A New Season, Some Good Expectations?

So, with RC releasing their Fall 2013 Preview, it seems I’ll be looking into a few of the shows that strikes my fancy. I’ll only be blogging one series as a definite, and that’ll be Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova- and that’s mainly because NaufNauf and others in the SSDA thread are getting all hyped about it. The other will be COPPELION, which might end up as a Three Episode Rule segment in a possible Die Luftwaffe vol 4….if Nauf ever gets around to releasing vol 3.

So let’s run down my prospective list, shall we?


  • COPPELION: An interesting anime, one I’ll be looking into since it’s a relatively modern post-apocalyptic story. It’ll hit home to many due to Fukushima and I expect it to be a story of green tech versus nuclear (which can be seen as ‘green’ if handled right) and the Japanese always putting nature up. So will this be something like Naussicaa? I doubt it, I expect action, and some badly cludgeoned thigns about the dangers of nuclear energy and the merits of green tech. Blogging?: Good Possibility
  • INFINITE STRATOS 2: I’m watching it because I watched Infinite Stratos and I liked the concept. Although I imagine the rabid fascio-feminism that has done away with ‘equality for all’ will be glossed over for a harem anime with slice of life school action comedy romance. Did I just make up a genre? Regardless, it’ll be light on the socio-political talk (good) and heavy on the harem (very good). I expect nothing else from IS2. Blogging?: Maybe
  • Walkure Romance: Another romance anime, I’m expecting to be drawn into the world, and hopefully the romance isn’t bludgeoned together like INFINITE STRATOS or one-sided and super drawn out like Sacred Blacksmith. Blogging?: Possible
  • Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio ~Ars Nova~: The long-awaited battleship animu. We had Upotte!!, then Girls und Panzer, and STRIKE WITCHES this past seven years (holy cow, SW Season 1 was that long ago?!), so we’ll see if Nauf’s long-awaited anime for this year is any good. I’m going in cold guys, NO SPOILERS. Blogging?: Yes, Guaranteed. Less pictures though.
  • Log Horizon: Having skipped both Accel World and Sword Art Online, I’ll give this one a shot. In all honesty, it might look like a window to the past with my old MMORPG days…minus Yekaterina bossing me around, yelling at people for poking her shrooms, and being told to look away from my term paper to reset the traps in the Emperium Room. XD Blogging?: Nope
  • WHITE ALBUM 2: I ramped up the romance this season. Because there isn’t anything else I deem ‘good’ and I need something to relax to. So I’ll be looking into these as well. Blogging?: Nope

So there you have it. Seven series that caught my fancy in Random Curiousity’s Fall 2013 Preview. Aside from Aoki and Infinite Stratos 2, there is no guarantee I’ll make it past the third episode for the others, or even the first episode. This season, or past few seasons, my time was dominated by Girls und Panzer and Space Battleship Yamato, with those out-of-the-way, maybe I’ll have more time.


Or maybe I’ll keep playing World of Tanks. We shall see.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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