Three Episode Rule: Hitsugi no Chaika (Episode 3 – Quick Thought Edition)

Considering I’m pressed for time for this, this will be a bit of a Quick Thought kind of post.



Episode Summary:

We find our heroes (or villains?) on a cart heading to town. Naturally dragging along a coffin is bad news, and they attempt to hide it by wrapping it up. Chaika is too much of a tourist and gets dragged away from the various stalls in town.






Meanwhile, Chevalier Gilet’s group gets a response from the PRA from last episode, and it’s effective that they are on their own. They make the same deductions that it would be hard for them to travel with a coffin, and must be securing transportation.




Back in town, Toru wonders where to find the next part. Chaika informs him that she has an informant that tells her where each body part is. Akari mentions that the town’s ruler, but everyone draws blanks besides the fact she’s a cavalier who signed a contract with a dragoon. They are denied a room at an inn, and coincidentally, Gilet’s people are right behind them. They manage to evade their pursuers, only to meet up with Chaika’s informant. He informs them the location of the leader, as well as wheeled transport.






While not fully trusting him, they do find a few vehicles. While Chaika goes and fixes one up for their use, Toru and Akari set camp. Later that evening, after Chaika’s failed attempt of cooking a meal with magic explodes in her face, Toru outlines some sort of strategy against the hero. They decide to leave at night, after Akari scares Chaika with campfire stories.

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Back in town, Gilet’s group comes up against a lack of information about Chaika, recounting that many other fake Chaikas have been found. They also start voicing some doubt as to their actual mission being a bit abstract, as well as wondering if the emperor had a daughter in the first place.



Back to the trio, apart from Chaika’s rather horrendous driving, Toru and Chaika talk about her past, as well as her motivations to gather the remains of her father just to give him a proper burial. This is cut short by the arrival of electrical-wolf creatures called Orthos. Akari failed to mention initially about why people disappeared in the forest. Running from the pack, Toru attempts to hold em off before he is electrocuted.




Barely keeping his eyes open, a woman in shining armor steps in between him and the pack.


Episode Thoughts:

None really, it was a bit of a transition, but at least we see a bit more of the magitech. It reminds me of that car in Fairy Tail, though I dunno if there is an endurance range for the mage or something before the car sucks em dry of magical energy. Chaika seems to be all sorts of dumb, much like Akari. On one hand, she can maintain and bring to working order a magitech carriage. On the other hand, she would’ve never passed a DMV test, or even a side-seat instruction from me or my family. XD


Episode Gallery:

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