An Answer to the Ingnorant People on For-The-Record

LMAO You Ignorant Arse

Wow, what an ignorant person. Source: WoT and Girls und Panzer Cooperation in Japan


So, I decided to give my own response. Since I can highlight and whatnot here, the bolded parts are his, the italicized bits are mine.


“I like Manga and Japanese animation in general”

Okay, off to a good start.

“my issue is with the open support and promoting of the sexualisation of young girls with fully developed bodies and childish faces.”


You don’t get it then. Hokay, where to start. The history of Japanese animaiton can be traced to old American cartoons. Unlike Television, Radio, or books, the animated art-style didn’t have much in the way of allowing expression. It’s said that they utilized the large, comically drawn faces as one method of showing how a character feels at the moment.

On the case of Girls und Panzer, it is actually one of the most utilized art-styles, but not THE dominant one. You got everything from the ‘super-deformed’/chibi and cutesy art-style, which is found in thigns like Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and the like. These are cartoons that are shown in the daytime and are typically aimed AT little kids. Then you got the the hyper-realistic art-style seen in shows much like Zipang, Jourmangund, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, etc, shows that are, for all intents and purposes, shown after or during the Japanese watershed/primetime. Typically at 2200 hrs – 0300 hrs. GUP is/was shown at around this time.

 You also got varying degrees of the two, depending on the animator or animation studio. One cannot deny that, the classic work, Grave of the Fireflies, is ruined just because they had the big head/eyes artstyle. It’s still a gut-wrenching story of two orphans after the American firebombing campaigns. Then you got killer-trips like Paprika, which seems like you’ve just swallowed a ton of LSD and you can’t make sense of it all.

“I’m sorry you don’t get that.”

Well I’m quite sorry you’re a very ignorant person. How terrible would be what SerB MIGHT use for you. Japanese Animation is not American/Western Animation. In Japan, it is treated as it’s own medium. News programs abound with utilizing animated features, and the age-range of anime goes from child/toddler shows (think Dora the Explorer-type shows) to shows that appeal to more mature audiences (those typically shown/marketed overseas, containing material less suitable for younger viewers, like violence).

What you might be thinking of, like most ignorant Westerner, would be hentai, which is drawn porn. A medium found not just in Japan, but dating back to hell, whenever man created a brush and paints. The cutesy art-style by some shows, coupled with the mass-editing of early anime to fit the more rigid censorship committees of western nations, had led you to believe that an anime character that looks young, is young, regardless of background.

I don’t blame you, considering that Anime has had a rough start during the late 1980s to mid-1990s when ignorant journalists and politicians who have YOUR same viewpoint pass legislation or just outright spread lies about the medium.

“Back to your sexual fantasies about children for you.”

While your entire response is an ad hominem attack, I could’ve avoided responding to this one. But no. And it seems alright to respond to one ad hom with another. How small of a brain and how insecure must you be, to constantly, religiously, stick your head in the sand and continue to mutter some things like that. You’re much like the gun control freaks here in America. “it’s for the children’s own good!” they would shrill on and on and on without any refusal to even understand the thing they are attacking.

You go as far as demonizing people who you do not know, lumping them with a very slim minority, whom we also hate because the damn thing is just wrong. It shows you are ignorant. much like the wehraboos or the Russia #1 blokes who put down anyone who says anything uncouth about their tanks.

I highly doubt you like anime and manga, because I can’t very well see someone with such strong convictions on pedophilia and ignorance of the medium to continue reading or watching shows that constantly break your own (skewed) moral compass. It’s merely a statement tossed out there to give some form of credibility to your short, ad hom statements, and prove nothing really.

Now I do apologize for this lengthy response. I’m sure you could’ve stand to read it. My sources were derived of what I remember researching up for a similar, although less testy, paper/presentation I had to do for my History of Animation class back in college. I believe the authors/work I remember using are as follows:

-Anime explosion! : the what? why? & wow! of Japanese animation; Patrick Drazen, Stone Bridge Press (ISBN: 1880656728)
-Japanamerica : how Japanese pop culture has invaded the U.S.; Roland Kelts, Palgrave Macmillan (ISBN: 1403974756)
-Anime essentials : every thing a fan needs to know; Gilles Poitras, Stone Bridge Press (ISBN: 1880656531)
-The Anime Companion; Gilles Poitras, Stone Bridge Press (ISBN: 1880656329)

I don’t have those books with me, though I do remember the gist of my 3 page presentation, delivered to a group of people with more open and diverse minds, and willing to give something a shot first before pointing at it and going “OH GOD IT’S THE DEVIL!!! EXORCISE IT!!”


So yeah, I had to get that outta my chest.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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28 Responses to An Answer to the Ingnorant People on For-The-Record

  1. concernedanon says:

    If you hate sexualization of children why do you fraternize in the SSD-A thread with people who openly link and discuss loli doujins?

    • Because we talk about other things as well? Are you doing this because you happen to be one of those concern-trolls who don’t like anything that isn’t what you like and would like to stamp out a whole genre because of it?

