Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Ars Nova- (Episode 5: Not Human)


So I learned a lesson tonight. Do not eat and drink while watching anime. Possible dangers include: choking, spitting contents of mouth onto screens and keyboard, uncontrollable laughter. And so we start a new episode, and as predicted on skype, is a Haruna and Kirishima centric episode.

Episode Summary:

Docking once more into Yokosuka, I-401 is in a bad way. Nanomaterials shortage, munitions shortage, general damage to her hull. Regardless, the human secret weapon against the Fog arrives, and on the view screen, a familiar face. Iona meanwhile converses with Maya on the JTN, talking about the flood of memories she’s had since sinking Haruna and Kirishima. Feeling regret and satisfaction, Maya merely states it was because Haruna was able to save her friend.

Meanwhile, the familiar girl arrives back at a mansion, where a sleeping Haruna laid. Seemingly defenseless without her coat, the girl (Makie Osakabe) at first teases her and doesn’t allow her to get her coat. But when Haruna seems to cry, she takes pity on her and gives it back. And thus a friendship is born. The episode progresses to Haruna’s naked state (well, semi-naked) and as Makie ducks into a corner to find some suitable attire, Haruna asks why she is helping her. Makie replies that it must be fate, and comes out with clothes. The resulting scenes are hilarious, and to be honest, nothing of great importance is done in the first half of the episode.

Kirishima does get inserted into a stuffed animal while utilizing some of Haruna’s nanomaterials (who had earned the nickname ‘Haruharu’ from Makie), and blew her cover at the dinner table by munching on a piece of carrot. Saved by explaining the bear’s autonomy as advanced robotics. The bear (Yotarou) and Haruharu share the bed with Makie. As soon as she is asleep through, they report in with Kongou. Admonished for their failure, their new mission is to obtain as much information as they can of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo, having stumbled upon the home of it’s creator. Kongou though warns that their facade is temporary. Basically to not get too close.

Meanwhile, Takao makes it to Iwo Jima, and is attacked by an unknown source, where she fends off this attack until a missile basically punches her in the face.

Back to Haruharu and Yotarou, they continue their investigation, but are led by the maid to a secret elevator shaft, to which they enter an underground facility where a dying man lays on his bed. Having observed and seen the fact they are both mental models of the Fog, and they having deduced him to be Toujuurou Osakabe, the creator of the Vibration Warhead Torpedo. He though, tells of a different story. Having failed in creating the torpedo due to his limits as a human being, he goes down a dark path of human genetics, creating ‘design children’, of which only one survivor is left to grow past three years of age (Makie). Having grown attached to her, she is treated as his daughter. Her genetically enhanced intellect allows the torpedo to be developed and finished, but the government fears her, and has led them to be secluded in a virtual house arrest.

When the same government asks him to come up with a replacement for Makie, he faked his death so that Makie will stay unique, her life guaranteed due to fine tuning the vibration warhead torpedo. Asking a favor of the two Fog ships, he asks that they would be Makie’s friends. Kirishima all the while commentating that it’s just selfish behavior after another with humans. Haruna returns to Makie’s side after this, while outside, Toujouurou’s mansion is surrounded by Army trucks as the episode ends.

Overall Episode 5 Impressions:

Nothing much really, it was a good episode, exploring the theme of the week ‘friendship’. unfortunately I don’t have much at the moment, but again, my lesson stands firm. No eating dinner while watching anime. A new ending for this week though.


Ending Gallery:

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One Response to Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio – Ars Nova- (Episode 5: Not Human)

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    Good episode, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Takao has planned. I should just read the manga lol.

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