Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta (Episode 4: A Sea of Stars)

In this episode: Bombs are dropped. No Gallery

Episode Summary:
Kal-el and Claire attempt to wait out the storm< Back on Isla, class 1 seems to have little remorse for errantry causing the pair to get lost in the first place. Ignacio, in an action misconstrued as heroism, attempts to join in the search but was denied. Class 1 leaves without a word, while Class 2 stays at the school airbase to await any word of their comrades.
With the heavy rain and swell, Kal-el and Claire know it would be hard to rescue the two of them, especially when the aerial knights themselves called off their search. Ariel recounts their past, and indicate that she had a hard time accepting Kal-el at first. She always treated him as her brother, even though she knew who he was.
Meanwhile, back with Kal-el and Claire, emptying out the lifeboat filled with water lands em both in the drink, and usual anime hijinks occur. Fishing for their dinner, Kal-el recounts how he first flew due to his father’s (adopted) job as an airplane mechanic. Continuing on, he explained that he lost his parents after the Wind Revolution, and he had lived in the old palace, Alexandra.
Falling asleep, Claire put two and two together, but thought it might be impossible. Regardless, rescued in the morning, the last revelation of the episode is seen by us, the audience. Claire is really Nina Viento.

Not bad, episode pacing is fast but considering the story and time constraints, understandable. The frequent flashbacks aren’t bad, they’re molded into the episode nicely, although the revelation that the two main characters would also be bitter enemies was a bit of a nice twist. I look forward to their relationship and the realization from Kal-el that the girl he is in love with is Nina Viento, and for Claire/Nina to confirm Kal-el is Karl. It might be really soon, so most of the series can hopefully be the two of them finding reconciliation.

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