A Tale of Two Romances and an Acquisition

Man it seemed like forever since I wrote this blog. The last entry was talking about Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta, as well as touching on Mikakunin de Shinkoukei. I feel it’s about time I talked about both series as a whole.

So as a character once said before: “Let’s be about it.”

To Aru Hikuushi e no Koiuta:



This show was originally my only show being followed this season. A mixture of romance and action that was temptingly billing itself (to me at least!) as somewhat of a Macross-like show. Although I had been tempted to drop it around episode 9, I stuck through it and appreciated it for the ride. It wasn’t a long one for sure, and I honestly believed Kal-el and Claire’s relationship would’ve been better served by a longer run. The animation seemed shoddy at times, but that was probably on me because I had expected Macross or Gundam Unicorn levels of details on the mecha. But considering that the show itself is held aloft by the story, and not the mecha, this is understandable.

That said the vehicles were fairly unique and fun. The ones used by Isla seemed nimble, and definitely looked like it, and the VSTOL design led the animators and directors to utilize em in some inventive dogfighting ways. Though to consider it as ‘advanced’ as the Islans has to be a bit illogical. It’s a two-seater observer plane (at least for the students) and their main offensive armament is a bolt-action rifle. The boundaries of my suspension of disbelief was being sorely stretched that they could do anything with that. At least Wolfgang and Ignacio utilized weapons that to me made more sense to use against other planes (a machine gun and an anti-tank rifle respectively). The Knight’s planes were more plausible but still was to me, an adoption of an observer plane to a multi-role fighter/bomber. It’s like equipping the OV-10 Bronco with weapons and phasing out all F-15 Eagles because of it. But that’s just me (again).

The Sky Clan’s vehicles though just screamed “Luftwaffe” even through it seemed to me they shared lines between the BF-104 and a P-40 Warhawk. They were beefy, and were purpose-built to cause death. The Lavammne fighters were more slender and while not as beefy as the Sky Clan, was still cool and impressive. When Admiral Luis finally gives Kal-el his own bird after he publicly comes out with his true identity and love for Nina Viento, it seems that he’s flying the newest in prototypes. Drawing from other radial engined fighters, it had this feel of a Grumman Wildcat or North American Thunderbolt to it. Not shabby, considering Isla or the Balsteros Republic seems intent in using radial engines rather than in-line piston engines like Levamme or the Sky Clan. One can say it’s a perfect pairing for Kal, as he has undoubtedly grown in skill, it is a rugged, white-knight kind of plane meant to have him go and rescue his princess.

new ride

In all, my verdict on it? It could’ve been longer. A bit more time to at least get a focus episode on a few of the side characters and their relationships. A better sequence of flashbacks for Ari and Ignacio as well. The action is alright, considering this was a series focused more on the love aspect. So would I rewatch it?

7/10 would rewatch.


Mikakunin de Shinkoukei:




To be honest this show I never bothered to watch, until a few people from facebook got me interested. So as I had laid sick in bed in February, I acquired the episodes and did a marathon run. And boy did I love it. The time frame was shorter for Mikakunin than for Koiuta, but to me it allowed for a better flow of romance than it did in the earlier series. There was also no ‘we are all going to die’ action in Mikakunin so that plot baggage didn’t creep into the series.

The characters were nicely done and played out, as expecting from a slice of life that tries to be normal yet weird at the same time. The hints that Hakuya and Mashiro were something else were carefully placed, so that when the big reveal was done, people were at least comfortable about it. And the characters were funny. Especially between Benio and Mashiro. The slowly blossoming love between Kobeni and Hakuya is nice and is a far cry from the implied growing and steady relationship between Kal-el and Claire. While the 13 episode run for Hikuushi was clearly too short for the amount of story, the 12 episode run for Mikakunin felt, well. Normal.

So it was a romantic comedy slice of life show, with its crazy cast of characters, in the middle of characters like Benio and Mashiro, Maurya, and the wild UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animal), is straight-laced, wife-material Kobeni and socially awkward Hakuya.

Would I rewatch it?

Well considering I was in the process of doing so before the painkillers I took for my dental procedures kicked in and KO’d me, I’d say it’s a 10/10 for a rewatch.


A new acquisition:


Finally, after years of waiting and haggling, I finally get my first firearm. I had bought a Rock Island Armory M1911A1 GI Spec model, though chambered in 9mm. For those who do not know (meaning just a few), RIA is more or less the distribution side of ARMSCOR, a Philippine company. It’s price point is very tempting especially for a person (or idiot depending on your view of things, or if a GLOCK fanboy) who is more or less very comfortable with the controls of an 1911-type pistol. And the fact it is in 9mm means I can bum a mag or two of ammo from friends during range days.

First step is to get settled. Wilson Combat has 9mm M1911 mags, and I don’t plan to run anything exotic in it just to keep my costs down. I need to get used to shooting it and get it broken in, and when all is said and done, get cracking on some classes.

It’s a first step, but it’s a big step.





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