Infinite Stratos 2 – Episode 1

So, after a two-year wait, we are once again graced with one of Anime’s thickest male protagonists and his harem. And of course, I talk about Infinite Stratos 2. Now, I’m not too sure if I wanna continue blogging this when Random Curiosity’s Stilts is blogging this along. I do not have much time in doing this (screencaps too me nearly an hour and twenty minutes alone) and writing a meaningful post isn’t really something I would reserve for a series I am watching to enjoy. So I’ll just give a general summary and my thoughts, then a gallery of the screencaps.


Opening Sequence Gallery:

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The opening scene alludes to the ending of the first season, with the Silver Gospel incident. The nightmarish transformation was weird, and suddenly all goes downhill as Laura once again sneaks into Ichika’s bed. At least with the decency to wear something. She informs Ichika of an event at a brand new waterpark, and of course this being one of the many members of Ichika’s harem, wants to spend it alone with him. Ichika though, by law of ‘thick-headed-harem-guy’, doesn’t notice the hint…even when a KA-BAR is tossed perilously close to his head by an obviously angry Laura.

So the episode goes with Ichika informing all the other girls, whom they think it would be a one-on-one date with Ichika. From catching Cecilia as she comes back from England (is that a Rolls Royce Phantom?!), Lin as she’s barely clothed, to Houki while she’s in the shower, the action moves onto Charlotte and Laura. Charlotte takes Laura clothes shopping, seeing that all she wears are uniforms provided to her either by the Bundeswehr, or the school. This though becomes a bit of a problem, as their mere presence alone in the clothing boutique generates lots of paparazzi, and merely eating at a cafe suddenly gets them hired as a butler (Charlotte) and a Maid (Laura).

An attempted hostage/robbery standoff ends spectacularly as Charlotte and Laura demonstrate their skill and prowess against the perps, who were no match for the two national candidates for the IS School.


While Laura and Charlotte have some fun time with cat-themed pajamas and recieving a visit from Ichika, the tone gets significantly darker, in an underground facility, an unknown girl first singlehandedly takes out a bunch of soldiers, only to reveal that she has her own personal IS, taking out four IS-wearing guards as well.

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Regardless, the last bits is Ichika reaping the trouble he’s sown in inviting all of the girls to the amusement park, and enjoying the last days of summer.


  • A bit disconcerting if coming in cold and not watching the earlier season. Or it could just be the time since I saw it.
  • FN SCAR w/ EGL, Beretta 92s, and some other handguns. Hmm, I expect an IMFDB page to spring from this soon.
  • Seems like it’s gonna follow the Light Novels closer than the first season. Although I’d had liked to introduce the pilot of the Silver Gospel, the fact they made it into an unmanned Israeli-American joint IS venture kinda squashes that.
  • Seems this will be darker and edgier. Makes sense now that the characters have been established.
  • I’m liking the opening and ending. While not exactly Straight Jet or Super Stream, they’re similar enough that it almost fooled me that I was rewatching the first season. Doesn’t help that the sequences seemed to be a rehash of the old opening and ending.

Extra Observations:

After getting some sleep in and reading stilt’s post, I posted this in RC.


I for one welcome Stilt’s post on this. \o/

Considering his twitter feed, he had the same reactions I did when I started my blog. And much like his post, I saw the same things…

1) As my friend has noted, if he discovered a material that was denser than anything known to man at this point, he would name it Ichikanim.

2) The fate of the security personnel no doubt will set the tone for the rest of the series, I’m hyped. While this newcomer took care to not outright kill the soldiers/security, I doubt the same can be said about their female counterparts in the IS units. Although the thought that crosses my mind is “WHY DON’T YOU SHOOT WOMAN?!”
–I did kinda go lol at the FN SCAR/EGL that was drawn. I know the SCAR is huge but that looked like XM29 OICW huge.

3) I forone support getting rid of Ichika and focusing on improving Franco-German relations. \o/

4)And yes, after the amazing first and middle part of the show, jumping into the summer festival scene, even though that was the major Ichika plot point this episode, still felt wrong when just moments before, we saw a bunch of soldiers/security personnel taken down brutally (yet finesse)


Amazing what happens when you get some hours of sleep in, eh?

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2 Responses to Infinite Stratos 2 – Episode 1

  1. Xiee says:

    I never got to watch the first season of this. I think I should start looking for a copy soon.

  2. on epiode 2:
    Tatenashi is OP, both in the combat power and romantic power. Her casually deflecting attacks by Laura and Houki just shows why she is really probably the strongest amongst students.
    If I could get a contract on training ground repairs while Ichika is trying to master his gunnery armament, I’d be a rich man. No offense Ichika, but you’re acting like berserker while you need to become a sniper – in perfect control of both own body and IS.
    Meanwhile Laura gets some feminine traits development, and even gets a common sense proposal for festival, denying all the groupies ideas for “fun with Ichika”. Charles is smart enough to push the project further.
    Also, gotta love a little tribute to Onegai Teacher with sensei blushing about double-sided Pocky-eating…

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