The FV4202 (105)

Sorry if I’ve taken a dive in terms of posting. I’ve been sick with the walking pneumonia. 4 odd days off the 5-day antibiotic regimen and I still have phlegm-less coughs that come in rather horrible groups, so I might see my doctor again. It won’t stop me from attending the open house for the Americans in Wartime Museum’s tank farm so I’ll be getting an actual camera. Who knows, maybe the Centurion they have is one of the vehicles chosen to be ridden and I’m gonna try to get into that drawing.

Anyways, the topic for this post is the UK’s FV4202 Tier X Medium Tank.

The FV4202 is the prototype Chieftain. Why WG decided not to give us a Chieftain in its prototype form or even the Mark 1 is beyond me. The FV4202 was the testbed for the Chieftain tank, and many sharp-eyed users have noted that the model and armor specs aren’t exactly the same as the real deal.

Details here: FV4202 Visit and Inspection – EU Forums and For the Record: FV4202 buff possibly incoming

Besides the fact that maybe WarGaming hates all British tanks, I’ve had around 80-ish games in this thing. It’s speed is governed to 40kph, but made up for that with the best hill climbing speed I’ve seen. Others may seem faster, only because they’ve been traveling at higher speed and using that momentum to go up. From a standing start, I’ve seen it outpace many Medium Tanks and all others up a hill. It’s quite maneuverable and I’m quite sad that I did not have the chance to play with this when Dragon Ridge was still available. It would’ve made for an awesome flanker with its speed.

It’s gun is the same L7A1 found on the Centurion Mk 7/1 (Mk 9 config), except with a faster reload. With a 100% Loader, Rammer, Vents, and BIA, it comes to around 6-7 seconds per shot. With amazing accuracy of .32 ~ 100 m. The Mighty Jingles did a very good preview on it during the test server. Anyways, I made this post chronicling my latest battle on it, and I’ve got to say it’s lovely little thing.

Map is Malinovka, and immediately I quickly go up the hill. Again, it’s speed is tremendous. It’s slow, but it’s acceleration and staying at that same speed even in an increasing grade such as the hill on Campinovka or even the lighthouse mountain on Cliff is amazing. Many others are better than I am in this regard, possibly my own penchant for being a bit of a supporter or flanker, so I put my playstyle down in that regard and I don’t do OverPowered stuff like singlehandedly taking on the enemy team. This thing has armor best described as drywall. It can take hits, just better off angling. It isn’t paper like the Leopard 1 (which is the only tank I specificially load HESH for, since it’s rather weak armor allows me to best utilize it) but it isn’t of troll-level as the T-62A.

So far, I’m mixed with this tank. I’ve yet to play it to its potential, hell I’ve yet to play the Centurion 7/1 to it’s best. But here:

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