Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Ars Nova- (Episode 2: Into the Storm)

And thus we cut to the chase. I-401 and her crew encounter the Takao-class Heavy Cruiser, Takao. Also, a massive reduction in screenshots. I had too many as noted by some people, especially for just one split second scene. Splitsecond, mainly because I frame-step the entire episode when doing the screenshots.

So hopefully I’ll come out of that. Anyways, onto the thing!



Episode Summary:

The usage of the literary/visual technique in media res sure has gotten lots of usage in shows lately. Aoki is no exception, the opening scene depicting the sinking of I-401 by Takao (but revealed to be a decoy) before cutting into the opening (featured as the ED last episode). Now the Opening has new scenes added in the end and in between the character cards, and I’m skipping those. The I-401 crew has encountered a hitch as it sails for Yokosuka. Not only are they within a typhoon, but within that typhoon is the Takao.

Lying on the bottom of the sea, Iona and the crew watch as their decoys are destroyed one by one at the extreme range of Takao’s sensors. Their original course busted, Shizuka recommends skirting around Takao and making for a longer route towards Yokosuka. That itself brings the problem of Takao simply attacking I-401. While it’s stated that the Admiralty Code to which all Fog ships abide by is against striking at in-land targets, it allows for reasonable collateral damage in pursuant of their duties. This means Takao will merely attack Yokosuka, passing its duty to stop I-401 as justifiable cause to damage the port. This is a dilemma for the crew, as Yokosuka is fairly inhabited.

So with two plans down, Chihaya makes the move to go on the offensive. With I-401 and her decoys rising, Takao readies her Super Graviton Cannon (henceforth referred to as the SGC). Having picked up which of the four ships is I-401, she snipes em from beyond visual and sensor range, and only a last second emergency evasion by Chiahaya saves them from total annihilation. As the crew discusses Takao’s pinpoint accuracy, they surmise that she might not be alone, thinking that an observatory submarine is hiding within her sonar echo, and decide to use that against her and releasing the ‘loot’ from Hyuga.

Surfacing once more, Takao easily defeats the decoy torpedoes and steers clear of the corrosive torpedoes launched at her by the I-401, and shows off her firepower by opening ALL of her VLS ports. With that insane amount of firepower, she nonetheless caught off guard as I-401 surfaces, revealing she has taken on Hyuga’s captured SGC, parting the seas below Takao in what can only be described as the weapon’s main firing arc, exposing the spy submarine. As Chiahaya views Takao’s mental model, he asks Iona to depress her aim by 3 degrees, completely missing Takao but utterly destroying the latched on submarine.

Cut to Kamikage Ryuujirou, the Government minister from last episode and I-401’s benefactor in the Japanese government, who is told of I-401’s victory, as well as a meeting between Kongo and Takao, who notes Takao’s slight change. Chastising her for belittling the Fog Ise-class battleship Hyuga (who had engaged I-401 at an earlier date) when she too was defeated by a mere patrol submarine. As Takao’s weapons systems undergo a 24 hour lockdown, now doubt to repair itself from the damage of such a close call with utter destruction, Takao remarks that if she had a human unit aboard (i.e. a human crew, but specifically Chihaya Gunsou), she might be capable of such unpredictable feats of tactical and strategic prowess humans are known for.

Blushing slightly, thus we are introduced to the Tsundere Heavy Cruiser, Takao.

Overall Episode 2 Impressions:

Faster paced this time around, Episode 2 benefits from the usage of CGI during the battle scenes, and the chatacters only looked out of placed in one or two scenes. It would seem that the animators will be further refining each episode to achieve the same kind of quality as those drawn by hand. As for the episode itself, the action was good, and it was rather cute hearing Miho Nishizumi (Iona) call out yosoro~ as well as continue to tort- I mean, play with the starfish. One note of contention would be the constant reference to the Ise-class Battleship Hyuga, who had fought and was defeated by I-401 in the manga but treated as fact in the anime. This is no doubt done to allow the anime to at least cover enough of the Manga to facilitate a second season if the show is that popular, yet also allow for a way out if not. This is still conjecture, considering much of the plot of the anime is still to be revealed, and from as I understand it, the anime isn’t exactly religiously following the manga.

Notable Scenes:

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ENERGY AT 120%!!!


…wait wrong series.



Defeat means friendship? Or at least TsunTsun-Dere modu unlock.

Screenshot Gallery:


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Main Episode Gallery:

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3 Responses to Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Ars Nova- (Episode 2: Into the Storm)

  1. Damian says:

    Takao’s weapons are actually locked for the 24 hour period by mutual agreement during her terms of surrender to the I-401. The Anime doesn’t show this. With her Klein field at saturation point from the close call of the SCG and being side on to I-401’s firing solution of corrosive torpedoes she accepts I-401’s offer to depart the area and keep her weapons locked down for 24 hrs.

    A couple of really nice screenshots there showing Takao’s very fine beauty spot below the her left corner of her mouth.
    Also i had never noticed till now that the Engineer of the i-401 was a red head.
    I have a thing for red heads, my wife is one.

  2. Luthor says:

    Hyuuga is already defeated at the beginning of the manga, too. (Though there’s a time when Hyuuga thinks back to it.)

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