Of Unidentifiable Things and Food

So, while I was bedridden the past couple days, I finally collapsed and opted to watch a series suggested to me before. (Rather I was bored outta my mind and one hand just happened to be within reach of my laptop.)


Now, the series itself, maybe helped by the fact I was burning up and had no inclination to go past my room even if I escaped my bed, had me suddenly marathon the available episodes in one go. It’s light-hearted romantic comedy with a bit of a supernatural twist that’s just now being fully explored. For those not in the know, a short synopsis: Upon turning 16, Yonomori Kobeni finds out that due to her grandfather’s wish, she has been arraigned to marry an old childhood friend, Mitsumine Hayuka. Thus begins a series filled with comedy and well-timed romantic and touching scenes between Kobeni and Hayuka.


Though Kobeni and Hayuka are the main couple, I solidly believe the series is really held up by the two-man comedy routine between the perfect older sister/lolicon Yonomori Benio, and the I’m-a-grownup type loli of a sister-in-law, Mitsumine Mashiro. Other characters add more liveliness to the whole series. One such character I quite enjoy is the student council VP, Kashima Nadeshiko, who has to deal with Benio’s normally indecent public display of affection towards the now emotionally scarred Mashiro. She’s like the straight man to the constant school-side comedy, and even appears whenever Benio complains about her younger sisters being unreceptive (or in Mashiro’s case, hostile) to her loving advances.




But the biggest thing that has lit a fire under my ass, so to speak, was the food porn. It isn’t Yakitate!! Japan levels of food porn, but while other shows would show just endless heaps of food, for me as a so-so cook, I do fully appreciate the scant screen time the show gives to Kobeni just preparing food.





And that’s what this post is mainly about. I wanted some Hambuga…

And so, I took some random guy’s recipe and decided, why the hell not.

End Result:


Anime Version:


Totally different, yes. But my patties were smaller (I think) and I think I used a bit too much red wine for the gravy, but nevertheless, my roommates liked it…even if was made with the particular chef’s preference of adding some silken tofu into the mix. Which I may not repeat, not quite too sure. And I may want to actually finish off the bottle of wine for red wine sauce. It was a particularly cheap bottle anyways, until I can master cooking with red wine, I won’t be touching the obviously top shelf, full-bodied stuff.

Needless to say, not bad for someone who is still technically sick.

Food Gallery:

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