Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Ars Nova- (Episode 4: Assault on Yokosuka)

Made a professional commitment to not let my knowledge of the manga’s plot get to influencing my blogging of the anime, but I can only imagine this professional commitment becoming harder and harder. Nonetheless, here is episode 4.




Episode Summary:

Haruna and Kirishima has invaded Yokosuka port. The defensive wall easily crumbling to Fog Fleet ordinance, several valiant JMSDF ships attempted an intercept, only to be simultaneously damaged by Kirishima’s lightning missiles. Before the finishing blows can be had, I-401 arrives, giving the survivors some respite. Before engaging in hostilities though, Kirishima and Haruna talk with Iona over the JTN. Asking why she would need humans still, Kirishima states that now that they’ve gotten bodies, their flagship, Kongo, has said there was no need for humans.

Iona gives an answer that is to the best of her understanding. That she is Chiahaya Gunzo’s ship, and follows his orders. Back in the battle, it is explained that when the Fortress Wall was built, numerous sea-water vents allow for some tidal play within the protected bay (no doubt to keep the water from becoming a sanitary or health hazard by being stagnant), which causes weird, diverse tides within the bay, especially at the sunken city of Old Yokosuka. Utilizing these currents, I-401 leads the two fast battleships into the area of the old city.

Cutting her engines and scattering semi-autonomous launcher pods into the old city, Haruna and Kirishima make short work of these pods before a Corrosive torpedo fired by I-401. Being dealt with almost immediately Kirishima goes all yan and proclaims that I-401 will die by her hands. All this proclamation, only for both of them to be rudely awakened by a second torpedo, fired by the true I-401. The one before them being the Japanese battleship Mikasa, covered in nano-materials. Unleashing volley after volley at I-401, I-401 speeds away, her Klein field nearly used up and at 95% saturation. In a quick maneuver, they anchor themselves into the wrecked city beneath them, covering themselves in debris.

Kirishima and Haruna though have not fallen for it, and decide to end it now. Combining to double their output, the two ships had merged to synchronize both their Super Gravity Cannons into one massive weapon, the tractor beam lifting I-401 easily from her hidey-hole. The opportunity presenting itself, Gunzo orders munitions to be fired at the pair. Due to the increased processing demands of firing a SGC, all other processing is severely hampered, allowing them to get this one chance. When their one chance fizzles, Kirishima easily negating the corrosive torpedo, the weapon reaches firing point only for a second torpedo to pass through the Klein field (earlier explained that the Klein field drops at the direction of firing), exploding within the exposed SGC innards and destroying both. In their moment of death, as both Mental Models attempt to defend themselves from a new barrage of munitions from I-401, the source of the second torpedo is once again the Mikasa, which still had a second, hidden launcher on her deck.

Having mocked humans for their inefficient means of communication and coldly categorizing the JMSDF personnel’s screams of death, the two mental models now understand what it means to not want to die. Haruna saves Kirishima’s core from being pulled into the run-away implosion of gravitons, but is still caught within the blast of two Fog ships being destroyed.

The episode ends with the girl from the earlier episode finding Haruna’s now semi-naked mental model. Having crashed through a warehouse wall, she lays unconscious atop some shipping containers (in black lingerie with red lace trim…/nosebleed/).



Overall Episode 4 Impressions:

Apart from completely putting several manga chapters into one episode, the action was superb, if rushed. The star of the episode is no doubt Kirishima. Displaying complete disregard for human emotions, she nonetheless displayed a surprising amount of it during the battle. In a blood lust that is part ruthless, part calculating, she arrogantly swats away what she considers ‘toys’ fired by I-401. As it is foreseen though, ‘Pride comes before a fall’. The battleship pair meets the same fate as I-401’s earlier opponents. Having been smug in their own superiority, they were no match for a Fog vessel that has gotten the most dangerous tool of all. A human crew.




Fun and action packed, I forgive the episode for omitting things from the manga. It serves as a nice difference from it. Already the VA changes had the community in some uproar (between the drama CDs and the anime), but that isn’t something to quit the series for. I look forward on how they’ll be able to write a proper plot in 12 episodes time.


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