has been released. I’m hyped up over this series at first only because Monty Oum was in command, but now because it seems to filla  void with the end of Girls und Panzer. And the fact I freaking missed Monty’s work and not particularly fond to get into Red Vs. Blue.

The RWBY wikia has Yellow’s name as Yang Xiao Long, and is effectively the brawler of the team. Her trailer was more action packed and unlike many, I didn’t care about the voice acting, even for Ruby. They’re teenagers for God’s sake. I don’t expect them to be sultry women like on Dead of Alive or anything. I’m most amazed with the fighting here, and actually liked the Kung Fu Hussle-like henchmen. Their suits and axes make for an impressive fight that rivalled the end of said movie and the Crazy 88s fight in Kill Bill.

Now, on her weapons. A pair of transforming gauntlets with shotshells. The action most likely a mixture of magic and the fact the upper plate is weighted that a simple motion will unlock it to follow the seven operative steps of firing a firearm. Regardless, the mixture of short/medium range offensive capabilities and her brutal kickboxing-like fighting style is what made me like Yang, although not as much as Ruby. According to the wiki, she alludes to several different fairy tales unlike the first three, and her clothing style is, to me, distinctively Texican. No qualms about it, leather adorns her figure in such a way to make me want to promote her overs Darkshaunz’s Miku for the role of Saunders’ poster child. XD

Her opponents were great. From the Ax Gang-like mooks, to the two girls who instantly brought to mind Kamen Rider PunchHopper and KickHopper, and to Junior, who at least was able to put up a fight with his transformable multi-shop bazooka/baseball bat. (A very nice way to kneecap someone who hasn’t paid his loan shark, amirite? ) The remixed themes for Ruby, White, and Black were nice, although I’m guessing Yellow’s theme is gonna be amazing.

In all, I can’t wait for July.


Ruby is the Long Range person on the theme. While all can fight in close range, I imagine her primarily in first strike and helping with the crowd control. White is primary spellcaster and in my eyes, leader. Black is quick and darty swordie, although I put her closer to scapel and crowd control. Yellow is the brawler. Like that needed figuring out.

That’s my observations.

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