Amusement and Vindication

I’ve said last year, that we should not be disheartened. That we should regroup, reload, and reengage. I believe we as a movement, as a people. People who love the American ideal of working hard, of getting your fair share through that hard work, and providing for the means as long as you did it lawfully. We people who believe everyone has the right to defend themselves from the bandits and outlaws even in this supposed ‘civilized’ time with a firearm, and that those rights shall not be infringed but the laws must be enforced against the criminals rather than the legal owners.

It has been a harrowing 10 or so months. Shootings, and rebuffing and failures in the foreign policy side of things makes it seem that even though he was more centrist than many can be comfortable with, Romney was right. Right about everything? No. But right about the points that the media has so dogged him about. Of Russia? He was right. Of Mali? He was right. Of Obamacare? He was right.


Now as the President tries to scramble up support for not only Obamacare, where even Unions are realizing the magnitude of such idiocy, it is one foreign policy gaffe after another. There can be no common ground with Russia, who has traditionally been an uneasy ally at best of times, and our number one opponent at the worse. To show weakness with the Russians is to fail, and while many memes have been made about the Former President Bush in comparison with the unannounced dictator of Russia, Vladimir Putin, he knew how to keep that Russian bear at bay and even have him cooperate. This pivot to China is merely a cover after the disastrous failures in the Middle East, either way, we are unable to stem the Chinese in Africa, nor can we assure our own allies of our continual support against Chinese aggression. A smart administration would’ve utilized America’s traditional allies in counterbalancing Russia and China, but when we ignore even our staunch ally, the UK, something has gone wrong.

Returning Churchill’s bust seemed prophetic.

With Syria, this talk of a Red Line is monstrous, but not as much as the early signs, the injustices, and the ill-utilization of American soft-power. We can be accused of propping up dictatorial regimes in the past, even if it meant regional stability. Even Bush did it, as we hammered away at the sandbox, we used our still useful money to coerce leaders to democratize slowly, or to not rock the boat. But when the Arab Spring came, it was already a foregone conclusion on what was gonna happen. Inaction, as it was in Iran’s attempted counter-revolution.  Made worse when the current administration took the whole world, even our enemies, by surprise by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. Quite easily the ‘moderate’ mouthpieces al-Qaeda and Hezbollah has. It was, without a shadow of doubt, as if every high ranking official in the State Department has taken complete leave of their senses.

So where does this lead me?

Back to my view of a sad type of smugness. All that we have clamored for the rest of the bloody foching idiots to look at, were ignored. We were called ignorant, racist, not having the bigger picture in hand. Celebrations of ‘Benghazi whaaaaaat’ and ‘Romney sucks suckkaaas’ give way to quick and hushed talk on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory. As if there is no consequences of such actions. In all, their chickens have come home to roost, as Rev. Jeremiah Wright has said. Sadly though, we shall all pay the price for their imbecilic actions in allowing a man with no leadership experience to helm the current hegemonic power of the world. It’s almost sad, and seemingly out of Anime really.

Life IS and shall forever be, stranger than fiction.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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