      Quite like a gun-grabber saying all civilian owned firearms must be confiscated because one mentally ill person shot up a school of kids.

  2. concernedanon says:

    Gun rights are related to the desire to fap to little children? That’s news to me.

    I’m sure you’ll continue turning a blind eye while your paedo buddies post their porn in your enjin hideout. Until it gets shut down that is.

    • That or you have not understood the term ‘similar’. And to be honest, the gun control arses had leveled that accusation at legal gun owners before.

      As for St. Trond, good luck. I only see that you equate anything anime as pedophilia, quite a small, insignificant mind you have there.

  3. concernedanon says:

    You’ve never been in Retias image spam thread with Strike Witches loli doujin have you? Unless he’s done the smart thing and deleted that.

  4. concernedanon says:

    Keep proving me right by actually associating with pedophiles as best pals. I’m sure you guys will have a blast discussing your next torture doujin.

    Seriously hope you get help and don’t harm a child. Knowing someone like you could never get a real woman.

    • And yes, I’ll keep hanging with my mates. Because I like anime, they like anime. we play tanks and planes, and generally have a good time. To lump as all as such is ignorance at its finest. You’r obsession to making us out as pedophiles is quite like (or in American idiom, similar to) saying every legal gun owner is a murderer.

      And get help? For what? Help with utility bills would be nice. But harming a child? Not my thing. As for getting a ‘real’ woman. I actually prefer to wait. To find a woman who is more open than close minded, with a degree of intellectual bearing greater than one whose only concern in life is looking pretty and roping in the ignoramus with money.

      • concernedanon says:

        You with a gun is a crime against humanity. I support gun legislation if it means you keep your filthy cheeto stained hands off of one. Who knows what a pedophile defending guy like you would do with one.

      • Considering you now think I’m a pedophile, in the United States, I would not be able to own one. but since I am not, I would keep it holstered until some idiot decides he wants to harm me or my family.

        And good luck with the firearms legislation. It’s been defeated here if you haven’t noticed.

  5. concernedanon says:

    You having a family? Are you trying to defuse the conversation with humor? You and people like you should stay far away from anything resembling a gun.

    • Your ad hom attacks aren’t as clever as the ones I’ve had to deal with in high school. Is there anything else in that little bag of tricks of yours to bowl me over, or are you going to continue on this same vein of ignorance?

      • concernedanon says:

        Taking the time to insult you is really like beating a dead horse with a bat so I’ll stop here. Just stop a moment and consider rethinking your life.

        Your anime internet hug box isn’t going to last forever.

      • Then please, go do whatever it is you find joy from. From bashing people on the net to having circle-jerks with your hyper-masculine ignorant friends, it does not concern me.

        And nothing lasts forever mate, the only thing I see now, is that you’ll somehow drum up enough of a bother with your nation’s authorities to close a website down. Makes you feel proud and powerful, as every small minded person out there with a personal vendetta.

        And yes, wordpress logs where every commentator comes from.

  6. concernedanon says:

    I also hope you realize “self defense” is not a valid reason for owning a gun. You learn that in any gun safety course.

  7. concernedanon says:

    Awww cmon Lorenzo. You’re our best scout.

  8. concernedanon says:

    You know its against Enjin terms of service to post child pornography? The images posted there fall under that in America where Enjin is hosted. I won’t feel good about it. Illegal content should be purged and I’m disgusted by the fact people are turned on by drawn children. Go ahead and throw a narrow minded insult out parroting your pro gun hysterics.

    Lawbreakers never prosper.

  9. Fayt says:

    Man Jusuchin, its been a while since I’ve seen a retarded person argue with someone with a political science major. Oh, I’m sure he didn’t know you were a politics major. Maybe if he knew that then he wouldn’t spit out half the idiotic crap with no basis. Literally “no basis”. I think I’ll go watch some anime with chicks with big tits wearing a bikini and get have people argue that “drawn/animated women have rights too you anti-feminist”

    • concernedanon says:

      Oh my Political Sciences. How wrong I have been in arguing with this person. I’d be impressed if it wasn’t a garbage degree and was actually useful like a Law degree. Next time maybe major in a degree that will be useful like an Engineering degree.

      If Lorenzos posts about his low paying job and bills are any indication a worthwhile degree would have served him better.

      • Are you honestly going to continue this? Because at this point, it’s gotten quite annoying.

        And yes, working a low paying job is annoying, this is why i quit that the moment I got my current job in the government. But if you wanna keep arguing, continuing to attack me for the sake of attacking me, then please, continue. It shows how childish you are.

      • Fayt says:

        Kinda sad how he wants you back in the group by trolling. He’s a rare one all right out of the bunch.

  10. TamponInSandwich says:

    Not sure you’re picking up on it, but if people are so opposed to your views, you may be the one in the wrong, not them.

    • Or they’re being trollish? Every post that even mentions anime is ridiculed, and it’s not a view that I can say I’m wrong in if the person is accusing me of being a pedophile when I am not.

      Unless you’re here to support that.

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