Three Episode Rule: Hitsugi no Chaika (Episode 2)

Now that I’ve gotten my bearings more or less oriented properly, I can properly go on with this. While I’m putting more hope into Black Bullet being good, Chaika not far behind in terms of possibly following it till the end. Or at least in fits and starts, because damn my 1330-2200 work schedule.


Episode Summary:




Continuing from where we left off, the Count regains his composure and just in time, the trio manage to escape being skewered alive by many swords magically thrown at them. They deduce that the mansion and wizard are connected as one, and the whole mansion is the wizard’s weapon. They split up, with Toru distracting the wizard, while Chaika and Akari look for the source.

Toru manages to lure the wizard to the foyer, using many different tricks that don’t exactly work. He’s literally fighting on home turf for the wizard. Just in the nick of time though, as he’s about to be run through by two suits of armor, Akari and Chaika find the severed hand of Emperor Gaz, and unlinks it from its special holder in the alcove in the Count’s office. His connection to the mansion severed, Toru springs his trap at the foyer. As the count is hanging helplessly by his ankles at the ceiling, he bargains with the trio, attempting to keep the severed hand from leaving.

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At an alley after escaping the mansion’s grounds, Chaika attempts to pay them off for their services, before Toru pushes her away, one of the coins being pierced clean through by a metal needle. The appearance of Chevalier Gilet’s group. He informs them that they shouldn’t get involved. His subordinates look down on him because of his status as a saboteur. Unwilling to give Chaika up, Toru and Akari create a smokescreen and run away from them.

Splitting up again, Toru and the hand go one way while Akari and Chaika with her coffin go another way. Toru is chased down by the group’s massive semi-trailer, before evading it and being chased by their zweihander fighter. Getting into a melee on the bridge, they are evenly matched before Toru gains the upperhand and knocking him out.

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Surrounded on either end of the bridge, Gilet explains that justice is on their side, and they are fully vetted by the majority of nations in the post-war era. Nothing good will come from helping Chaika, and that the hand belonged to Emperor Gaz. The Emperor’s daughter, Chaika Gaz, managed to escape, and it is due to the possibility she would be used as a symbol to the remnants of Emperor Gaz’s followers, and thus bringing the world back to the fires of war.

Toru states that he would rather have that, that the peaceful world isn’t where he belong, and Akari appears, having watched from the sidelines what was going on. Chaika shoots a spell that amounts to a flashbang grenade, and the two escape while everyone is blinded.











Toru attempts to tell Akari that she doesn’t have to go with him, but she refuses, willing to go with him, while Chaika explains she only intends to give her father a proper burial. Meanwhile at another location, an overburdened administrator receives a message from Chevalier Gilet’s group concerning Chaika and Count Abarth. Musing over what his group, the Postwar Restoration Agency, has to handle in the five years since the end of the war, he entrusts the full matter of the investigation to Chevalier Gilet.


In the end, Toru and company walk through the mountains, unsure of their next lead, while a figure floats above and behind them.




Episode Thoughts:


The episode was mostly about action. Count Arbath’s superiority when he was able to control the mansion’s physical objects was telling, and no doubt a reason why he is so lightly guarded. You don’t need any more than a token screening force when you can connect with your own house to skewer intruders with what had looked like wall ornaments. The fight with Gilet’s group was short though it looks like a taste of things to come.

I do want to call bullshit on their drifting Semi-Trailer though. Something that no doubt weighs more than modern semi-trailers cannot possibly drift like that, especially when one takes into account the vehicle tech seems to be around the time of the early transition between horse-drawn carts and mechanically driven carts. Solid carriage wheels with rubber layers, significant carriage-like designs still.

Another feat to me that seemed, interesting, was the zweihander user. No doubt he is strong enough to lug around that abomination with a massive blade, especially with the massive weight, but able to use it one-handed against someone who is more agile and carrying two shorter, more nimble blades. He was good, though I am more of a better judge of firearms bullshittery ala Equilibrium and Gun Fu, than I am about swords. Toru seems pretty capable, no doubt if he is born to be a saboteur, he has many tricks up his sleeves.

A decent episode I would say, gives a bit more background to the setting, and the gems I like about it would be what some people would consider a throwaway scene with the introduction of the overburdened administrator and his Postwar Restoration Agency. It underscores the importance of Gilet’s Mission, as well as the severity of what Toru and Akari are doing by helping Chaika in retrieving the pieces of the Emperor’s body on only her word of giving him a proper burial. I hope this gets nicely wrapped up in the episode run it is allotted, it seems much anime adapted LNs suffer from story compression rather than expansion when compared to ones based out of manga.


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