Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova- (Episode 7: Iwoto)



And thus we arrive at Iwo Jima. Well, Iwo Jima is the more popular and well-known (for us Americans) name for the island, but the Japanese have renamed it to Iwoto. I wonder why. Anyways, I have some soup, chicken, and this episode. Let’s see if I can write an episode summary without dying!!!

Episode Summary:

steel003e7I-401 arrives at their secret base at Iwo Jima, with Haruna, Makie, and Kirishima in tow. Haruna explains that the base has a strong signal that blocks out detection sensors, but for Kirishima to remain in her cutesy bear form for Makie. She reluctantly agrees to this. Arriving via an underwater tunnel that was camouflaged, they arrive to find the Tsundere Heavy Cruiser Takao had arrived before our heroes. And the (in)famous dakimakura-Gunzou scene was kept from the manga!

Coming ashore, they are greeted by Hyuuga…who is a little more than enthusiastic upon seeing Iona. I…

Is she humping her?!


I swear I almost choked on soup.

Anyways, Takao attempts to explain her feelings to Gunzou, and jumbles it up, leading for Hyuuga and her to fight. Hyuuga wanted her to take Gunzou away so she could be alone with Iona, and they go on at this length until Kirishima informs them that no one is there. The rest of the episode deals with the mental model’s increasing sentience and emerging humanity. Iona comments that emotions are hard to process, while Hyuuga suggests she and Takao joins Iona in creating the Blue Steel fleet. Haruna in a meeting with Kongou reaffirms her desertion from the Fog to be Makie’s friend (with Kirishima still reluctantly following along). Kongou is no doubt annoyed at this, calling emotions as something not needed by the Fog.


Having found their base via Haruna and Kirishima’s link to the JTN, she has Maya regroup with her, and steams for Iwo Jima to destroy this threat to their existence as weapons.





Episode 7 Conclusions:

This is without a doubt, a transition episode. The usual ‘What am I’ theme, the meat of it all is the introduction of Hyuuga. I am at least hopeful in Kamikage remaining to be the ‘politician of lesser evil’ as I predicted before. besides that, and one or two errors in animation, it went well. It was the obligatory beach episode (although shorter than most and filled with a back and forth dialogue on duty and existence), a breather of sorts to wrap up the first arcs of the anime, before getting into the action packed end.


I think someone messed up here.

I am also amazed at how well the first half of the episode followed closely to the manga (although Hyuuga humping Iona may had been bordering to NSFW), Takao being all Tsundere. The injection of Iona as a love interest rather than a partner in crime is a little unsettling to me, but no doubt needed due to the fact the anime seems to be taking the general gist of the source material and then cherry picking and doctoring everything else to make a stand alone production. So we shall see, yes?





Ending Sequence 3:

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3 Responses to Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova- (Episode 7: Iwoto)

  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    So far, do you feel like the manga is better overall? I haven’t read it yet, but I like the show enough that I probably will when I have the time.

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