Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars Nova- (Episode 8: House of Dolls) – Quick Thought Edition



I can’t terribly say I was looking forward to blogging this episode. I was very preoccupied the last few days. There are barely any screenshots today because, well it’s Thanksgiving week. And speaking of thanks.

Thanks Xiee for the gif featured below.

Now, onto what I consider a filler episode, Episode 8: House of Dolls

Episode Summary:

Chihaya invites Maya and Kongou ashore, and all in an effort to try to break through the Fog ship’s ‘logic’ barrier. The Fog that has had a great amount of contact with humans had fundamentally changed. So in all, that was Chihaya’s attempt. They discuss the Fog’s reasoning for attacking humanity, with kongou falling back on the ‘Admiralty Code’, which orders their entire being. A bit like a ‘dogma’ to them, as Hyuuga explains it. Which also puzzles Kongou as to Iona’s being. The episode moves eventually back outside to a beach side grill, where we see Makie and Maya torment Haruna, Takao and Hyuuga fight over food, Kirishima playing tag with the surf (and losing), and Iona and Chihaya attempt to talk to Kongou, who doesn’t join the other mental models.



Kongou humours him but in the end, their little beach party ended with Kongou revealing she had left her and Maya’s cores aboard their ship forms, sending only Mental Models ashore. Kongou is a hardliner whose only goal is to destroy the Fog anomalies, and thus Kongou, Maya, and her escorts open fir,e prompting Hyuuga to form a Klein Field over Mt. Suribachi (with Haruna, Kirishima, and Takao helping her when she couldn’t handle the endless bombardment).



Episode Thoughts:

Nothing really. It’s a given that Kongou would be up on Chihaya’s act, amused that she allowed herself, even in a core-less Mental Model form, to experience a bit of it all. The scene in which Iona sees that she took a bite of her kabob was interesting, hopefully it won’t end with Kongou forming her own anomaly. The absence of I-400 and I-402 makes me hopeful that Yamato would appear, and that Kamikage and Kita obtain their original roles. Who knows, maybe the JSDF would ‘rescue’ the inhabitants of Iwoto, but never know.

But nothing much of an episode.

Just KiriBear versus Waves. Best Scene Ever.



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